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Using Window Treatments to Accentuate Your Style

Elegant Window Treatments

Elegant window treatments have the power to completely transform the look and feel of any room. By using window treatments in right manner you will be able to enhance the decoration of your home and make the rooms look special.

In the following sections let us explore few of the things you can do to utilize window treatments in the proper manner.

Useful Tips on Selecting Elegant Window Treatments

There are a variety of options for you to choose from when it comes to the selection of window treatments that can accentuate your style, whether you are looking for living room window treatments for large windows or searching for the best blinds for living room windows.


Let us go through the details here-

  • Swedish, roller, and Roman fabric blinds are usually a versatile option for most rooms.
  • A very practical option for bathrooms and kitchens are the roller blinds. Since they have a protective coating, they are generally right choice for moist environments.
  • Swedish blinds have a relaxed appearance, however, they can be difficult to re-roll properly if they are closed and opened too frequently. However, they are easy to make by utilizing double-sided fabric panels.Additionally, you can use the same design on each of the sides or utilize any contrasting print on opposite side for interest.
  • Shutters and venetian blinds have a utilitarian style, and in addition to it, they provide you with better control over the amount of light you want to let into a room.
  • If there are rooms that are used for different purposes, then it is better to pair curtains and blinds so that you have a flexible window dressing that is suitable for day and night.
  • Blinds having blackout linings are ideal for bedrooms, more so when they are made to completely cover the frame and are paired with curtains.

Moreover, when you select blinds having same the fabric and style, then they will provide a cohesive and clean look to a room with multiple windows.


Large Window Treatments


How to use different window treatments properly?

Drapes and Curtains

Drapes and curtains are able to filter out the glare of the sun as well as provide better privacy. In addition, they can also set the tone and mood in a room.

Whether you want something that provides a romantic look, and at the same lets in that beautiful breeze from the deck or can provide a good amount of light blocking, there are options available to suit your needs.

However, before buying curtains, you will have to think about what function they will provide. For instance, if too much light is coming through, or your energy bills are high, then you will have to select the curtains which will help in solving these problems.

In such types of situations, you will have to look for lined or heavier curtains instead of sheers. On the other hand, if you want to dress up a dining room or the living room then modern window treatments for your living room should include heavy silk or velvet.

Likewise, if a home with kids and pets, the better option will be rayon or cotton curtains which are easy to wash.

More importantly, when making a selection, you will have to look into all the options such as the type of hardware required for mounting the curtains, fabric, and colors as well as the size and shape of the windows.


Drapes and Curtains



These are suitable for bedrooms, dining rooms, and the living rooms. Moreover, they are the right choice when you have French or glass doors and large windows.

Another good thing about them is that they provide a lengthening effect and when installed just above the top of door or window, they can make the room appear to be more spacious. Additionally, panels are available in all patterns and colors that you can imagine.

Another thing to point out here is that panels that are accented using a decorative rod are an elegant solution that would certainly look great in most of the rooms. But, while selecting the hardware you will have to take into consideration mood of the room in which you will be adding panels.

For example, you will be able to create a dramatic and formal look by using a heavier curtain rod. On the other hand, a breezier look can be achieved by using a lighter rod.

In addition, if the curtains you are purchasing have a busy pattern then you should select a curtain rod that is less adorned so that the window does not look too overwhelmed.


Drapery Panels



Sheers are airy and light, and quite versatile too. Another positive thing is that you can use them on their own or pair them with heavier valances and materials.

If you use sheer curtains underneath heavier curtains or drapes, then it will allow you a much-needed flexibility with respect to how much privacy and light you get.

By closing the drapes you will get complete privacy while by keeping the drapes open and closing off the sheers you will be able to allow some amount of light in without being exposed.


Sheer Shades


Useful Tips on the Selection of Elegant Window Treatments for Large Windows

Look into Lightweight Shades | Get the Right Visual Structure

Look into Lightweight Shades

Since a window treatment can become quite heavy for a large window, you will have to make your selection judiciously. Your aim should be to avoid bulky blinds and opt for versatile and lightweight shades.

For instance, cellular shades can softly filter light entering a room and at the same time provide excellent insulation by trapping cold and hot air in their cells. Additionally, they have a light-weight design, which means you will not have to struggle with adjusting or operating them.


Cellular Shades


Get the Right Visual Structure

The right window treatments will help in providing an appropriate visual structure to your rooms, and by taking into consideration your large windows, you will able to blend everything together in the proper manner.

If there is a neutral design used in the room, then by properly decorating such windows you will be able to usher in vibrant colors into your room and totally alter the environment. For this, what you can do is mix different shades and patterns to create different sections so that each of the sections complement each other. Thus, it will help in stopping the expanses of a large or long window from becoming oppressive and stale.


A Final Note

There are a variety of options for you to choose from to improve the decoration of your rooms and enhance their style.

By selecting the right window treatment that matches the decoration of your home, you will be able to enhance their visual appeal and make them stand out.

If you need assistance with selection of window treatments that would be right for your home, then give us a call (1-866-881-8682) and our experts at ZebraBlinds will make sure that the window treatment you select perfectly accentuates decor of your rooms.

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