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Selecting Drapery Hardware to Design your Home

Selecting the best drapery hardware

Owning a home is a dream come true for many and for this reason, we all strive to adorn our homes in the most attractive manner possible. Curtains and drapery add elegance and beauty to your home. When it comes to designing, including them as a feature will take the decor up a level.  

Drapery is meant to be eye-catching; it is like the leading star of the show. The hardware used to hang it is like the supporting cast and crew. Without the hardware, there is no picture, no show, no art to display. So along with finding the most attractive drapes, make sure you also get the most complementary hardware for them, and here are several things to look out for.

Style of Rod

Curtain hardware provides two things: utility and aesthetic.

A utility rod’s sole purpose is to serve as a tool, it is inexpensive and is used strictly to hang draperies. A utility rod has a basic appearance and is considered more of a tool than a fashionable element. It is to blend in and disappear into the background, and let the drape be the star of the show.

A decorative rod on the other hand, is more of a co-star. It is intended to be seen and is created with elegance and flare in mind. Its purpose is to complement the style and feel of the window treatment. 

For example, with sheer curtains, you will want the rod to compliment the light fabrics, but not overshadowing it. Selecting the correct style and color for the rod will be the key in finding the right design blend.

Size and Color

The drapery rods that you choose should be precisely the right size and color for your drapery panels. You should measure the rod size needed and then decide whether you want the rod to stand out or not. With the drapery being the focal point, you can decide if you want a big rod to attract attention, or a smaller rod to tuck in.

Another factor will be the painted finish of the rod. You can opt for a color that will complement the style of the drapery, or a color that will stand out on its own. As draperies can come in a variety of colors, deciding on the color of the rod will come down to your tastes. You can create a matching color theme by selecting similar hues, or you can choose a different color that will be complimentary.

Design and Finials

Your curtain rod should have a style that complements your curtains. You can build a look with the finials, which are the end pieces of the curtain rod. With custom draperies, you will also find several different designs for the finials. These allow you to find something that can stand out, or blend in with the drapes.

Drapery with a fancy golden finial

Choosing the Right Drapery Rod Dimensions

When measuring for custom drapery, decide on how much you want the curtain rod to extend past the window’s width. This allows you to play the drape’s width. You will have the space to go with a drape wider than the window, which will give you better light control as well as more room to display the curtain’s colors and patterns.

Material Selection

The decor of your space should help determine the sort of rod you should select. When picking a finish for your drapery hardware, consider the design elements of your space, such as wood, metal, or paint. The window treatment hardware should compliment the design to balance out the present textures and colors. 

Closing Thoughts

To let your drapery shine, you need to consider how they will be presented with the hardware. As the hardware is often an afterthought, you can really find your stride in your home’s decor by giving them more consideration. The drapes are the star, but the hardware is the requisite support.

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