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5 Best Ways To Layer Your Window Treatments

Screen Porch Window Covers

Ways To Layer Your Window Treatments with Screen Porch Window Covers


The layering of window treatments is one of the trends of decorating your home. Mix and match to make a fashion statement. You can apply this to your home decor too. The layering of window treatments helps you create an immense and cohesive appeal to your home. This also helps you showcase your creativity. You can actually get to play with the patterns and set a trend. This is also a great way to add functionality and aesthetics to your room. You can layer the window treatments for any room starting with the Screen Porch Window Covers to your bedroom window treatments.

We know the wonderful advantages that the window treatments provide any living space. But layering different types of window treatments results in the improvement of the functionality of your home. Let us know more about the layering of the various window treatments.


Screen Porch Window Covers For Your Home

When it comes to the layering of window treatments, the first thing that comes to our mind is drapery window treatments. Drapery window treatments are the best choice to try layering. They are available in many numbers of colors, fabrics, and patterns. They are durable too. They possess the ability to transform any living space to look beautiful.

The following are the various extra benefits you could provide your home when you layer different types of window treatments

1. Beauty

The layering of two or more window treatments brings an astounding beauty to your room. it makes the room look more elegant and adds a dramatic feel to the regular ambiance of your home. The layering of window treatments reflects your style and personality in designing the ambiance and decor of your home. Especially when you layer with the drapery window treatments the effect will be immense and makes your room look great and perfect. But you should be careful, as the right selection of colors, fabrics and the designs of the window treatments can only add beauty to your room, while the wrong choice can destroy the overall beauty of the home and can make it look worse.

2. Total Light Control

Combining two or more window treatments help you to add light control to your room. The first layer of the window treatment helps you to keep your room bright while the second layer helps you to block the light and let you take a hold on the amount of light entering your room. This helps you to block the glare and harsh sunlight when required.

3. Added Privacy

When you layer the window treatments, you can achieve the desired amount of privacy to your room. This helps you to enjoy two various ambiances in a single room at the same time they make your room more functional.

4.Extra Insulation

Window treatments do a great job in insulating your home. Most of us must have already experienced the comfort that they offer by blocking the external heat or cold entering your home. When you add two or number of window treatments to your windows they result in providing an improved and better insulation for your home. This shows a greater impact on the reduction of your energy bills.

Now, you must be excited about layering the different types of window treatments and make your home look beautiful and functional.

So, let us learn the various ways of layering the window treatments.

#1. Floor Length Drapery Window Treatments

To add a dramatic appeal to your room, combine the window treatments with the floor length drapery curtains, this creates an amazing aesthetic look in your home and make your home look extremely beautiful. You can tie these window treatments when you want to open and make them stand out as the elements of elegance to your room. This goes totally well with the living room decor. Choose the right color and fabric of drapery window treatment as they are the deciding elements of the ambiance of your home.

#2. Add Aesthetics with Add On’s


Valances And Cornice Boards


Besides adding the drapery window treatments, for the most sophisticated and classic look, you can also add toppings to your window treatments. Valances and Cornice Boards are two decorative elements that act as add-ons that bring an aesthetic appeal to your room and the windows. They give your room a complete look by contributing a great amount of glamour to the existing beauty of your room. Wood valances for blinds are available in a wide range of colors and designs you can choose the perfect one that goes well with your existing home decor and reflects your style.

#3. Country Style with Dense Drapes


Z wave Roman Shades


For rooms like bedrooms, combine thick layers of drapery window treatments with perfect Roman window shades. Try installing Z wave Roman shades to your windows and add on the right fabric for your bedroom and invite the warmth to your home. You can also try this for your bathroom windows for bathroom privacy.

#4.Adding Sliding Panels For Zebra Blinds


Sliding Panels For Zebra Blinds


When you are looking for shades for outside windows, try installing Zebra blinds as window blinds and combine them with sliding panel natural shades. This brings extreme beauty to your exterior windows. Especially for large sun shades of outdoor, this layering style brings an immense look and makes your outdoor living spaces perfect.

#5. Adding a touch up with sheers

If you do not require additional light control or privacy or insulation, but still want to layer your window treatments, you can combine your window treatments with sheer drapery window treatments. This helps you to add style and color to your window treatments and this will not show any impact on the light control, privacy, and energy efficiency of your home.

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