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Saving Energy Bills with High R Value Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Save Energy: Check Your HoneyComb Cellular Shades R Value

“Do not leave yourself or your family unprotected against financial storms… Build up savings.”Ezra Taft Benson
A little towards those savings can come quickly by installing right window treatments that can save on huge on energy bills, especially in regions where winter is biting cold and summer, hot and humid. In cities like Oklahoma which comes under a temperate humid subtropical climate, you observe frequent variations not just seasonally but also in daily weather. It is only during the summer that the city remains consistently hot, shooting energy bills sky high. People living in the towns like Minneapolis, Buffalo or Chicago spend a big chunk of their earnings on heating their homes. Many American homeowners spend nearly 40 percent of monthly utility budget for either heating or cooling their homes. Being used to the luxury of comfortable temperatures, there is no way people are willing to tolerate the extremes of the weather anymore.

Heat Gain and Loss.

Wrong window coverings can make your home much hotter – do you know that apart from the AC and heaters, proper window treatments can help you manage indoor temperatures? If you are worried about your surging utility bills, it is time you checked into some of the amazing products that can save you big on energy.

Beautiful windows definitely attract your attention when you are looking for a new home to settle down in with your family. What you may not realize then is that windows can create a greenhouse effect in your home, heating it to uncomfortable levels. The glass on your windows can intensify sunlight and heat, making your Air Conditioner work overtime. If you have skylights in your home, you are at risk of exposing your indoor to direct sunlight as well. Apart from heating your room, direct sunlight can damage your furnishings, carpet, and moreover your skin, increasing your risk of skin cancer.

The same windows and skylights can allow heat to escape during cold winters, making your heater overwork. Smart window coverings can help you contribute to reducing drafts and heat loss, particularly when you slumber away in the night. However, ensure that they don’t completely stop air flow across the surface of the window, so that you will not be sweating between your sheets when it is cool outdoors.

Apart from increasing the energy bills, the extreme heat loss/gain can make your AC or heater overwork, leading to breakdowns and repair costs. The chances are high that they will break down exactly at that time of the year when you need them most, because it is the time when they bear the brunt of overload.

Your Unique Choice.

All people are not created equal, and neither are all windows. Some windows, due to their position and orientation, can create havoc in your rooms by letting intense sun rays shine in, allowing heat gain/loss to a great extent. Every home and every individual will have the standard need for their windows to save energy bills. Keeping that in mind, window treatment manufacturers have come up with a wide range of window coverings, which when further customized during purchase, can fit into any home or individual requirement perfectly.

Every type of insulating window treatment can save energy if used effectively, even though some of them like cellular window shades can be more effective than others.

If you opt for drapery, make sure that they cover the entire area from ceiling to floor or at least windowsill, and overlap in the middle for better energy conservation. They should be installed close to window and wall, which reduces heat gain/loss. Some interior decorators install Velcro or magnetic tapes to hold the drapery in place during the winter drafts.

Adding solar window film to your windows glass works two ways. It traps heat inside your room in winter; on the other hand it reflects heat back outside in summer.

Blinds are the ultimate choice in window coverings, giving your decor an entirely new dimension besides protecting your interiors. Natural blinds are great energy savers while being safe and environment-friendly. Unlike other window coverings, blinds allow you to adjust the slats to control light and ventilation.

Honeycomb Cellular Shades.

Window Cellular shades are an excellent choice for saving on energy, primarily to reduce heat loss. One of the unique features of energy efficient cellular shades is that its air pockets trap air to create exceptional insulation. We can go a step further and say that not all windows are created alike, nor are all cellular shades! Designed with modern mechanisms, they are available from renowned brands like Graber, Norman, Crown, Comfortex and many more. You can make your choice from simple, portrait, crystal pleat slumber shades depending on your requirement and preference.

They are available in both light filtering and blackout fabrics, in a wide spectrum of colors to suit every home decor. Cellular fabrics are white on the outside to maintain a uniform appearance and also to keep them from heating up. In addition to energy conservation, cellular shades protect your rooms against noise and dust as well. For those desiring to cut down the heat but still want to allow some diffused light inside their home can opt for light filtering cellular shades. For more protection and light blockage, you can opt for blackout cellular shades.

Evaluate your home and windows before finalizing your purchase of perfect window treatment. Also, keep in mind that if you do not use your window treatments effectively, there is no way your energy bill is going down. Know when it is in your best interest to open or close the window coverings. Try natural ways of cooling or heating your home.

It is not enough to have smart window treatments; it takes a smart user to make optimal use of its beneficial features. Be smart and save on energy bills with smart window treatments.

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