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Save 25% Off on QuickPick Window Treatments

Welcome to the Zebrablinds blog! If you’re having a great day, we want to work with you to make it better. We are a company dedicated to serving our customers with only the best in window treatment fashion. We do that on our retail website, While you’re visiting our blog, you can pick up tips for the holidays, food recipes, travel ideas, and lastly, great sales that we have to make your shopping easier.

When you’re renovating the home, it is easy to get carried away with the workload you have. Renovations mean cleaning, crushing, buying, and building. Fortunately, we have a few sales that may work entirely in your favor! When you are starting anew, it’s important to find great deals on the things you need. That’s why we’re offering a sale that helps when you need more than one window treatment. This month, when you buy three or more QuickPick (window treatments) products, we give you additional 25% OFF, and free shipping! Just use the discount code: Spring14 when you are finalizing your order. You can buy multiple treatments off of our QuickPicks menu, so that you can keep the looks in your home different from one another, a shade for one room, and blinds for another. We offer this chance at bulk buying because we know that it is important to cross all items off your to do list quickly when you’re renovating. We want to make the process as low in stress as possible! Costs run high when you renovate, and we want to make sure that we give you the chance to buy quality items at a low price. The Zebrablinds price is lower than the retail prices of many other stores. That’s how we save you money and your time!

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