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Tricks for Brightening Any Room

Modern Window Coverings

Most of us love to enjoy the beauty of a sunny day by opening our windows to let the sunlight in or by spending time on our patios. But do you know that the sunlight can bring real problems when it comes to our home electronics, valuables, energy efficiency, and our family’s health? How can we brighten our rooms safely?


Safety and Brightness with Modern Window Coverings

Bright rooms filled with sunlight make you feel comfortable and more energetic. Do you have a dark room within your home that you are planning to brighten? You can make the most of the natural light you have by picking up certain window coverings. While thick draperies will hinder natural light, window coverings like solar shades and plantation shutters will provide you a degree of privacy and still allow light into your home.

In order to brighten up your room, avoid dense draperies and thick window treatments that stop natural sunlight. Alternately, opt for minimal choices, like blinds and roman shades that don’t take up space on your wall. An opaque window treatment will grant you privacy yet allow light into the room when you open it.


Dual Shades

Double Shades

When you install these Dual Window Shades, you can get a blackout and transparent dual roller shade in a single assembly. If you want to protect your home from harmful UV radiation, filter light gracefully, and give you blackout privacy when you require it, dual shades are versatile and effective. We offer a wide variety of Graber dual roller shades in many fabrics and sizes.

These shades allow you to choose the desired ambiance for your room. If you wish to allow the light and brightness into your room, you can use the transparent shade and if you want to have complete privacy, you can roll down the blackout shade. Hence these shades give you the complete control over the light and brightness of your room.


Custom Patio Blinds

Custom Patio Blinds

A patio can be described as an outdoor space generally used for dining or recreation. The place where we sit during the evenings with our favorite book sipping our favorite beverage. The best place to spend time with your friends and family. As the summer heat increases day by day, it’s important to install window coverings for your patios.

To shield your furniture and valuables from the harmful UV rays and light, choose any Exterior Solar Shades from ZebraBlinds. They will let you control the light and the warmth of the space to make it a useful area during the day and throughout the year. The fabrics you choose also let you control the level of privacy, the amount of transparency, and protection from heat gain or loss. Get the control you need over the light entering your patios when you select the right fabric and shade.


Cordless Wood Blinds

Cordless Wood Blinds

Natural shades are a good choice for the kitchen and other rooms as they give your home the look and beauty of nature. These shades make your home look naturally elegant. These beautiful shades are made up of a variety of natural raw materials including bamboo, wood, jute, and other grasses. They are eco-friendly.

When you choose Natural Sheer Shades, you can choose from a number of fabric styles. These shades give you the freedom to select the right amount of light to enter into our home. Natural shades let a diffused light to enter your room and afford the privacy you need, but to increase the privacy level you can opt for special liners. These shades comfort you with the option of edge banding and an optional upgraded selection of valances.

Upgrade these shades to have a cordless lift. You can evaluate the benefits and comforts they offer by checking Cordless Wood Blinds reviews.


PVC Solar Blinds

PVC Solar Blinds

Solar blinds are a fashionable choice if you have wide expanses of glass in your home. These shades block out harmful UV rays and reduce heat transmittance, keeping your home cooler and reducing glare during summers.

If you require more light and less privacy, choose the 5% solar shade. For more privacy, choose a fabric ranging from the 1% solar shade choices. 1% and 3% solar shades are perfect for east, west, and south facing windows considering the openness factor. These shades protect your house and the furniture from the harmful UV rays and need minimal cleaning because they are treated to ensure that they repel dust, soil, and stains. Solar shades are excellent for reducing temperature while retaining your view, acting as a shield to block solar heat gain on your windows while still letting light in.

Make the spaces of your home brighter by installing these window treatments that give you the ultimate control in choosing the amount of light you want to enter into your home. Shop all these shades at at the best prices.

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