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Discover The Royalty of Fabric Roman Window Shades

Fabric Roman Window Shades

Wonders of Fabric Roman Window Shades

In case you are looking for different types of window treatments this summer for living room window ideas, we have some amazing wonders you might want to hear about. We have always been a little partial to Roman Shades. Dating back to since the Romans came up with this elegant answer to dressing up windows at home to keep away the harsh sunlight and maintain privacy, they have grown leaps and bounds since then. And today they are very popular amongst window treatment shoppers.

Add An Extra Touch of Elegance with Fabric Roman Window Shades

Living Room Window Ideas - Fabric Roman Window Shades

Available in different materials, the most beautiful fabrics are available with the Fabric Roman Window Shades. Needless to say, they add an extra touch of elegance and style to any window in any room whether it is the living room, bedroom, dining area or kitchen. Fabric Roman Window Shades are largely preferred as living room window ideas since they dramatize your decor profoundly. Bringing the magic of the fabric that you choose, these shades are an all season product.

Fabric Roman Window Shades have their popularity built around richness and drama, but they aren’t an ideal choice for every room. Where you have the luxury of space and a streamlined look is desired, these shades add a sense of luxury by being stacked neatly at the top of the window when retracted. Therefore, if you are looking to make a classy statement then they make the perfect living room window ideas.

Choosing Fabric

The choice of fabric is a critical decision when planning for a Fabric Roman Window Shades. Not just for the color and pattern, but the shade’s translucency will determine the ease of operation and how well it stacks when retracted. We recommend going in for a shade that is light and medium weight in the material so that the folds lay nicely one on top of the other without looking clumsy. A neat and clean look is harder to achieve with thicker fabrics.

Choosing Style

Fabric Roman Window Shades

The Custom Fabric Roman Shades can be customized to suit your palette. Here are some preferred options;

  • Classic Fabric Roman Window Shades

This classic version of Fabric Roman Window Shades very smoothly conceals the support rods at every pleat to fold neatly. They lie flatter than other shades and are achievable with any fabric that you might decide to go with. This is a choice well suited with patterned fabric.

  • Relaxed Fabric Roman Window Shades

A very simple style of Fabric Roman Window Shades that works well with any fabric. This is a soft flowing shade that lies flat and has a gentle decorative curve, almost resembling a smile at the bottom.

  • Ribbed Pleat Fabric Roman Window Shades

This style works well with solid or textured fabric. The Ribbed Pleat Fabric Roman Window Shades are a reversed Knife Pleat with the pockets in the front to further accentuate each pleat. This style creates a uniformed look and can best be achieved in solid plain colors.

  • Hobbled Fabric Roman Window Shades

This style of Fabric Roman Window Shades keeps its soft folds even when lowered. The folds are supported by concealed rods at the back of each fold. Fuller in the body, this style is again best achieved in solid, plain colors as patterns will not result in the visibility of clean folds.

  • Knife Pleat Fabric Roman Window Shades

Doweled pockets on the back of the shade hold support rods that form decorative seams on the front of the shade. Ideal when you are choosing solid plain colors.

Choosing Lining

Other than Sheer fabric, all other fabrics need to be lined. The lining is a secondary fabric sewn to the back of the material for a more finished and luxurious look. The lining is an integral part of Fabric Roman Window Shades as they help in keeping the rods’ placement right and conceal the lift strings. The lining varies from light translucent material to complete blackout depending on your usage.

Choosing Controls

There are three standard lift options for Fabric Roman Window Shades; Motorized, a continuous loop system or a cord type. Motorized lifts are the ultimate in convenience as they can be operated with the press of a button. Continuous loop lifts use a length of beaded chain to raise and lower the shade. This is the most popular of all types. The cord type is a simple mechanism where all the lift strings are combined into a single cord. So when you decide to choose the lift types ensure to speak to our experts for a professional advice.

Choosing Placement

The Fabric Roman Window Shades need to be carefully placed in a room. In case there is not enough space around a window frame and the frames are not attractive, an outside mount is recommended. On the other hand, if the window frames are decorative, an inside mount is best suited without obscuring the architectural beauty. So choose wisely without hampering the classic looks of your modern windows.

The Fabric Roman Window Shades simply put are sleek, sophisticated and a beautiful alternative for any room. Adding value for decades, these shades make for an impressionable dressing to your window treatments. Talk to our experts for a detailed opinion on which style suits your rooms the best and choose wisely. Order your free samples online. Come fall in love with Fabric Roman Window Shades just as the Romans did!

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