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Are Roman Shades Good Enough to Block Heat and Light?

Roman Blinds For Bay Windows

Are Roman Blinds for Bay Windows Good Enough to Block Heat and Light?

The reason why people go for a particular product is the value it brings. Some people who can afford to invest huge amounts of money buy home products for improving the aesthetic value of their living space. However, most of us like to get our money’s worth before purchasing it. We would like to know every last feature of it, and the benefits that having it will entail.

Window treatments are no different. When we shop for blinds or shades, we like to know whether these products would serve us well to combat temperatures, keep out dust and dirt, how easy they are to maintain and whether they will last long or will crack or warp during their lifespan.

There are many different window treatments on the market to choose from. The most important ones include honeycomb shades, roller or solar shades, aluminum blinds and shutters. Along with them, Roman shades are premium window treatments that many people have found a liking for in modern and contemporary homes. And the reasons for these are plenty.

Roman Blinds for Bay Windows

Many of us still live in Victorian style houses, where there are a number of attractive features that may not be found in today’s homes, the fireplace is one of them. Other unique features of the Victorian era houses were big, beautiful bay windows.

Bay windows, though, can also be found in modern homes. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a seating area where they could enjoy a scenic view of the outside. During a rainy season, the bay windows can become a very attractive location as we watch the rain pour and form droplets of water on the glass.

The best blinds that go well with bay windows have to be Roman blinds, a perfect culmination of traditional and modern window coverings. Their looks provide a luxurious aesthetic look to the windows and the room in a wide array of fabrics. There is no reason to complain when you have these blinds in place.

Forming a neat and tidy look whether they are lowered or raised, Roman blinds can also be customized to fit the window size to provide excellent control of heat and the amount of light you want. These very practical window coverings also come with a blackout lining fabric in case you want absolute darkness in the room when desired. An insulation lining can also be installed in case you don’t want the heat to escape out the windows during winters.

Graber Roman Shades: Excellent for Heat Control

Graber Roman Shades

Graber Roman Shades are known for their meticulous design and high quality which is unparalleled in the arena of window treatments. There are two Graber collections of Roman shades available: the streamlined Graber Fresco collection and the exquisite style options and the lush premium fabrics of the Graber Artisan collection.

Graber Roman Shades have a sophisticated artistic style that is handcrafted and hand-painted and each of these shades are properly customized according to the size of the windows. Based on the amount of light you want, you can choose your fabrics carefully among a range of them. They not only offer protection to your house during scorching summers but they also prevent your interiors from glare and ultraviolet radiation. There are three opacity levels, from a streamlined collection of neutral fabrics, which you can choose for your windows. They also come in a range of lift controls (cord lift, continuous-loop lift, cordless left, and motorized lift) that you can buy based on your liking and convenience. As the world is shifting towards motorized and child proof blinds, you can too, as they provide a comparatively neat look and are safe to use in houses with pets and kids.

Norman Motorized Roman Shades: Customizable for Light Diffusion

Norman Roman Shades

Offering a soft touch to your living space, Norman motorized shades complement all kinds of interiors. They are loved and sworn by for their excellent functionality, as their motorized feature allows them to be operated by the mere press of a button. Adding both style and practicality to your home, Norman shades offer high privacy and light filtering options with their large range of fabrics and colors.

They also offer excellent customization options as they are available in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and styles. Some of the most famous colors available in Norman Roman Shades are Ebony, Egret, Almond Oil, Chocolate Brown, Deep Ocean, and Tango Red. The range of colors allows them to be properly coordinated with the colors of the walls and other hues of the room. They can be easily installed, are easy and convenient to maintain and have high-quality fabrics that makes them last for years to come.

Crown Roman Shades: Energy Efficient & Reliable

Crown Roman Shades

Along with Graber and Norman, Crown is also a reliable brand which offers some of the best window treatments you could ask for. Roman shades from Crown are among the best-selling window treatments in the market that lend a style and functionality that is unique and impressive, all at affordable prices.

Crown Roman Shades fold neatly and can also be customized as a cordless option to ensure safety for kids and pets inside the house. To control light and temperature, you can order these Roman shades with an additional liner or layer of thick material. These will not only keep the interiors cool during summers but will also prevent the escape of warm winds during winters. These shades can be cleaned easily through dusting, vacuuming, soil removal or soft cleaning, and come in a number of color options such as Madison Cashmere, Lucky White, Lyon Ivory, Twilight Glacier, and Wilmington Pewter among others.

To sum up, all these Roman shades from our top brands can be bought at affordable prices to lend an aura of class and sophistication to your home. They not only enhance the beauty of the interiors but come with an excellent heat protecting materials that can be adjusted to let in a decent amount of sunlight as and when required. A few of them also come with a warranty, and each is available in a range of colors that you can choose which will go exceedingly well with your room.

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