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Roman Blinds Add A Muted Elegance To Your Kitchen Space

Roman Blinds Add A Muted Elegance To Your Kitchen Space

Windows in a house not only keep out the elements, however, they also visually affect the atmosphere and vibe of a room. The kitchen is the heart of any house as it is a hub of activities. Kitchens are notoriously busy areas where you cook an evening snack or delicious breakfast for your family while preparing bangers and mash if you are craving some comfort food. As we spend so much time in the kitchen, it is important to make sure it is a space that we feel comfortable in and that looks good.

Since an overall renovation might cost a fortune, simply changing an outdated kitchen window treatment can offer this busy space a fresh new look. Whether you want your kitchen space to be intimate and snug or bright and beautiful, the window treatments you select goes a long way in obtaining the perfect environment for a kitchen. Selecting a window covering for your kitchen sets the mood while changing the way light is being filtered into the kitchen space.

Roman blinds are the most practical and simplest window coverings that complement the decor while offering privacy from noisy neighbors and harmful UV rays. This fabric piece is actually mounted on the window and is folded in such a way that when the string is pulled, the fabric goes on pleating at regular intervals. Roman blinds are much better than the neutral and dull plastic shades and also utilizes less fabric than drapery, often making them a more affordable alternative. Roman blinds have been around for several centuries and you can also select from a variety of classic styles of blinds with lots of choices. The fabric Roman blinds can be lowered and raised using the pull cord. Roman blinds have increasingly become popular as they create a perfect balance between contemporary and traditional design. They can be used either with a chain drive or a traditional cord mechanism. When raised, their folded fabrics form clean and neat pleats, and when lowered, they lay flat over the complete window, without any creasing/overlapping.

Why Should You Choose Roman Blinds For Your Kitchen?

  1. Limited Height

For most of the rooms, drapes/curtains would be the first thing that comes to people’s minds while dressing up your windows. But, drapes/curtains simply don’t work for kitchen windows. In the presence of countertops and cabinets, there is a limited height for window coverings and that is when the Roman blinds come into the picture. Additionally, the height of the Roman blinds can be customized to easily suit your kitchen window ideally.

  1. Keeps Itself Clean

When compared to curtains or drapes, Roman blinds can easily be tucked up at the top of the window to keep them out of the way from any splashes or spills in the kitchen. They can stay compact and out of the way when you need them to.

  1. Timeless Appearance

At times, selecting a Roman blind for window covering depends on the interior style of your home or what you opt for. For instance, Roman blinds feature a tidy and open appearance matching the functionality of kitchen spaces perfectly well. Also, it is a timeless window covering choice that will never go out of style.

Different Styles Of Roman Blinds For A Kitchen

  1. Flat Fold Roman Blinds: As the name suggests, these blinds appear flat when they are lowered. It is the ideal style for bold/large prints that you don’t want to disrupt with any layers going across the blind. This blind pleats up into a tidy tailored stack at your window’s top. One thing about this blind is it might appear too casual and the side a little wavy, if not built with hidden rods or remains attached between the lining and the fabric. The rods help this blind dress itself into neatly tailored pleats when opened. The flat fold Roman blinds are one of the most budget-friendly styles as it utilizes the minimum amount of fabric because of the blinds simple flat design. If you have large windows or too tall windows for reaching a cordless Roman blind, then a motorized blind is the best in terms of convenience. These blinds can then be lowered or raised daily just with the press of a button.
  1. Plain Fold/Knife Pleat Roman Blinds: These are one of the most sought-after blinds especially while using solid fabric. This style features layers sewn across the blinds which offers stability to the sides while adding some visual attraction to the blind. The layers also help the blinds in folding up as they open into clean pleats at the window’s top. While using an outside mount, add a valance to the blind for ensuring the blind itself comes off the back of the headrail.
  1. Soft Fold/Hobbled Blinds: The attractive feature of this blind is that even when closed, they have soft loops/pleats of fabric which makes it an ideal option for blinds that will be lowered most of the time. If you often leave your blinds open the majority of the time, then these blinds might not suit you as these blinds are more voluminous when opened and require additional fabric thereby adding to the cost. You can also go for a tone-on-tone solid or subtle print for these blinds as there is a lot going on with the loops of fabric. This style of blinds is truly the most beautiful of all the other styles of Roman blinds.
  1. Relaxed Roman Blinds: Also called European-style Roman blinds, these blinds possess a gentle curve in the lowermost section. This relaxed style of Roman blinds looks casual and charming and based on the fabric choice it can suit almost any style. It is most sought-after in French country, traditional, and cottage decors. These blinds perfectly match for windows where you will place the blind and leave it for semi-privacy and decorative style. They are ideal for adding style and elegance to a kitchen where they can be left halfway lowered to block the early morning sunlight while still enjoying the outside view.

Bottom Line

Possessing beautiful folds of fabric that elegantly stack when raised, Roman blinds make a classic addition to any kitchen, by accenting hefty wood cabinets. If your kitchen has small windows, then go for blinds with narrower and smaller pleats; high or broad window expansions require larger folds for balancing their silhouette. Choose abstract or geometric patterns to offer contemporary panache to a traditional kitchen, or a textured hemp fabric for softening the appearance of your crisp modern interior.

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