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Rolling Blinds Stuck? Here’s How to Fix Them

Rolling Blinds Stuck

Blinds & Operational Hiccups

Blinds have always been a wonderful option for window dressing and window treatments. It offers a huge variety of choices from which you can pick and choose for any function or décor as you wish. From slatted Venetian blinds that make your rooms classy and sophisticated to pleated blinds that create a comfortable and relaxing space, the choices are many and varied. But as with a lot of things, blinds can also pose issues at times. Roller blinds are beautiful and some of the most practical window dressings out there. They are elegant, simplistic and chic. They offer a streamlined and finished look to the windows and the rooms. They are without any excesses and frills and make a perfect choice for contemporary and minimalist homes.

Like all other blinds and shades, these Roller Shades too encounter operational issues at times and there may arise difficulties in raising and lowering them. It is disappointing and frustrating but not a cause for worry because they can be taken care of at home by you. Professional assistance is always available if you are unable to correct the blinds.
Are your Roller blinds stuck? Do not fret. Keep reading to find ways to unstuck your roller blinds and troubleshoot other issues you may have with your lovely roller blinds.

How do Roller Blinds work?

Your Roller Blinds have a few necessary parts that make it work. The roller blinds contain a hollow tube, fabric, a spring and a ratchet. The fabric is rolled over the tube and when the tube is rotated, the fabric extends down or rolls up as per your needs. The ratchet is the part that helps hold the blinds in place when you want it up, down or partway down the window. The spring helps in maintaining the correct quantity of tension and facilitates the smooth operation of the blinds.
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Common Problems with the Roller Blinds

What to do when your blinds can roll down but can’t roll it back up?

Sometimes, your blinds will roll down easily when you need to close them but when you try to roll them back up to let sunlight in, you will find that the process is a struggle. When you use force on the mechanism, you may be able to roll them back up. Sometimes, no matter how much force you apply you still cannot roll them back up. This is usually due to too much tension in the mechanism of operation.

Method of correction:

Using a gentle but firm hand, remove the roller blinds from the bracket. Look and find a pin that can be turned on the side of the roller blind. Turn the pin or twist it until it cannot be turned anymore. You may use fingers to do this or if you find it hard, use pliers or some similar tool. Turning the pin will help to adjust the tension within the operating system of your blind. Now, slowly and gently place the blind back in the bracket. Your roller blind must be working perfectly now. Try opening and closing your roller blind a few times to make sure that it is working perfectly.

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What to do when the roller blinds do not stay down when in a shut position?

When you have your roller blinds drawn shut, it does not stay in that position for long. This can be an issue with the ratchet tooth. Ratchet tooth is the part of the roller blind that holds the roller blinds in the position that you want.

Method of correction

With a gentle but firm hand, remove the roller blinds from the bracket. Remove the flat pin cap placed in the side of the roller blinds. You will find the pawl there. Clean it thoroughly. Remove any dust or debris that has accumulated on the pawl. Next use a lubricant on the rotating structure. Replace the flat pin cap and place the roller blinds back in place. Your roller blind must be working perfectly now. Try opening and closing your roller blind a few times to make sure that it is working perfectly.

What to do when the blinds fall down when in an open position?

At times, you try to open up the blinds but they do not stay open. This is usually due to the position of the brackets. This can also happen due to the lack of straightness of the blinds.

Method of correction

This problem can be corrected easily by making sure the brackets are not placed too far apart. If that is the case, you will need to remove the brackets and reposition them to a position that is closer to each other. Also, check if the brackets are completely level. If one of the brackets is placed above or below the level of straightness, it can cause the blinds to fall down constantly when they are supposed to be in an open position. If you see that one of the brackets is not level, you will need to remove them and place them in a position that makes the level of the blinds.

What to do when the roller blinds are stiff and refuse to move at all?

Absence of any kind of movement or difficulty in movement can be due to a problem with the clutch.

Method of correction:

If the clutch is an important part of the roller blind’s mechanism. If the clutch is damaged, you may have to replace the part completely. What you first need to do is to check if the problem is indeed with the clutch. Also check the chain. Sometimes, the clutch will stick if the chain has missing beads. This is especially true if the chain is made of plastic beads. If the problem is with the chain, all you need is to replace the chain. This can be a cheaper and easier option than replacing the clutch mechanism.

What to do when the blinds move too slowly?

This issue can be because of a jam between the tube and the fabric.

Method of correction:

This is a simple issue when compared to having roller blinds stuck. All you have to do is to lower the blinds all the way. Then remove it and roll it up manually to a halfway. This will help your blinds to work normally again.

Most of the time these little efforts can get your blinds to start moving again. However if despite repeated attempts you are unable to get your blinds to work smoothly it is time to get professional help. Do not keep applying too much pressure as it could damage the blinds irreparably and render your warranty null and void.

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