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Roller Solar Shades – A Premium Blend of Safety and Privacy for Your Smart Home

What Makes Roller Solar Shades A Smart Investment?

If we could have all things our way, we’d simply call our homes our haven, for isn’t that exactly what we wish our homes to be—a place where we can feel perfectly safe, at ease and comfortable?! Well, we’re getting there, fast! Smart home technologies and advanced door and window treatment solutions have made it possible for us to acquire a greater degree of contentment from our residences than ever before. Roller solar shades are a stylish, motorized window covering quite unlike any other, providing optimal safety from the perpetually harshening environmental conditions. Also, they allow a quick switch between a view of the outdoors and a perfectly private indoor environment.

The Benefits on Offer

One of the obvious takeaways from every new technology is that it’s bound to be an improvement on the earlier, pre-existing versions. The big question is, is it worth a change, and a new investment? These new-age roller shades happen to be exactly the kind you want to invest in, the benefits are simply too great to pass on! Let’s take a look…

Roller Solar Shades – Highly Efficient Light Control


Graber Roller Shades


We all have our own specific indoor light requirements, varying from partial filtering to total blackout. The living room probably needs to remain a little brighter, while the kids’ nursery and bedrooms should be fully darkened when the little ones need their rest. These advanced roller shades place the control in your hands. Window treatments like Graber Roller Shades 1% to 5% are a wonderful choice for everybody that wants to be able to control the level of transparency and privacy in specific parts of their homes. The lowest openness level of the shades offers most more privacy and light control while fabrics with higher openness are perfectly suited to windows that offer a beautiful view of the outdoors.


Crown Blackout Roller Shades


And then there are options like Crown Blackout Roller shades that are capable of creating light-less indoor environments completely safe from the UV rays, ideal for catching some shut-eye or enjoying a movie with your loved ones.

Roller Solar Shades – Easy, Effective Privacy Control

Smooth, easy functionality and improved designs have made these shades a lot more effective at privacy preservation than the shades of yesteryear. It’s essential, however, to note that vinyl mesh and other, mostly see-through materials enable a clear view of the brighter side—probably not the best privacy solution for areas like your bedroom during the nighttime when the outdoors are dark. The key to achieving the desired degree of privacy with these shades is to be mindful of the type and material, as also, the level of openness—the higher the openness level, the more visibility the fabric allows for. So, for areas that require the most privacy, it’s best to go with the least level of openness. Thicker fabrics, narrow fabric gaps and bold, solid colors will also help reduce visibility through your shades. Fabrics with zero openness, such as light filtering or blackout fabrics will not be able to be seen through and provide the most privacy.

Heightened Comfort and Safety

Roller solar shades promise a whole new level of comfort to enrich our lives. These shades are capable of maintaining the desired amount of natural light and warmth indoors while blocking out up to 97 percent of UV rays that strike your windows. The high insulation properties prohibit unwanted loss and gain of heat so you don’t have to worry about frequently adjusting the temperature settings. What’s more? Safety for your pets and kids—always a huge concern, isn’t it? The neat, cordless designs of modern-day roller shades ensure there are no outward sticking nooks or wiring they can get tangled in. Non-toxic, flame retardant fabrics are another great option available with modern-day shades and are highly recommended. There’s also the ability to schedule opening and closing of the shades at specific times, allows you to ensure your pets and children can get active and rest at the right time of the day even when you’re away—priceless, right!

Enhanced Environmental Safety and Financial Savings


Roller Solar Shades


With solar shades, there’s no expenditure of perishable or limited energy sources, no unwanted, damaging emissions, no damage to the environment. And the monetary gains are really good too! The shades’ ability to block the harsh sun and UV radiation translates to the longevity of your furnishings and décor items as it prevents premature fading or discoloration.


Motorized Roller Solar Shades


Also, the high efficiency of motorized shades, coupled with the reduced need for artificial temperature regulation translates into considerable financial savings in the long run.

Decorative Value

One of the most visible advantages of these new-day shades is the stylistic possibilities on offer. The attractive designs, wonderful range in colors and customizable mounts mean you can find shades that complement the existing theme and décor style of every room in your house.

These window coverings, then, aren’t mere functional apparatuses, they’re highly practical décor items you can use to up your home’s appeal and even style the interiors.

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