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Roller Shades vs. Roman Shades

Roller Shades vs Roman Shades

Shades to Style Your Home

It can be quite a challenge when you have to decide the kind of window covering that will adorn the windows of your home. It has to match the rest of the home décor and elevate the style of your furnishings. So, when you have two options in mind – the question arises, which one do you get? We will compare roller shades and roman shades – two very popular options – in this blog. The battle of roller shades vs roman shades begins now.

Let’s Roll

First, we will dive into the world of roller shades, followed by the roman ones. What is so tantalizing about the roller shadings? Why is it popular with homeowners all over the country? Here are the significant benefits of using such window shading systems in your home. They are as follows:

• There are so many varieties of patterns, designs, color schemes and styles for you to choose
• You can enjoy the outside scenery and gain control over incoming light
• Choose a blackout fabric for your roller blind, and you get a light-blocking shading feature for your window
• Whenever you have to raise or lower these window covers, there is no issue as these shades are easy to operate
• You also don’t have to worry about clutter because when you raise them, these shades are subtle and have a minimal appearance
• These shadings are one of the most affordable on the market, so you can stay within budget
• They are easy to maintain and are durable to use
• These roller shades can protect you from harmful UV rays, glare and provide you plenty of privacy
• Your furnishings, carpeting, flooring, and interiors will not fade away with these shades as they can block UV rays
Cordless Roller Shades

Roller or Roman Shades?

Let us get into the world of roman shadings. When we talk about roman shadings, the general perception is elegance, style and high aesthetic value. Let’s take a look at some basic benefits of roman shades.

Benefits of Going Roman On Your Windows

Check out the pros of these beautiful window shadings that always provide a clean, neat, and architectural appearance to your windows. They are as follows:

• Privacy: These window dressings are not see-through and provide privacy to your home. They can be outfitted with thick linings for additional privacy and light blockage
• Energy-efficient: They keep the incoming heat at bay and make sure that your rooms stay cool during the summer months – an ideal solution for every season
• Soft look: These shades are made with actual fabric material, rather than vinyl or polyester, so they have a soft and luxurious look
• Smaller light gap: They fit more tightly to a window and have smaller light gaps than roller shades
Roman Shades for Bedroom

Things to Consider Before Installing Any Kind Of Shade

The amount of light you want inside your room determines the purchasing process. Do you want complete darkness? Or do you want partial darkness? Does your room need diffused lighting? By knowing what kind of incoming light and how much, you can manage to get the ideal window coverings for your home. They are as follows:

Light Filtering: For softness and a sense of delicateness, opt for light filtering type window fabrics. You get a subtle warm glow to your spaces when such shadings are installed.
Blackout: Complete sun blockage, privacy, and darkness are achieved when you install blackout window fabrics on your windows. They also tend to cancel out outside noise. They are great for nurseries, home theaters, media rooms, and bedrooms.
Room Darkening: When you don’t want complete darkness or light filtering in the room, you choose room darkening fabrics to adorn your window shades. They help you control incoming light and allow only a small percentage of light to enter your spaces.
Dual Roller Shades

Types of Lift Cord System

When you are buying shades for your windows, you will come across many kinds of lift mechanisms associated with the shades. We are here to break it down for you. There are three significant kinds of lift systems in the window dressing world:

Cordless: Go for cordless if you have kids or furry friends roaming around at home. You don’t want them to get injured or hurt by any window related incidents such as cord strangulation. Get a cordless lift system to negate that.
Motorized: For convenience and comfort, head for a motorized option. Whenever you want, you can open and close the window shades with a timer, or with a simple tap of a remote. Smart options are available for control with a smartphone, tablet, or even your voice.
Continuous Cord Loop: The continuous cord loop chain mechanism is ideal for extra-large windows or windows that are at a high altitude. This mechanism fastens itself to the wall in a direct manner. Such a shading system also gives a very streamlined look to your windows.

Types of Shading Options

You can always count on these shades to bring a kind of glam and polished look to your spaces. They come in a variety of styles and window fabric options. They are as follows:

• Plain fold
• Swag
• Soft fold
• Relaxed (European)
• Tie
• Flat fold

What Are Your Needs?

Don’t be on the fence between these two window shades. As a homeowner, what is your need? Do you want glammed up spaces with a touch of elegance? Or do you want privacy and darkness for your living spaces? Each room denotes the use of one window shading or another. For instance, tall draperies won’t suit your bathroom. Likewise, to get that ultimate elegant look and feel for your rooms, get roman coverings. Instantly there is a vibe of richness in your spaces. If you need attractive but humid resistant window coverings, then go for vinyl roller window covers. It is that simple. We hope that this blog article has enlightened you on the shading choices. Good luck with your redecorating!