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Can Roller Shades Be Installed Outdoors?

Roller Shades

Can Roller Shades Be Installed Outdoors?

The indoors are an area where we can experiment with different lifestyle choices and experiment with stuff to liven up our living space. We do it through an array of color choices, marble floorings for rooms, wall paintings, swanky sofas, and vivid prints in bedsheets and cushion covers. Besides, we spend a great deal on kitchenware and bathroom tiles and accessories. The idea is to keep our homes upgraded to feel comfortable and luxurious while throwing weight around whenever we have our guests visiting.

Window treatments are one area that many homeowners tend to neglect, while the fact of the matter is it is just as, if not more, important than other home decor items that need our attention. In the absence of effective window blinds, our homes will be prone to fluctuations in temperature, making us feel uncomfortable during most times of the day. Besides, we may be affected by UV radiation, glare and on the receiving end of dust, dirt and cacophonic noises which are supposed to be prevented by window treatments.

Some of the most effective and important window treatments in the market today include cellular shades, vinyl blinds, aluminum blinds, Roman shades, and roller shades. If your primary purpose of getting a blind is avoiding heat to enter your home and raising the temperatures, it’s best to go for roller shades.

Outdoor Solar Roller Shades

Outdoor Solar Roller Shades

The great thing about motorized outdoor shades is that they do not occupy much space. They can be rolled on to a metallic or aluminum roller when they are closed, hence ensuring you have enough space to accommodate a piece of furniture or any other item in front of the window. Although this may prove to be a hindrance if you are using corded shades, cheap motorized shades or cordless roller shades may make your job much easier.

Another thing to note about roller shades is that they can be installed both indoors and outdoors. With outdoor blinds, you need not worry about buying one keeping the dimensions of your window in mind, as long as these shades cover the entire length and breadth of the window space to ensure no sunlight filters through to the inside and affect the comfort of your living room or bedroom.

Here are a few advantages of outdoor sun shades that you must be aware of:

1) Keep Heat Out

Solar and roller shades are constructed from a special material to keep blinding glare at bay and prevent bright sunlight from entering your home or office. They up the coziness quotient in the room and keep your room nice and cozy during all seasons, especially the summers, keeping you relaxed and comfortable whether you are working or enjoying an afternoon nap.

2) Versatility in Designs

Roller shades are known for their versatility: apart from a number of color options found at ZebraBlinds, they also come in different openness percentages, depending on the amount of outside visibility you want. There are light filtering and blackout options, besides customized options available regarding their dimensions. All you need to do is visit the manufacturer’s page or walk indirectly in a store, feeding them your expectations.

3) Not Taking Space

This is where the roller shades have an edge over their competitors in window treatments. They can be recoiled on a roller, hardly taking any space and leaving the rest of the area for you to place something useful or nothing at all, giving the entire window space a clutter-free appearance.

4) Enhance Curb Appeal

Outdoor sun shades or solar shades serve as a cherry on the cake by enhancing your home’s curb appeal. Whether your home is an apartment in the middle of a busy street, a bungalow or a beach house, visitors and passersby will get a positive impression looking at it from outside.

5) Energy Efficiency

Roller shades have a track record of curbing the heat inside the house to a bare minimum, thus reducing the need for an air conditioner to a large extent. When the AC is not being used, the electricity costs can be reduced by up to 80%. And as they let it a decent amount of sunlight in, you won’t require the use of artificial lighting during the day time.

6) Outside View

Exterior Solar Shades

This is where the special fabric of the roller shades comes into the picture, which helps you have a clear view of the outside even when the shades are drawn. At the same time, however, the view from outside is blocked, thus ensuring privacy and security. This is one of the key benefits of having solar shades and is a major reason why these shades are so popular globally, especially in areas experiencing hot weather. Note that this effect only applies during the day when it is bright outside and has the opposite effect at night when your lights are on.

7) Protect Furniture

Besides reducing glare, roller shades also prevent the interiors from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun, thus proving extremely crucial in preserving furniture, paintings, and upholstery. Under the direct rays of the sun, such items get faded easily, which is why we have to replace such items. When you have solar shades installed, however, the durability of these items is greatly impacted, albeit in a positive way.

As we can see, there is a myriad of positive features offered by solar shades which make them the go-to window treatment options. There are multiple brands selling them, including Crown, Hunter Douglas, and Graber, so it is better to compare prices on their websites before you go for them. You can also buy these shades at ZebraBlinds in your choice of color, as they can easily be customized to fit your unique needs.

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