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Roller Blind Not Rolling Up Straight? Here’s How To Fix It

Roller Blind Not Rolling Up Straight? Here's How To Fix It

Blinds and shades are useful in many ways. They don’t just keep direct light from entering through your windows, but also ensure your privacy and security by concealing the inside view of the house.  They help decrease glare during the day and keep your room dim around evening time. They control the temperature of your home. They provide thermal insulation to your house and accordingly save you on hefty warming and cooling bills.

Besides performing these functions efficiently, blinds and shades have one more significant component to bring to the table — they save you from your boisterous and interrupting neighbors!

There is an assortment of window treatment options in the market which operate with different mechanisms. Assuming you prefer simple blinds which look chic, roller blinds are made for you. They come with a hollow tube, which the fabric rolls around. You get them in different colors and textures. They are elegant and provide a complete look to the windows. Blinds, usually made from synthetic or natural fabrics, additionally do the job of enhancing the aesthetics of the house.  The best part is they don’t have excesses and frills. 

Raising and lowering blinds and shades involves a simple process. But what if your roller shade gets stuck often and refuses to come down and go up easily? What if it gathers to one side as you roll it? Adaptable and utilitarian however they are, similar to everything else in the house, blinds also suffer wear and tear and may experience functional issues. The most common problem with any type of roller shade is telescoping, which means the screen starts tracking to one side as you roll it. Yes, it may be quite frustrating, but does that mean you take it to the shop to sort it out? Does that mean you need to replace it?  No, actually not. These are just minor issues that can be tended to adequately at home. Roller blinds are as simple to fix as they are easy to operate. In this article, we provide you with some basic hacks and DIYs to fix your window covering at home without looking for professional help. 

Roll It Tight And Reinstall

If your cordless roller shade is refusing to go up and down easily, there is a simple yet effective way to fix it. Lower the shade completely and uninstall it from the brackets. Now, tightly roll up the fabric. Reinstall the shade into the brackets. Then test whether it is functioning smoothly. If this does not work, repeat the process 2-3 more times. This process helps increase the tension in the cordless lift which should allow it to move properly.

Make Sure There Are No Insects 

If the shades tend to drift to one side while being moved up, the first thing to do is to make sure there are no foreign objects or bugs stuck into the fabric or the roller tube. Roll the blinds down fully and check the shade material and the roller tube completely. If you discover any insects or stray particles, take them out with a duster or a vacuum cleaner. 

Trim The Damaged Sides

Uneven functioning of the roller blind could also be due to damaged sides of the shade material. If there are loose threads, they hinder the smooth rolling of the blind. Unroll the shade as far as possible and check both ends of the fabric. If there are hanging threads trim them with a sharp pair of scissors. This will ensure that the drape material is not causing a problem in the mechanism of the roller. 

Check The Roller Shade Brackets

Are your roller blinds hanging crooked? Examine if the roller shade brackets have become loose from the mounting surface. Ensure that the brackets are firmly in place. Likewise, check if the brackets are level. Use a levelling device to confirm that the rolling shade too is level. If not, adjust one of the brackets up or down until level is achieved. 

Correct The Tension Springs

If you are finding it difficult to raise the blinds, there could be a problem with the coiled spring inside the roller tube. If the spring is too loose or fully uncoiled, the tension on the spring gets affected. To rectify this problem, all you need is a pair of pliers. Remove the shade from the brackets. With the help of pliers turn the pin on the side of the spring. Do this till you can feel right amount of tension on the spring so that the pawl gets hooked on to the rachet. Hang the shades back to the windows and check.

Troubleshooting With A Masking Tape

For the roller shade to operate effectively, they should hang uniformly. If the mounting brackets are aligned and the roller barrel is level but still the problem continues, the issue could be with the roller material itself. A few fabrics have a tendency to telescope one side or the other when being rolled up. A simple trick can rectify this problem. Unroll the shade all the way down till you can see where the fabric is attached to the roller shaft. On the opposite side of the uneven end, put a strip of a masking tape on the shaft and then re-roll the shade. This should correct the tracking of the roller blind and encourage the material to shift to the other side. If the shade is still not level, a second or even third piece can be placed on top of the first one if necessary. 

These quick fixes can have your window treatments working again. If the problem is complex and if you are unable to you rectify it, professional assistance is always available. 

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