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5 Popular Myths About Outdoor Shades For Porch

Roll Up Blinds For Porch

5 Popular Myths About Roll Up Blinds For Porch


Being outside is so therapeutic. But nothing is worse than facing the Sun’s light and having your living room be open entertainment for the prying eyes of passerby’s. So choose your window treatments wisely. Window treatments can spice up any area of your home, interior or exterior. They can add a splash of class and taste than normal furniture or other decorations of a home cannot.

Outside areas need as much planning as the indoors. And covering up that exterior extension can be a harrowing task. In this enormous world of outdoor blinds and shades, you will need to know more about the roll-up blinds for your porch that add an extra push into beautifying this area. While considering motorized outdoor shades for your porch, it is important to get certain facts right. That is why it is important to understand certain myths about these blinds. Luckily we’re here to help – here are 5 popular myths about roll-up blinds for your porch.


Roll Up Blinds For Porch Block Only Harsh Sunlight – FALSE

Roll Up Blinds For Porch

Roll up blinds for the porch so much more than blocking only the harsh sunlight. It blocks the harmful UV rays and the intense glare that can be as damaging. Depending on the openness factor of the material you decide to go with, you can control the percentage of UV blockage, glare, and the sunlight. And as an added benefit it also immensely protects your furniture from getting damaged.

A roll-up blind for your porch also helps in greatly providing HVAC savings of up to 25% – 40%. Blocking the sun’s rays helps keep your porch area and your interiors cool with easy to use roll-up blinds. With the area cool, your air conditioning will not be running so often thereby reducing your electricity bills. So save hugely with roll-up blinds for your porch and add an extra charm to the otherwise simple looks of your outdoors.


Glass Door Window Coverings Can Obstruct The Exterior View – FALSE

Glassdoor window coverings come in various opacities. Our most popular fabric is 3% open that blocks almost 97% of the sun’s UV rays. Even with high blockage, the material is open enough to maintain your view of the outside. During the day, it gives you a complete view of the exteriors. You can easily get this feature from our vast range of different types of window treatments.


Roll Up Blinds For The Porch Cannot Be Motorized – FALSE


Outdoor Blinds And Shades


Amongst our huge range of outdoor blinds and shades and the different lift types, motorization is the most popular option. Exterior roll-up blinds for your porch can be easily motorized for easy and smooth operation. They create a pleasant and pest free outdoor area for you to enjoy. So come to check out our roll-up blinds for your porch with motorization option. You will find it easier to simplify your life.


Roll Up Blinds For The Porch Are Bad For The Planet – FALSE

Roll up blinds for the porch come as various glass door window coverings options. For sliding glass door panels, we suggest using vinyl material that comes in both natural and synthetic substances. Many of our roll-up blinds are Oeko-Tex certified which means they are environmentally friendly and made of non-toxic materials that won’t off-gas.

Because vinyl is a thermoplastic, it can be easily melted and remolded repeatedly. 99% of all manufactured vinyl is made into products, thereby being one of the most easily recycled products available today. So pull up your sleeves and get smart by using vinyl roll-up blinds for your porch.


Roll Up Blinds For The Porch Does Not Offer Complete Privacy – FALSE

Choose from our wide range of outdoor blinds and shades for that ultimate window treatment for privacy. Roller blinds for sliding glass doors are a budget-friendly option that not only provides you complete privacy but also reduces glare and protects your furniture. Check out our various product options of Wood Blinds, Cellular blinds and other outdoor blinds and shades for a wider variety to choose from. Simply get the right window treatment and get privacy for your outdoor area with some classy and modern treatments.

We hope to have cleared some of the myths revolving roll-up blinds for your porch. Depending on your budget, roll up blinds can be fashionable, functional and economical home additions. The right window treatment can build that porch in your home into a haven this summer. The dramatic difference will not only make your outdoors party-ready but also allow you to laze around with your favorite book on a quiet Sunday evening.

So call in for a detailed discussion with our experts for more advice. Or simply order your free samples today. We will glad to have you on board with us.

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