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The Right Colors To Choose for Your Blinds For The Winter

There is no doubt that this winter has been a lot different for most of us. The plummeting temperatures have done little to uplift the general mood. With working from home becoming the dominant trend in the last few months, our time spent indoors has significantly reduced our exposure to fresh air, greenery, and natural light. The has also given most of us ample time and opportunity to turn our attention indoors.

There is plenty you can do indoors for the winter. Although most of the changes had been borne out of necessity, there is still ample room to give your home an entirely new look. What can be more invigorating than a brand-new look that would brighten up any drab, winter day.

There is no need to spend a fortune for the makeover; a little tweak here and a clever rearrangement there, is all that is going to take to create that eye-catching look this winter. Let’s look at some of the quirky ideas that might help you craft a unique look for your home this winter.

How to Change the Look of Your House For The Winter

Here we have a few interesting ideas about how to infuse a great deal of life and vigour into your interiors.

Add Greenery: Greenery is something that we all miss, specially when the outdoor scene is comfortably wrapped in a blanket of white. Add some greenery to breathe a renewed freshness into the room.

Add Candles in the Dull Corners: Have you noticed that some of the corners languish in permanent gloom during the winters? Spice up these corners with the help of scented candles, that will not only wipe out the darkness, but also dispel the mustiness that comes with it.

Add Some Irregularities: Add some irregularities in the form of open firewood displays, basket of blankets, graphic ceramic vases, and unique table lights. This irregularity will contrast sharply with the smooth monotone of the white outside.

Select Colorful Blinds

Window décor is one of the easiest ways of achieving a new look for your home. It is also a non-permanent and affordable option for adding a splash of color into the interiors. Windows blinds come in a wide choice of colors and textures, so that finding something that fits right with your chosen décor is not a big challenge.

However, the functionalities should also be taken into account, especially during winter. Windows are responsible for much of the heat loss that happens in households, and also a major reason for rising energy cost. There are also other concerns, like privacy and light control, that are particular to winter, and needs addressing before you settle for a window treatment solution. Let’s look at how you will be able to add some colors into your interiors.

Blue Roman Shades with Sheer Curtains

The Right Colors To Choose for Your Blinds For The Winter

Winter décor is all about incorporating the nature’s glorious hues withing the interiors to create a harmonious flow of colors. Your blinds can be the perfect canvas for capturing these natural accents.

Forest Green and Salmon Pink

As discussed above, green can add a lot of light into the room. A combination of green and salmon pink would create the impression of an early spring garden right in the middle of winter. Add liberal amounts of white and grey, in your rugs and walls, to tone down the dramatic effect.

You can use colored cellular blinds to bring in some muted pink into your room. Honeycomb cellular shades are an excellent choice for winter, as these double or even triple layered shades come with honeycomb-like air pockets that trap air and turn the whole shade into a powerful insulating layer over the windows. As a result, you can save a lot of money in reduced energy prices throughout the winter. As the sun goes down, these blinds offer you anywhere between partial to complete privacy, depending on your choice of fabric. Use these attractive and multi-functional blinds to give your room a complete makeover.

Forest Green Blinds

Frosty Blues

Frosty blues can be your color for the season. Dark grey and icy blue, with splash of white might be the missing piece of jigsaw that you need to complete the look of your room. Use stripes to relive the monotony, while a plush carpet and fluffy cushion will add an element of comfort to take the sharp edges off the unique color combinations.

In line with the crisp, clean look, dress up your windows with beautiful vertical blinds. Use a single tone texture for the slats, which would run perpendicular to the headrail. Vertical blinds are extremely flexible. You can position the slats to let in as much light as your wish, while keeping the glare off the furniture and the TV screen. You can also close the slats for better insulation and privacy. Even when you keep them open, you still get partial insulation from the large slats, while enjoying the views outside.

Frosty Blue Blinds

Purple and White

Purple, while and wooden tones might hold the key to the magic chest this winter. These gorgeous tones can be harnessed to infuse the right amount of cheer and brightness to build your charming winter scene.

Compliment the smooth accents with colorful roller blinds. Roller blinds come with multi-functional benefits that would work together to insulate your room, preserve the privacy, and offers you varied levels of light control. Go for fabric roller blinds for a solid look. For a unique look, opt for zebra blind, which are roller blinds that come in a clever combination of alternating sheer and solid vanes. When required, these vanes can be positioned to cut off light completely. When open, you will be able to enjoy the view outside, without worrying about UV rays and the glare of the sun.

Give your interiors a beautiful new look with these gorgeous colored blinds and create an eye-catching look for your home this winter.

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