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Replacing Window Slats to Give Your Blinds A Fresh New Look

Replacing Window Slats to Give Your Blinds A Fresh New LookReplacing Window Slats to Give Your Blinds A Fresh New Look

Beauty of Blinds & Shades

Drapes no doubt had a luscious and luxurious appeal to your living space and can be moulded to suit any home decor style. But blinds and shades too have been winning hearts for their neat, clean and sleek appearance that makes them a perfect choice for minimalist and contemporary homes. Today homeowners like to create a clutter-free and neat living space with straight lines and sans the extravagance and frills. Blinds and shades are great for homes with little space. Drapes when pulled back have to stack on either side and can consume space which doesn’t happen with blinds.

Wide Slat Window Blinds

Blinds & Slats

Moreover there are multiple options to choose from. There are different materials, designs, features, colors etc. from which home owners can make a choice for their homes. While shades come with light filtering, blackout features, blinds have slats which can be adjusted for light control, privacy and heat control. Blinds are made of different materials like wood, faux wood, fabric, vinyl and aluminium. While wood and fabric are a popular choice for living and bedrooms, aluminium, faux wood and vinyl are preferred for bathrooms and kitchens which are exposed to high amount of moisture and heat. Blinds are easy to install and maintain and with the right amount of care they can last for years.

Damaged or Broken Slat Replacement

Nevertheless, over the years, repeated usage can cause wear and tear of the slats. Slats can even be damaged due to any accidents caused by kids and pets. Broken or bent slats are a normal phenomenon and do not mean that you need to change the entire blind. Blinds and shades are expensive and if they can be repaired well it can save you a lot of money and headache.

All you need to do is change the affected slat and re-insert a new slat. Your blinds will start functioning like a new one. Follow the steps below to change the slats. The steps will be similar for all blinds.

  1. On the bottom side of the bottom rail you will notice plugs which need to be removed. Once the plugs are removed, it will reveal knotted lift cords that run through the route holes on either side of the blinds.
  2. Untie the knots and on the broken slat pull the lift cords up through the route holes till you reach the slat you want to remove. If there are more than one damaged slat that needs to be removed, you will have to start pulling the lift cords the highest damaged slat.
  3. Now remove the damaged and affected slats and slide in the new slats that you are using for replacement. Make sure that they rest on the ladder rungs.
  4. Once the slats have been replaced, re-string the lift cord back through the route holes in each slat in the blind. String the lift cord alternately from left to right on each ladder rung and work your way down the blind.
  5. Once you reach the bottom, pass the lift cord through the hole in the bottom rail and tie a knot. Ensure that the lift cords hang evenly and bottom rail also hangs straight.
  6. The plugs you had removed, place them back in the holes located at the bottom of the bottom rail. You can use a rubber mallet or hammer to make sure that they are firmly in place.

Following the instructions carefully will help you replace the broken and damaged slat with ease. Get your replacement slats from the manufacturer. Make sure that the slat size and color matches that of your existing blinds. With the correct replacement slats you can give your blinds a new lease of life. They will get a fresh new look and will function smoothly without any issues. The aesthetics of the blinds is also preserved without having to spend huge amount of money. You can do this yourself. If you are unsure of the steps, please ask for professional assistance.  Zebrablinds is not be liable for any damage caused to the blinds during any DIY methods.

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