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Renting a New Space? Here’s How To Decorate Within Budget

Renting a New Space? Here's How To Decorate Within Budget

Window treatments: a key a part of anyone’s home décor

Renting a new place can be quite challenging. When you move to a new place your existing furniture and décor won’t necessarily go well with your new place. If your new home is bigger, most of your furniture, window treatments and interiors may not cover the place as well. This can be very uncomfortable and disconcerting. In order to correct the situation, you will end up having to redecorate the place.

Decoration is a very important part of building a home. It bridges the gap between a newly rented out place and a place which you are comfortable to call home. Your sense of style and personality is reflected through the way your home looks. A comforting, soothing and nurturing vibe can be created for any home with the right amount of decoration.

While making a list of things you might need to give your new place an upgrade, window treatments are perhaps the most important component. This is because they can literally make or break the look you envisioned for this new space. They can give your walls a color scheme and a theme. You can highlight them with some bold patterns or let them fit in seamlessly with the rest of the décor and make ways to highlight other parts of your home. Essentially, a good set of blinds or curtains is quite integral to your home décor. What also helps is that window treatments are also useful in the sense that they shield you from harsh sunlight, give you privacy and make your rooms cooler or warmer, depending on the time of the year.

Approaching the process of decoration

The most common issue with decorating a home is finding budget friendly options to meet your needs. Decorating is time and energy consuming. The last thing anyone needs is for it to also be on the expensive side of things. It is not that affordable décor doesn’t exist, it is just that it can take some clever planning and searching to track down.

Now that it has also been established that window treatments are a core component of home décor, this article will focus on helping you get window coverings that are not only affordable, but also fit your functional and aesthetic needs. The following list can help you stick to your budget and possibly help you make room for some other things on your décor plan which might be a little more expensive.

5 Affordable Window Treatments that can help you stick to your budget

  • Faux wooden blinds – Faux wooden blinds can be the precise window treatment that you might need. They were fashioned as blinds that would be similar to real wooden blinds. However, unlike real wooden blinds, they are made out PVC. This material is cheaper and just as durable as real wood. Real wooden blinds are credited for their earthy, natural and sophisticated looks that make you think your home is more than just  an assembly of concrete. Faux wooden blinds can give you the same look and feel of these real wooden blinds. Furthermore, their ability to resist heat and moisture makes them more suitable for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. They aren’t just affordable for someone who’s looking for an immediate solution, but it also helps in not having to finding a replacement for it in the near future.
  • Aluminium blinds –Aluminium blinds have been in the market since the 1940s and have managed to stay relevant because of their efficiency. Their unique selling point is their cost-effectiveness. It is not only that they are affordable, but it’s also the fact that you will get premium quality at a great price range. If you are planning to buy aluminium blinds you can check off durability, sturdiness as well as moisture and heat resistance. These blinds come in many sizes. This means that if you have windows that are in different sizes, you can find one set of aluminium blinds to maintain uniformity and symmetry in your room. Aluminium mini blinds are especially prevalent for their ability to fit snugly with smaller windows, making them a viable candidate for the windows in your bathroom too.
  • Cellular shades – These shades have pockets in their fabric, commonly known as ‘honeycombs’ or ‘cells’. They make up for the poor insulation of windows by blocking the warm or cool air from affecting the room temperature inside. They are quite useful during the summers and winters. While they are also affordable, they are also energy efficient by assisting in cutting down heating and cooling costs. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and patterns giving you a large pool to choose from.
  • Roller shades – Roller shades are classy and elegant window treatments. They have a relatively simple design and are quite easy to use. Besides the fact that they are affordable, they are also extremely versatile in terms of their functionality. For instance, you can get one with light filtering fabric or if you want to darken your rooms completely, you can get blackout roller shades as well.
  • Pleated shades – Another option you can look into are pleated shades. They are made out of pleated fabrics and are credited with being able to give your home a soft, carefree, and nurturing aesthetic. They come with versatile light control options, making them a unique pick for your home. The fabric that is usually used is woven polyester which is quite sturdy as well.

Some tips to get you going

The price of window treatments is dependent on a few factors. These include the size of your windows, the type of window treatment, the patterns or designs, the type of fabric and its quality as well. What some people often forget to factor in while creating an approximate budget for buying window coverings is the cost of maintenance and the cost of installation as well.

The important thing to remember is that window treatments are a priority (for ventilation and privacy). It is normal to feel slightly overwhelmed with the options available to you, along with your budgetary constraints. Decide on what you think goes well with your home and then look into whether these window coverings can fall within your budget. Check the catalogues of different sellers and draw a comparison. If you stick to this routine, you can get the beautiful set of blinds or curtains that you wanted for your home.

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