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Go Cord-Free: Remote Control Window Shades For a Sleeker Look And Safer Experience

Remote Control Window Shades 

Remote Control Window Shades: The Much Needed Upgrade


The impact of technology can be seen on almost everything these days. In the past couple of years, there has been a considerable research and development in window treatments. The usual blinds and shades are now the pure wood blinds and cellular shades. From temperature control to UV protection, they can contribute to almost everything in your day to day life. Another considerable development which can be seen is the remote control feature in new age window treatments. With enhanced safety and convenience, the modern window coverings can be operated with absolutely no hassle of dangling wires and chords. All they need is a swift tap of a button and voila! You work is done. From the remote control window shades and vinyl shutters to the remote control window blinds and wood shutters, the cordless technology can be seen in almost all kind of window treatments. In addition to the safety and convenience, the no cord feature also offers seamless aesthetics to your windows. The overall look and feel of the room becomes clutter free and even more effortless on the eyes. Remote control window shades and blinds work through an antenna on the headrail. Using a remote, you can lift or lower the shade all the way or to a preset position. For motorized wood blinds, you would control the tilt with the remote but still lift manually.



Remote Control Window Shades


Cordless Fabric Roman Shades


  • The Cordless Roman shades: Ideal for living rooms and bay windows, fabric roman shades are soft window coverings made up of fabric. They offer you a lot of flexibility when it comes to light and privacy control. The right kind of fabric can also offer you a summer heat blocking feature. If you have wooden or earthen interiors, you can go for pastel-hued roman shades and couple them up with valances reflecting bright shades. Though roman shades won’t be a good idea in moist areas like kitchens and bathrooms, they can prove to be really good when it comes to bedrooms. Install them with blackout linings and enjoy a sound sleep during the scorching days.


Cordless Cellular Honeycomb Shades


  • Cordless Honeycomb Shades: Honeycomb shades are the most suitable window coverings if you are fed up with the harsh sun lighting creating a greenhouse effect in your house. Their hexagonal cells and honeycomb-like structure provides a high-level insulation and traps all the heat coming from outside. They are a perfect solution to receive your air conditioner from overburdening. Durable, subtle, simple yet graceful, cordless honeycomb shades offer everything you need in a window treatment. In the cordless counterparts, all you have to do is pull/push the bottom rail to operate these efficient window coverings.

Honeycomb shades are also available in the Day and Night Cordless Cellular Shades. They offer a 2 in 1 feature to block in and let in light at the same time. You can raise half of the shade towards the upper section to let in scattered light during the mornings and you can pull down the handle to enjoy privacy and dark during the nights. You can also adjust them as per your requirements to manage the light filtration during the scorching hours of the day.

Cordless Roller Shades


  • Cordless Roller Shades: Again fabric based shades, cordless roller shades are among the best of all the shades for your bay windows. Easy to operate, they have a fabric rolled onto a metallic rod. Install the rod a little near your window ceiling to give an illusion of a bigger window, which will make your room look much more spacious than it really is.


Cordless Solar Shades


  •  Cordless Solar Shades: For those who live in extreme conditions, solar shades are a must. As the name suggests, they are meant to block sunlight and keep your room cool. In addition to the usual shades, the cordless solar shades can be installed on the outside as well as the inside. You can easily operate them with a remote while sitting on your comfy couch. Besides considerable heat and light blockage, some of the solar shades also offer UV protection. Light on the budget, solar shades are a solution to all that heat which creeps inside through your bare windows. Additionally, the cordless counterparts protect your curious children and excited pets from all the hassle they can cause by getting entangled into the dangling cords.



Remote Control Window Shades for the Outdoors


Motorized Exterior Solar Shades


Outdoor Motorized Solar Shades: The bulky solar shades installed outside your windows can be easily controlled with a remote, your smartphone or even your Google Home. In addition to the easiness in operations, they also keep you out of any hassle to charge the battery. With a self-charging solar battery pack, these cheap motorized shades provide durability and longevity in style. Install them on your patio doors and windows and celebrate your reduced electricity bills.


Embrace the modern age with remote control window shades and celebrate your home. Browse through and order custom window coverings as per your requirements. If you have more questions, drop us an email or call us on our toll-free number. Happy Decorating!

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