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Taming Your Skylight with Motorized Skylight Shades

Remote Control Skylight Blinds

Remote Control Skylight Blinds to Control the Heat in Your Living Space 

In today’s era of controllable goods, it’s a comfortable life for everyone. So why not get shades and blinds that can be controlled with the help of a button. Easy to operate with a remote, tame your skylight with remote control skylight blinds. Experience the convenience of remote control skylight blinds to adjust your shades to your desired position without the hassle of cords or a pole.

The 3/8” double cell and ½” single cell shades help insulate your windows to keep your room cool and comfortable without the need to install an air conditioner. These shades not only cool your room but also help protect your furniture and other décor at home from the harsh and harmful UV light.

Remote Control Skylight Blinds

Varied Options of Remote Control Skylight Blinds to Choose From

Choose from 3 varied motorized options:

Battery operated – Normal sized batteries run the shade to give you the convenience of remote control skylight blinds.

DC – Power the shade directly through any power point at your convenience.,[1]

Solar powered – Solar powered skylight blinds help conserve power and gives you the convenience of being charged at all times, thanks to the direct sunlight falling on them.

Benefits of Remote Control Skylight Blinds

While choosing remote control skylight blinds, you not only get huge benefits for yourself and your home but also conserve the planet with the choices you make. Here are some benefits that will make you confident in your choice:

• Great pleat retention that will not sag or flatten

• Non-woven polyester fabric

• Energy efficient

• People sensitive to UV rays benefit tremendously

• Motorized operation with remote control; range approximately 65 feet

• Ideal for kitchen, bathrooms, and other traditional areas

• Brown shades go well hand in hand with most upholstery for a modern look

Blackout Skylight Shades

Don’t settle for anything less. Check out our Motorized top down bottom up shades with huge paybacks.

Enjoy the splendor and warmth of incoming light along with your privacy with our motorized top down bottom up shades. They are also known as honeycomb blinds wherein they combine privacy and light control options with the superior insulation of cellular blinds.

The motorized top down bottom up shades allows you to move the top or the bottom of the shades independently for precise light control. The convenience of controlling light to suit your moods and home décor is worth experiencing with our motorized top down bottom up shades. They are made from light filtering woven polyester that provides all the privacy you might need. The thickness of the cellular shades provides for better insulation and far more sound absorption throughout the year.

Change the interiors of your home with our blackout shades with side channels.

A popular alternative to “Blackout Curtains”, these Blackout shades with side channels give you the ambiance of your choice along with those private moments with your friends and family. What’s more, they are motorized too!

If you need a dark room, man cave, theatre room, kids room, or bedroom blacked-out, we have the perfect solution for these with our Blackout shades with side channels. They are a perfect solution for areas where traditional shades or curtains do not work like the kitchen, toilets, and other utility areas. Our motorized mechanism makes it safer for kids and pets. So go ahead and keep your family safe.

Blackout Shades with Side Channel

Need protection from UV while retaining your view? Check out our Solar blinds with added benefits.

With LightWeaves Graber Solar blinds, the blinds protect you from direct sunlight, making them a safe choice for you and your family. Our solar blinds are made of special window screen mesh, a polyester light weave with a durable PVC coating, that reduces the heat seeping in through your windows by almost 91%. Solar blinds are the best options to reduce solar heat gain and UV rays while retaining your view.

These Remote control blinds are one of the best offerings in the market today. These solar powered blinds come in calm colors with different opacity levels ranging from 1 – 14% to give you the soothing effect you need to have a good sleep or watch that romantic movie in the perfect ambiance. Our sunscreen fabrics will block up to 91% of the UV and heat without impairing the view or “changing the mood of the room”.

Motorized skylight shades now offer you much more than you could have dreamt of. They are a unique way of imparting natural light into your living space. Safe for children, elderly, and pets, these remote control skylight blinds allow you the flexibility of changing the view of your room to suit your needs. Taming sunlight has never been this easy. Check out our options at Zebra Blinds for alluring colours, opacity, patterns and styles. They will blow your mind. This summer, don’t suffer the heat with blinds that don’t work and offer nothing. Stay in a wonderful mood in the hot sunlight. That’s a promise we make!

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