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Bring a Striking Look to Your Home with Remote Control Shades

Remote Control Shades

Remote Control Shades for Your Smart Windows

Just a few years ago, remote control shades were considered a luxury that needed a large investment. But latest technology, new designs, and affordability have made these coverings more reliable and more reasonable to obtain for everyone, which offer your room with convenience, safety, and security.

In a smart home, you can ideally control all your appliances and devices at home from anywhere you have wi-fi. If you are ready to take your home one step forward, then remote controlled window shadings can be added to that list of devices. These shades are designed uniquely with smooth functionality in mind. If you have large or hard to reach windows, you can run the powered blinds through different remote channels, or even through your smartphone.

But when we enter start a home design project, appearance is the first thing we consider. It should be eye-catching, soothing, and something that everyone will appreciate. Remote window shades have a large assortment of pattern and design selections, allowing you to customize the best product which will bring an astounding or surprising makeover for your interiors.

Smart Motorized Dual Shades

Reasons to Get Electric Blinds and Shades

Taking the help of technology to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home is always a smarter move. Remote-handled window shades are a great way to spruce up the interior design while cherishing the other additional benefits.

  • Beauty is First Priority – When you get into the home renovation, you always want to make sure that you won’t have to compromise with style and beauty. Virtual cord window shades are always best to make the home look extraordinary. With dozens of styles, textures, and colors to choose from – you will be able to match your existing décor type. Pick up the right tone to add the extra touch of warmth and elegance to the windows. These smart solutions are highly popular because of their smooth operation and sleek design.

Z-Wave Sheer Shades

  • Light Control and Energy Consumption – The reason people decide to mount motorized shades is for saving energy. These shades help to control the climate situation inside your home to make you feel comfortable and relaxed all year around. Just press a simple remote button, and the shades will raise and lower automatically. Keep the programmable timers active to have total control. Installing these will not only make you feel good by reducing energy bills but will also protect your home furnishing and health from unwanted glare and ultraviolet rays.
  • Motorized Light Controlling Cellular Shades

    • Improve Security System – Having many windows and doors can pose a problem if they don’t have smooth control mechanism. Privacy is the main factor when it comes to decorating windows, and the automatic operation of remote window solutions provides the indoor with the ultimate privacy or protection, saving your time and effort. You may think that there are a variety of smart products available to make the home secure, then why use window treatments? What makes them different from other security gadgets? Well, this type of shades has a timer option that can be pre-programmed to automate in the particular time of the day, which works well when you are not at home, creating the illusion of occupancy.

    Automated Room Darkening Roller Shades

    • A Big Achievement for Large Windows – For most of the homeowners, it’s challenging to find the right window treatment for high windows that will operate manually. But with the smart remote function, finding the right shade or blind is not a big deal anymore.
    • Wireless – A Safer Alternative – Window cords are a severe issue as many deaths of kids and pets are caused by strangulation of cords. But automate blinds make life easier and tension-free by eliminating the cords.
    • Increase Value of Décor – There is no doubt that smart functionality and smooth versatility enhances the value of the home. You can install them on commercial or workspace windows as well to improve the productivity or ambiance of the space.

    All the motorized window shades are made of superior quality fabric materials, which mean they last longer without any damage. Incredible reliability and versatility makes the shades a trendy choice for most home designers. To control the shades individually or in a group, single channel and multi-channel remotes are available. The shades use various power options (12v battery tube, solar power kit, and DC transformers) to keep the mechanism efficient. Get these automated shades and create a style statement for your home décor.

    Smart Blackout Shades

    Think About the Look!

    Live smartly and Save More – A smart window can save your money from various aspects, such as by stylish designs or making the home more efficient. By integrating remote control access, you can lower the heat consumption of your home which significantly reduces your home’s energy costs, saving money.

    The price of a remote control shade depends on various factors – size, color, or fabric type. No matter what kind of material or product you select, ZebraBlinds assures to provide the best deals and discounts for their valuable customers.

    Bigger Thinking, Smarter Home!!

    There is a wide range of tech featured devices available that can make your home smarter and more efficient, but there is no better alternative of remote control window blinds and shades. These smart shadings will do more to make the home comfortable and pleasing. To experience the best, explore these remote powered shades today and get them installed to your home!

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