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Rejuvenating Home Décor with Window dressings

Resurrecting a Structure to Make It a Home

“I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 96% how I react to it.” Scipio Africanus.


The wisdom of this Roman who lived thousands of years ago is so relevant to us even to this day. Unfortunately, reading good books and learning life skills through various sources hadn’t prepared me to handle the heartbreak that came out of blue. When Jenny, my girlfriend of 7 years announced that she wanted to end our relationship, I reacted hastily. I flew into a temper and accused her of cheating on me, of being too ambitious to love me, trying make her feel guilty. All that my unreasonable reaction to her announcement did was to erase any chance we had of mending our relationship again. I should have asked why she was thinking of breaking up with me. What was missing in our relationship? Could I do something to stop her? But I was rash, angry and accusatory. It makes me wonder now how did she put up with me all these years?


Somehow, the breakup left me broken. I just wanted to take a break and walk away from everything for a few months. I needed to clear my head and start thinking straight, rather than jump to conclusions that everything was the other person’s fault. I packed my bags and decided to finally stay in the sprawling house I inherited from my family a decade ago, for a few days. Being too busy building my business, I had just been there for a few days before handing over its care to a friend who lived in the neighborhood. It was time I connected with nature and with myself once again by moving away from everything that disconnected me with things that really mattered in my life.


As I stood in front of the massive, carved wooden door, which had been imported from some Asian country decades ago, memories of the happy family gatherings flooded my heart. Built lovingly by my great grandfather, the mansion had always been too big for our family. There were just 1 or 2 kids in the family at any time, though there were rooms to accommodate more than ten children. No one had lived in here since 1990, when my parents moved to Florida.


I saw the effects of Hurricane Floyd on the house that had braved many other natural calamities throughout the years. I decided to dedicate at least two months to rejuvenate this home and make it my retreat; a safe haven where I could get back my lost energy. Dad had left me some money along with the home, so financially, it would not be a burden. It was not a one-man job, so I hired help so to reinvent the garden, get the fountain running and attend to the interior decor. The decision gave me a lot of energy and enthusiasm I hadn’t felt in years.


With a new spring in my step, I first let the cleaning team do the work for me. Once that was done, I was amazed at how different the house looked. Yet, the windows with old curtains that had been left unattended to for years gave the home a spooky look. They had to be discarded for sure. The expensive carpet that covered the living room smelled funny, but it could be revived with proper care.


Soon I had the walls shining in white matching the picket fence, all the woodwork polished, and the garden work started as well. The trees were trimmed and looked healthy in a clean surrounding. All my home now needed was some new furniture and window treatments to keep the interiors safe in my absence, and enhance its aesthetic value. Since the windows already had elaborate accessories for drapery, I decided to decorate the interior with Artisan Specialty Creams Drapery Panels  handcrafted by Graber Blinds that suited the majestic house perfectly. The drapes were elegantly crafted with the artistic beauty of an unerring eye, and customized to fit my windows. Be it the small window in my library or a wide window in the drawing room, these panels cover them perfectly with sheer class and majesty. Since I was using the old accessories and rods, I decided to opt for back-tab drapes in the Grandeur Ivory. I further also decided to have them backed with Interlining, a flannel lining that is used between the main fabric and liner fabric to add additional weight, insulation, and protection. I let the drapes flow to ½- inch above the floor, giving them the classic look.


On closer scrutiny, I could see that these panels are crafted with elaborate design, pattern and color fastness. The rod-pocket drapery panels ensured easy mounting and the sharp pleats make for elegance. They fit in well with the color, style and designs of the decor without any hassle. The double-turned hems add to the beautiful fall of the drapes, adding to its life as well. These panels come packed pre-pinned and fan-folded for easy installation.


Once the drapes went on my windows, I could see a significant difference it made to the decor. The amazing Roman artisan insulated drapery panels add extra depth and luxury to my windows with a flowing grace. I installed Norman Woodlore shutters, finished with a polypropylene coating that prevents moisture absorption and allows for easy stain removal, for the kitchen and bathrooms. The Shutters resist cupping, warping and twisting. These robust shutter panels made my home more secure in my absence.


What I loved about these shutters was the frames with inserts, which kept installation screws out of sight for a clean and decorative look. It also came with UV inhibitors that protect the shutters and indoor elements from UV rays to prevent fading and sun rot. The DIY onsite assembly and installation with pre-installed magnets and hinges, pre-mitered frames, and slotted keyholes was easy and quick.


Two months of hard work that reflected in the beauty of my home had eased the pain of the break-up considerably. I decided to call Jenny and apologize to her for the way I had reacted, even if there was no chance of us getting back together. It is not only building and structures that need mending; relationships do as well. Hope the result will be as good as the one I see on my home now.



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