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Rejuvenate Yourself in Your Home with Smart Window Treatments

Rejuvenate Yourself in Your Home with Smart Window Treatments

Impact of Smart Window Treatments

Window treatments are pivotal accessories in any home for multiple reasons. They are functional in the sense that they help in controlling sunlight entering rooms, insulation, privacy and filtering of the light. They also double down as an accessory that can help in decorating the room by having an aesthetic value and bringing about a comforting and stimulating ambience. That being said, window treatments probably don’t get enough credit for the impact they have on a home. However, the introduction of smart window treatments has helped in making heads turn and for people to realize the importance of window treatments and how they can change the flow of work and living at your home.

Smart window treatments have been received with a lot of appreciation and wonder because of how many tasks they are capable of performing. To put it simply, smart window treatments act as a quality-of-life update, and a major one at that. They are known to save you a lot of time, be energy efficient, and also reduce human effort to a large extent. You can actually create a more refreshing environment that adapts to the weather and lighting without having to lift a finger. This can truly help you unclutter your mind with constant disruptions and rejuvenate yourself.

How Smart Window Treatments work?

It bodes well to get a picture of how smart window treatments work so that you can gauge how and why they can perform certain tasks. Firstly, all smart window treatments are motorized. What this means is that the window coverings are fastened to a built-in motor. The motor can help in raising and lowering the fabric of the shades or the slats of the blinds. In the case of curtains, the motor will help with moving the fabric from side-to-side. The motor can be controlled with the help of a remote or a Smartphone.

By connecting to compatible hubs, the shades can be set to automatically close or open depending on the temperature or the time of day. Furthermore, smart window treatments nowadays come with an optional voice command feature which can be harnessed with Google Home, Google Assistant and even Amazon’s Alexa.

How can smart window treatments help in rejuvenating or revitalising your lifestyle?

Window treatments are considered to be a quality-of-life update not only because they bring a lot of convenience to your home, but also because they can help you organise your daily routine in the most natural way. Here are some different ways in which smart window treatments can change the way you lead your life.

  • Convenience – You don’t have to move or get up from wherever you’re sitting and reach for your window blinds. You can access your blinds from any corner of the house by using the remote, the Smartphone and the voice command feature. This becomes extremely useful when you have skylights or windows that are difficult to reach. Having to use a step-stool or a ladder every time you want to raise or lower the shades or blinds can be disruptive and is something no one would like doing all the time.
  • Reduces Stress – The ability of smart window treatments to reduce stress is a benefit that falls under the radar quite often. If you think about it, one of the main triggers for stress is the constant interruption that people go through while working or going about their lives. The disruptions caused can affect your work flow and unnecessary minor delays can end up causing a lot of stress.

These minor delays can step from simple issues like having to constantly adjust your blinds, changing the temperature to make it optimal, finding a comfortable position within your home office etc. However, with smart window coverings that are integrated with your other smart home systems, these decisions are made for you. You don’t even have to use the remote control. The blinds will raise themselves if there is enough sunlight outside (which is not too harsh), and as you approach the end of the day, they can lower themselves, which automatically triggers the smart lights and thermostat. You can go about your day without having to take breaks that you don’t want to take.

  • Safe option – Smart window coverings, on account of being motorised don’t have cords, which can be a choking hazard for children and pets despite being an efficient control mechanism. If you want to childproof your home or make it pet friendly, shortening the length of the cord (so that the toddlers or kids cannot reach it) may not be enough. If you have smart window treatments, they will give you some peace of mind because you don’t have to constantly worry about children or pets getting too close to the window covering.
  • Increases the value of your home – It is natural that investing in a relatively new piece of technology can be slightly concerning and expensive. However, given the traction that smart window treatments are getting, they can increase the value of your home (especially if they are custom smart window treatments) if you ever have to sell your home. This is because you won’t just be selling a home but you will also be selling a better quality of life along with it. You don’t have to worry about giving up on your investment. Furthermore, smart window coverings are also cost-effective.
  • Perform conventional window treatment functions – While smart window treatments are considered to be next step in the window covering market, they don’t lose out what conventional window treatments do. They can help in light control, privacy, and insulation. Depending on the design, you can get different types of smart blinds that best suit your needs.

To sum up

To have a more wholesome experience, it is highly recommended that you integrate your smart window treatment with other smart home systems. You will either have a guide or some other means of gaining technical assistance. Smart window treatments are also great accessories for those that have trouble with mobility. Hopefully, these features of smart window coverings help you make a decision as to whether you want them or not.