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Reflective Internal Blinds are a Great Way to Keep Heat Out

Reflective Internal Blinds To Keep Heat Out

Windows and doors form an integral part of your home setup. While these play a vital role in making your interiors stand out, the window and door coverings improve the insulation capacity of the same. Barren windows and doors aren’t that good at keeping the heat out or in filtering the bright sunlight that causes UV exposure and glare. Blinds, shades and other such coverings help overcome such problems and also accentuate the décor of the area where these are installed. You can choose to get them installed inside or outside depending on the requirement you have for your house.

With summers fast approaching, the Sun will soon be beating down on us with its scorching heat. Blinds and other such window coverings can help reduce the discomfort to a great extent. While the blinds are great at reducing heat gain, these also prevent the glare inside the house and protect the furniture inside the house from fading and sun damage due to UV exposure. With so many palpable benefits, it’s no wonder that these coverings are so popular and relevant.

Why Window Coverings are Necessary?

Windows and doors on their own aren’t that great at heat insulation as these have a low R-value. Heat gain happens through thermal heat transfer. A low R-value means that there is no significant barrier for this thermal transfer and as a result, when you have barren windows and doors inside your house, the temperature inside the house runs relatively higher. The air-conditioning system has to work harder to keep the interiors cool and at a comfortable level. This hampers their energy efficiency and also their life cycle which is greatly reduced over time.

Thermal window coverings perfectly complement the air-conditioning system installed in our houses by reducing the burden on it. These improve the insulation capability of the windows and doors and reduce heat gain. With reduced heat gain, the temperature inside the room also decreases. This increases the air-conditioner’s efficiency to a large extent. Together, the blinds and the air-conditioner help create a comfortable environment inside the house. Other benefits such as light-control and glare-reduction also highlight the relevance and usability of the window coverings.
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What are Reflective Internal Blinds?

Blinds have their utility both inside and outside the house. External blinds are great if the area where your house is located receives more heat and sunlight. However, there are some internal window treatments that are more efficient at keeping the heat out. Reflective internal blinds are one such type.

Reflective blinds have a reflective surface that reflects back most of the heat that falls on them. These blinds are really good at blocking the outside heat and that can come in handy during the hot season. Moreover, if you have such blinds installed inside your house, you may not need to spend more on external window coverings. The thermal transfer of heat is prevented to a large extent as most of the heat is blocked out and reflected back. This goes a long way in reducing the amount of heat inside the house.
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Why Reflective Internal Blinds are a Great Way to Keep Heat Out

The material used in making the slats of the reflective internal blinds is designed to offer higher reflectivity against the Sun’s rays. This translates into lower heat gains. They normally have a reflective layer on one side and a blackout or light-filtering layer on the other side. It is important to make sure that these blinds are installed in the right orientation. The reflective layer should be facing outwards so that the Sun’s rays and the heat are reflected back. This helps cool down the air inside the house and also reduces the glare to ensure better visibility and comfort factor.

These insulating blinds not only keep the heat out but also do so more efficiently and economically. You may wonder how. It is because of the way these blinds function. Since the reflective blinds reduce the temperature inside the house, the air-conditioning system’s burden gets reduced. This improves the energy efficiency of your house and it reflects in lower power bills. You save money which makes it more economical. This is also environment-friendly and contributes to sustainable living.

While you get superior heat insulation with reflective internal blinds, you don’t miss out on any other essential features which make the blinds and other window coverings an exciting solution. You can still get the one-way view or the blackout options with these reflective blinds. With no compromises on the privacy or light-control either, these blinds make for a great option for houses and offices situated in warm or tropical areas. You may find them to be relatively costlier than regular blinds but if you consider the energy efficiency benefit that comes with the reflective blinds, you will find them more reasonable in the long run.

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