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Reflect Your Personality Through Your Window Decor Style

Modern Window Treatment Ideas

Create a Style Overloaded Home with Modern Window Treatment Ideas

The importance of style and fashion in modern culture is often overlooked. The way we present ourselves is the first impression that people have on us. To make a great first impression, you need to be groomed in a way that suits your own style and does not look unpleasant.

Fashion also empowers people to demonstrate their personality and personal choices. It allows us to show off not only our own style but provides a chance to set trends. Appreciated designs also help to boost self-confidence and self-esteem.

Reflecting your style and personality through Modern Window Treatment Ideas

Fashion and styling do not have limits. You can showcase your style and personality by dressing up your home. When your guests enter your home, amaze them with the beautiful, eye-catching window blinds and shades that reflect your own style and personality. There are endless ways to decorate your home and give your home the best look it deserves. Let the beautiful essence of your personality reflect in your interior designing patterns.

Be You, Be Unique

Uniqueness is a treasured attribute. It’s great to be unique and distinct, to stand out from the group. For window decor, the exclusive design patterns always demand attention. A growing trend in new home designing and remodeling is to install unique and beautiful window blinds and shades that bring perfection and style to a home.

Unique window blinds and shades add interest and personality to a room. Ready-made solutions usually fit only preset shapes and sizes of windows, so any unique windows will reasonably require custom window coverings.

How to get a unique design pattern for your home?

Unique Window Treatments

Decorating windows has always been an integral part of home remodeling. It is necessary to make sure that the windows of our home are dressed well with suitable window treatments. The window treatments we choose should coordinate with the color of the existing home decor.

Customization allows you to choose the fabric, design, pattern, and color you want for your windows. The right choice of the window treatments can transform the overall look of your home.

Combining Blinds With Curtains For A Beautiful Look

Layering Curtains with Draperies

Curtains do not just dress the window, they also provide the ultimate beauty to your home.Combine blinds with curtains.

Nothing can make a room look more elegant and polished than custom tailored drapery window treatments.  Drapes add a degree of mellowness to any place and work extraordinarily in any space that has windows.They block out most of the entering the room.

Custom rods are lovely as they have are available in a huge assortment of elements and help accent your window decor.

Draperies also help to correct the flaws of your windows

Custom draperies can traverse or sit motionless, with or without top accessories like valances and cornice boards. An arched or a bay window could be covered by a valance or shaped cornice, entirely disguising its shape.

While choosing curtains, the character and design of the room need to be considered.

The color and design of the curtains you choose decide the look and ambiance of your home. If you prefer a dark room, get dark color curtains, if you would like to have a bright room, try bright colors to make the room look bright and lively. The design and pattern you choose are very important as it plays a major role in giving your home an exact look you wanted.

Window valances and cornices for an added elegance

Window Valances and Cornices

Top up your window treatments with custom window valances and cornices. They add style and elegance to your window treatments and to your home.

Day Night Shades for your bedroom

Day Night Shades

You can make your bedroom look bright during the day and dark during the night. Privacy and comfort are the two main concerns when it comes to bedroom window treatments.

Your window treatments need to serve different purposes through the day and night. During the night, you may require your blinds to block out an extra amount of light inside the room and want extra privacy. In the day, you may want a shield from UV-rays while allowing the natural light in. You can experience both the functions with Day Night Honeycomb Cellular Shades. These day night shades have two types of materials that work double-duty to make your home more convenient.

Day-Night Shades give the finest protection from the damaging sunlight glare and harmful UV rays. The cordless lift controls are smooth and operate with a soft touch. These shades are very safe for kids and pets.

Modern Kitchen Window Treatments

Kitchen Window Treatments

Do not neglect your kitchen as you spend a lot of time daily preparing the food for your family. Choose the perfect window treatments for your kitchen from the wide collection of kitchen window treatments from ZebraBlinds. Aluminum and faux wood window treatments are most preferred for kitchen windows. If you would like to give your kitchen a more modern look, refer to our recent blog:

Let these window treatments reflect your style. You can now shop these window treatments at the best prices at ZebraBlinds and make your home look unique and astonishing. Do not delay. Decorate your home in the best possible way with these window treatments and embrace the beauty they offer to your home.

If you have any questions regarding the installation, selection or anything else, you can always contact our support team. We are always ready to assist you with your questions and are eager to help you bring out the best look to your windows and to your home.

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