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Reducing Blinding Light and Glare In Your Home With Darkening Shades

Reducing Blinding Light and Glare In Your Home With Darkening Shades

On a Sunday morning, when you’re simply snuggling up to get some more sleep, how do you feel when the rays of the sun hit your face? Isn’t it a little annoying? Of course, having to get up earlier than necessary due to the bright sun is inconvenient. Your curtains are most certainly letting sunlight through.

So, what are the finest curtains for blocking sunlight? There are a couple of things you should be aware of. The ability of a curtain to filter sunlight is determined by several factors, including:

  • R-Value

The R-value of every window treatment product is a measure of how well it insulates.

  • Fabric Description

Close-weave curtains block sunlight more effectively than open-weave drapes. You could wish to acquire curtains made of a close-weave fabric like cotton or velvet in this scenario.

  • Thread Count

Curtains made of high-thread-count fabric block sunlight better than those made of low-thread-count fabric. The higher the thread count, the better in this scenario.

  • Many Layers:

Curtains with multiple layers are more effective in blocking sunlight than single-layer curtains.

  • Light Control
  • Measurements

What does it imply when you say light filtering curtains?

In comparison to blackout and room darkening curtains, light filtering curtains allow the largest amount of light into a space. The material is thinner and lighter than the others, and they can be constructed out of a loosely woven fabric that lets light in.

What kind of curtains do you have that keep the sun out?

The densely woven fabric of blackout curtains is used to block the sun. The thermal curtains, on the other hand, are thicker, with many layers of cloth and an acrylic foam layer between them. As a result, the thermal curtains are able to better insulate the interiors from the sun’s heat

These are some of the features to look for when choosing a sun-blocking curtain. Let’s see types of curtains that are ideal for blocking sunlight

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are ideal for the bedroom since they help prevent you from losing sleep due to the morning sunlight. To prevent external light from getting through, blackout curtains are comprised of foam-backed, opaque, extra woven cloth. They’re also available as curtain linings, which you can sew into your curtains to block out the sun.

Reflective Curtains
Reflective curtains have two benefits.

  • For starters, if you don’t have an air conditioner, the reflective aspect of these curtains can assist keep heat out. Instead of being absorbed by the curtain fabric, the sun’s rays are reflected by the material.
  • The curtains help to keep the sun out of the house. They’re composed of plastic and have a gleaming reflecting side that faces out.
  • They’re also sturdy and fade-resistant due to their plastic construction. You would save a lot of money if you bought these curtains.

Curtains with Multiple Layers

Curtains with layers function well as sun protectors. The term “layered” refers to the way two or three curtains are hung together. The layers work together to create a perfect barrier against the sun. Light lace curtains for the evening and heavier curtains to cover them are usually the best combination. The layered curtains are particularly useful for bringing in light.

Light Colored Curtains

Light-colored curtains are ideal for the summer since they help to screen out the sun. Light-colored drapes, such as white, creams, and peaches, effectively block sunlight. This is because they reflect light, as opposed to dark colors like black, green, and blue, which absorb it.

Curtains with Lining

Curtains with linings not only keep the sun out, but also help keep the noise out. If you don’t have a blackout material on your curtains, a liner would be a great way to keep the sun out. Some curtains come with lining already attached, while others require buying them separately and putting them together or hiring a local tailor to do it for you.

Fabrics that Block Sunlight Curtains

Some fabrics are better at blocking sunlight than others. – 

  • Cotton is one of the greatest curtain fabrics since it allows for free air circulation while still blocking sunlight on a hot afternoon. Of course, not all cotton curtains are thick enough to hide sunlight some are thinner than others, depending on the style and design.
  • Velvet is another excellent option because it is thick and the fabric is tightly woven. Velvet has a somewhat thicker outer side, which makes it a great fabric for blocking sunlight in curtains. 
  • Silk is also efficient in blocking sunlight from entering the house, although it works best when combined with a thick lining.
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