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Reduce Outside Views With These Easy Tips For Your Windows


Windows are a necessity for every living space as they allow for better lighting, ventilation, and accessibility to the view of the outside. Homeowners have greatly appreciated the use of windows in giving an added aesthetic appeal to the house. However, with these benefits come their disadvantages. First, windows can allow too much light causing unbearable heat and glare. Second, they usually cause outside heat or cold to enter the house. More importantly, windows are accessible tools for neighbors and passers-by to look in. Thankfully, these can be easily solved by incorporating window solutions that are effective yet practical. Unlike the earlier years when window shades and blinds were very rugged and bulky, the modern shades are sleek, trendy, efficient and some even being motorized. The following are some helpful tips to stop outsiders from peeping into your space:

1. Blinds:

Blinds emerge as the clear winner when we think of window privacy. Blinds are a viable option to protect your privacy and are offered in a wide variety of colours and types to suit your individual needs. Some of the essential types are:

  • Horizontal Blinds: Also known as Venetian blinds, the horizontal slats can be tilted to alter the direction of light passing through or fully closed to block the sun. Some horizontal blinds offer a choice of valance that matches the slats to cover the headrail. Horizontal blinds provide users with the ability to control light and their privacy.
  • Vertical Blinds: As opposed to horizontal blinds, vertical blinds have slats that run up and down which can be moved side to side or tilted open or closed. They are ideal for larger openings such as a sliding door.

2. Curtains:

Curtains can be used along with blinds and shades to ensure a classic ambience and complete privacy.  They are available in a large variety of designs and colours to suit your needs. Privacy curtains, in particular, are the best option to ensure privacy. They can completely block out light and can prevent people from seeing in from the opposite side of the window. They are also known as blackout curtains as they can provide complete blackout in the space. Some of them are capable of dampening road noise to give a quieter environment in the room.

3. Shades:

Shades come in handy when privacy is required. The advantage of using shades is that they let some daylight filter in, while offering complete privacy control. They can be selected from a large variety offered to suit the decorating style and theme of the house.

  • Roller Shades:

Roller shades are another option that gives privacy to its users. They are made up of  fabric that rolls down by either a continuous loop chain, cordless mechanism, or motorization. With that being said, a wide range of customization is presented as the fabrics offer different properties. Depending on your needs, these shades can provide insulation, privacy, light filtering, blackout capabilities, and many more.

  • Roman Shades

Roman Shades are among the most practical yet elegant treatment solutions available in the market. Decorative fabric is used along with stiffener rods fixed at several places to achieve a folded look. The blinds are folded neatly at the top when opened, and appears as one single piece of fabric when closed all the way down. Roman shades offer complete privacy control as they can be customized as per the needs of the end-user.

4. Window Films:

Window film is made up of polyester coating, which is applied to the glass panel. It rolls on the glass pane and can help in attaining the goal of having privacy. These films block the sunlight that passes through the glass and limits what one can see from the outside, making them the top choice when it comes to creating private spaces. Window decals or films can offer privacy in multiple situations. They are to be applied to the inside of the window and are an inexpensive solution to glazed glasses. Furthermore, they come in various options like sun control window films, privacy mirror films and blackout films- all of which offer partial to complete privacy depending on the requirement. The sun control window film is advised to be availed with 15% light transmission as this makes it tough for people outside to see inside the rooms. The privacy mirror can be useful during the day; but at night, they need to be used with heavy curtains because people will be able to see through clearly. Finally, the blackout film is the ultimate privacy solution as it completely disables people to view in from the outside. These films have a frosted appearance and can create total privacy while still allowing natural light to enter the room.

5. Interior Shutters:

Interior Shutters are another way to ensure complete privacy in a room. These shutters have frames that can be moved to offer a view through the window. The slats that sit within the frames can be opened and closed with a wooden piece running through the center. Tilt these slats to take a peek into the outside, or move the frames completely to get an unobstructed view. On the other hand, shut the frames and slates completely if privacy is necessary.

6. Textured Glass:

Textured, or frosted glass, is a glass with a textured finish. It serves the purpose of distorting the light and preventing people from looking inside the rooms. The highlight of textured glass is that it provides privacy from the outside while still allowing light to pass through. There is no doubt that having your private space is a priority to be able to enjoy your personal time. To do so, window treatments are recommended as they play an important role to ensure privacy. In addition to privacy, window solutions have become more attractive and technologically-advanced. They help in giving an aesthetic appeal to the house while providing better privacy along with light and heat control.

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