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The redeemer of Skylights – Motorized Cellular Shades

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Winter is finally over, and the freezing weather is gradually changing into a nice warm and bright spring. It’s also the time of year that your skylight starts to let in lots and lots of light combined with lots and lots of heat. The day is only getting longer, and the heat is only going to start increasing, so what can you do to keep your room nice and bright, but also avoid the heat it generates? Simple, install skylight blinds or skylight shades. There are many different styles and colors available and the leading manufacturers of these products are Crown and Graber. Crown specializes in motorized cellular shades (which we will get to later) while Graber specializes in aluminum skylight blinds as well as skylight cellular shades and skylight pleated shades.

Graber Skylight Aluminum Blinds

The custom Graber Skylight Aluminum Blinds is made of one-inch aluminum slats and does not come with a sidetrack. They instead work on an incline wire system which uses two metal wires at both sides to hold the blind in place. The aluminum slats used are rust free and available in a large variety of colors.

  1. The incline wire skylight aluminum blinds are custom made to fit any size and are perfect for skylights that are angled up to 45 degrees from the vertical plane. This blind comes with a standard, lift and tilt controls.
  2. Another style available are the dual headrail heavy duty aluminum skylight blinds. These are for windows that are between 46 and 90 degrees from the vertical plane. These blinds cannot be lifted and only come with the ability to tilt.

These skylight blinds are very durable and come with a lifetime warranty.

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Motorized Skylight Blackout Cellular Shades Crown –

Graber Skylight Shades

Cellular shades have the innate ability to provide additional insulation to any window; which is why skylight cellular shades are in demand and a very good option. The skylight cellular shades are available in light filtering, room darkening, and blackout honeycomb fabrics. These cellular shades also come with aluminum sidetracks which guarantee smooth operation and also fills in any light gaps and provide additional insulation. The cellular shades come with a handle on the center rail which can be operated using a skypole; it’s a simple matter of either lifting it open or closing it. The cellular shades also come in a wide variety of colors ensuring it fits with any window or interior décor and will always look classy. The blackout cellular fabrics are especially good for bedrooms since it ensures the ultimate privacy and blocks all visible light. These shades are very durable, long lasting and supported by Graber’s excellent warranty.

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Motorized Skylights Shades –

Crown Motorized Skylight Shades

Custom Crown Motorized Skylight Shades are highly energy efficient since they use the same honeycomb structure as the Graber cellular shades. The Crown Motorized Blackout Skylight Shades have the highest R-value with the blackout fabrics that are mylar coated. The uniqueness of the crown product, however, is that it is motorized and offers a considerable amount of convenience over the other options. With insulation as well motorization these are your ideal options for skylights since it provides ease of use, ideal protection from the sun and looks fantastic. These shades come with three power options.

  1. Battery Wand: Twelve-volt battery wand in pure white color can be mounted on the wall or ceiling up to your choice. The reloadable battery tube is very easy to replace. Lithium batteries are more efficient than Alkaline batteries.
  2. Plug-in Power Source: Each twelve- volt DC power supply helps to operate a single skylight shade that requires a standard power outlet. It is also available in white color.
  3. Solar Recharge: The upgrade option of solar recharger helps to recharge the batteries with the solar energy. Only need four to six hours a day to recharge the battery from the solar energy.  Somfy claims solar kit batteries last for seven years as per their experience and feedback from customers.

Crown motorized skylight shades with multi- channel remote control helps to control more than one skylight shades with one remote control. This makes you have a comfortable and relaxed operation of the shade.

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