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Read This Before Buying Smart Custom Blinds Online

Smart Custom Blinds Online

Read This Before Buying Smart Custom Blinds Online

E-commerce is growing every day. The reason is simple, online shopping has made our lives easier. With the huge number of e-commerce sites available, it is possible to compare the prices between a variety of products and to order the product of choice from anywhere in the world as well. And all of this in a few clicks. Buying smart custom blinds online is similar. There are bricks-and-mortar stores, discount stores, as well as home décor stores that sell window treatments and at fair prices, but the huge variety and cost-effectiveness that online stores bring cannot be matched.

We know that smart blinds can be expensive, but they are a long-term investment. Hence, it is necessary that we get it right in the first go. Surfing through different sites, it is possible to find exactly what we are looking for, or we might find a store that makes customization easier than the others. Similarly, the same types of blinds may be present at a much lower price on one site or be a part of some online store’s discount options.

However, along with its benefits, buying smart blinds online also comes with several disadvantages. When purchased over the internet, we cannot actually physically see the color, quality, textures, and more of the blinds. Many stores do, however, offer free samples to send to see the fabrics themselves.

Therefore, there are a few guidelines to know before purchasing smart window treatments online. Here are the dos and don’ts that can be of help.
Buying Smart Blinds Online


  • The first thing to do is to craft the list of best smart blinds selling online stores. This helps to shortlist the topmost choices, quality-wise, variety-wise, and cost-wise. Narrowing down the number of options can reduce the confusion.
  • Online shopping of smart custom blinds should be usually done from the home network. You generally should avoid typing your credit card information on a public library computer, for example
  • Buy in bulk. It’s a great idea to analyze the windows required in all rooms or merging the order with the order of friends and purchase it in bulk. Ordering in a lot together brings in more discounts and better pricing options. Also, shipping costs are cut down.
  • Wait for holiday seasons or end-of-the-month or end-of-the-season sales.
  • A very important thing to check is the exchange and return policy, and to understand it fully before moving forward
  • Before making the purchase, check the store’s installation and measurement guidelines to make sure you are following them correctly. Ask for help if you aren’t sure.

Smart Blinds and Shades Online


  • While deciding the budget, never forget about the taxes, shipping charges, and import duties. This is especially important when ordering from an international website. Import duties and taxes in such cases not only depend upon the country the company is situated in and the country the product is shipped to, but also on the material/fabric of the blind ordered. Smart window shades online are a pretty expensive purchase; a rough idea of budget is always helpful.
  • An online seller of window coverings has his/her own e-commerce website from which we can buy. It should always be kept in mind to visit their legitimate website and not to click on the links or deals that pop-up on social media.
  • Don’t go ahead and buy from a random website that came up first or that seems too good to be true. Before purchasing read the company’s reviews, the product’s reviews, and any other feedbacks that are available. It is very easy to find the feedback; all we need to do is Google it.
  • Do not stick to the first few blinds and shades selling sites that come in the search results. Look around and check a few websites satisfactorily. This way the price differences can be known and quality comparison can be done. This way, we can choose the best window blinds for our home and at the best price!
  • Do not click on check out before double-checking all the details entered. Check the blinds selected, the address, the phone number, the billing address, transaction details, everything.

E-commerce has made shopping easier. No physical store can provide the number of choices that are available to us at online window treatments websites. Purchasing the window coverings for the entire house is a huge investment and hence, a huge decision. Buying the smart window blinds online helps us to compare prices on various websites and hence, select the best options that suit our budget. Along with that, the need of physically going somewhere is eliminated and hence, the whole process becomes less tiring. Online blind stores also can provide support, in order to help us make decisions regarding color, fabric, pattern according to the setting of our house. They also help us in measurements and installments for perfect fittings. There are some cons to buying blinds online, but with the right set of guidelines, one can avoid the disadvantages and reap all the benefits that it brings.

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