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Add A Splash of Colour with Our Range of Bathroom Window Covering Ideas

Bathroom Window Covering Ideas

Add A Splash of Color with Our Range of Bathroom Window Covering Ideas

Bathroom Window Covering Ideas

It can be an unnerving task to choose Bathroom Window Covering. Bathroom Windows are never conveniently placed – low, high, on skylights or even multiple Bay Windows. There are so many types, and there are so many options to choose from. The ultimate goal is to dress your windows in a stylish manner that ensures it blocks the view from the outside while giving you complete privacy.

  • Who says bathrooms have to be boring and just be utilized for functional purposes?
  • Bathroom Windows can be interesting in different shapes and sizes
  • And to add to this, you can make it magical by using the right colors that can be an extension of your personality
  • There are more than enough options to choose from
  • Bathroom Window coverings create a visual appeal that is personal and aesthetic if the right treatments are used

Here are some ideas you will find alluring

Bathroom Window Covering Ideas – Breakthrough Technology

Norman Faux Wood Shutters

Norman Faux Wood Shutters are one of the toughest and durable treatments available. Norman Faux Wood Shutters are designed to withstand natural elements like light, heat, moisture and salty air, making them one of the Best Blinds for Bathroom Windows.

  • Norman Faux Wood Shutters resist denting and scratching making them a perfect solution while having kids and pets around
  • With minimal light leakage and smoother operating systems, they require low maintenance
  • With features like leading heat deflection temperatures that not only resist fading and yellowing, they are also one of the Best Heat Blocking Window Treatments
  • If shutters aren’t your thing, You might want to check out our fabric options that come in an amazing range of colors
  • What better than having pinks, blue hues, carnation pinks or just plain colors that speak to you in a language created by you?
  • Patterns add a glamour that will surprise you. Choose from abstract to loud while adding a dash of color to your Bathroom Windows

Bathroom Window Covering Ideas For Less

Curtains with Simple Valances

Instantly transform your Bathroom Windows with these curtain panels that are stylish and budget-friendly. Curtains are a perennially popular treatment to offer privacy and control light. Stationary curtains with simple valances speak volumes about your personal space. While, being a traditional route to Window Covering Ideas, they are the most sought-after solution if there is a budget that you have in mind.

  • It is a good idea to explore yourself a bit, to begin with, so that you are aware of what exactly is missing on your Bathroom Windows
  • Patterns like fresh tulips add that unexpected hints of color
  • Bold, carefree paintings on the curtains bring in a little attitude and boldness that was previously missing
  • Floral curtains with pom-poms attached on the sides or the bottom bring in the perfect amount of sweetness and sophistication
  • Create some squiggles to add the colors and patterns of your choice
  • The canvas is empty, so start with your favorite color and go from there

Choose To Go Cordless or Shades with A cord

Relaxing in your bathtub to get over a tired day at work? Choose Window shades with cords. Without the hassle of moving them from side to side, you can choose to operate with a wand, a remote or simply a switch. The choice is yours for the choosing.

With Cordless options, give your window a clean look and reduce clutter in an already congested space. Cordless options are available in almost all varieties of Window Blinds and Shades. Whether they are Real wood or Faux Wood, Roman Shades or Cellular Blinds, Venetian or Vertical shades you will find your desired look from any of these.

Splashing colors with these treatments can be fun and creative.

Bring In Creativity

Dressing up Bathroom Windows can be fun yet hard. It can be a challenge to keep everyone’s individual tastes while doing up the windows. So explore options where you can combine two or three treatments and give it the elegance that you would like to flaunt your Bathroom Windows with.

Combine Norman Faux Wood Shutters with Sheer Shades to bring in style and utility

  • Norman Faux Wood Shutters gives you complete control of your privacy and light, while; the Sheer Shades bring in a magical touch with its flowing fabric and subtle colors
  • Motorized Blackout shades with side channels are best chosen for complete privacy
  • Side channels for complete blackout are an excellent choice if you are looking to keep your room dark
  • Installation options range from mounting brackets, end caps, and fascias to allow your headrail and light gaps to be covered, darkening your room
  • Motorizing this treatment gives you a smoother and cleaner look, at the touch of a switch

So be creative this season. Bathroom Windows are the perfect canvas to start looking at beautiful blinds for your home. Get in touch with our experts at ZebraBlinds and they will be glad to help you splash a little bit of extra color on your Bathroom Windows.