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The Quick and Simple Way to Clean Blinds and Shades


Roman Shades

Blinds and shades can look terrific in your home – but only if you keep them sparkling clean. Luckily, there are several ways to clean your blinds and shades without investing hours of work.

One of the most powerful features you have in your home to clean your shades is your vacuum cleaner. Honeycomb shades, roller shades, blinds and insulating blinds can all be cleaned with your vacuum cleaner. Simply use the soft brush or dust attachment on your vacuum cleaner to gently go over your blinds or shades to take care of the worst of the dust. In most cases, this is enough to leave your blinds and shades clean and looking great.

Cleaning Soiled Blinds and Shades

If you notice any stains or stubborn spots, you can clean soiled blinds and shades by using a damp sponge or clean cloth with a small amount of mild detergent on it. Before using any detergent or water on your blinds or shades, however, read the manufacturer’s instructions and test on a small, inconspicuous spot to see whether the detergent will have any effect. If you are able to use soap on your blinds and shades, use a light touch and avoid completely saturating the fabric. Let the drapes or blinds dry completely by leaving them open so they can air properly.

One caveat: Faux wood and real wood blinds and shades are best treated with soft or microfiber cloths. You can use the cloth very slightly damp or dry. Simply run it over the entire blind or shade with a gentle touch while the shades or blinds are mostly closed. Leave them open if you use a damp cloth to let them dry completely.

Deep Cleaning

In most cases, you do not have to remove your blinds or shades to clean them, making cleaning easier. If your blinds or shades are very soiled, you may need to remove them to thoroughly clean them. This is especially the case if you have large windows and shades.

In many cases, you can make cleaning easier by buying blinds and shades specifically designed for easy maintenance. Read the care instructions before you buy to find products designed to look great with minimal work.

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