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5 Things to Consider when Purchasing Blinds for your Apartment

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Choosing Apartment Blinds: A Challenging Task

When you are dressing up your home, you have to consider not only the aesthetic appeal but also the functionality of the decor. They should be practical solutions to address all your needs. The same holds true for your window treatments. Choosing the right window treatment for your beautiful windows and doors is critical not only from the perspective of visual appeal but also from the functional point of view. They must be able to address issues like privacy, insulation, heat gain, heat loss, etc. Today you have varieties of blinds and shades to choose from. Each of them caters to particular needs. This makes the task of choosing the correct shade for your home even more important so that it fits your style and your home’s needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Blinds For Your Apartment

When you have to make a choice from all the available options, you are often lost. You don’t know what the things to consider are, what the features to look out for are, where to begin and how to zero down to your ideal pair of blinds or shades. Worry no more, for we have done your share of research and prepared a list of 5 essential things to consider while selecting your window treatments.

Before you go out to check up on the blinds and shades in the market, study your room carefully. Determine the needs of the room. If it is a bedroom, then privacy, noise reduction, complete darkness at night may be top on your priority list. If it is a living room then maintaining outside view, light filtration and aesthetic appeal may be more important. For bathrooms and kitchen, you must know that any normal blinds will not be durable. The high amount of moisture and humidity in these areas require treatments that are water and moisture-resistant. Once you have recognized the functional needs, identify the look and mood you want to create for the room. What is the existing decor style? Is it contemporary or traditional? Is it rustic or modern? This is important to get the look of the blinds and shades right. The overall color scheme of the rooms also can impact your choice of shades. The color or pattern you choose should make a harmonious blend with your room’s color and not stand out like a sore thumb. Window treatments are an important feature of your rooms and naturally draw our attention.

Window treatment for windows and doors will be different. While horizontal shades work marvelously for standard windows, doors need vertical blinds for better and improved functionality. If you have skylight windows then they have separate requirements as they are hard-to-reach.
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Energy Efficient
Once you have recognized the individual needs and look you want for your rooms you need to concentrate on the different features of the blinds to determine whether they make a good fit for your apartment. One of the first things to consider is energy-efficiency. Windows are the single largest cause of energy loss in your homes. They cause warm air to escape during winter and heat gain during summer, causing your electricity bills to rise furiously. If you happen to live in an area that experiences extremely harsh winters, then you need to invest in blinds and shades that will prevent heat loss. Cellular honeycomb shades do an admirable job of trapping air in the pockets created by their honeycomb design and prevent warm air to escape. Similarly, if you live in a region that experiences scorching summers then you could zero down to exterior solar shades that help to reflect heat back outside and prevent heat gain inside.
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Privacy & Outside View
Home is your refuge, your haven where you spend quality time with your loved ones. It is the space where you are most vulnerable and without guard. For this purpose, it is important to maintain the sanctity of your homes by preserving your privacy. If your windows are not adequately dressed or you have blinds and shades that allow prying neighbors a view of your indoor life, it is not very desirable. Another point of consideration is that there are some shades that offer privacy in the morning but once the lights come on in the evening they expose your house to the curious eyes of outsiders. Similarly, if you have a stunning view of the outside and you wish to preserve the view then you need to choose blinds and shades with the percentage of openness that will not only allow you to preserve the beautiful view of the outside but also address your privacy needs.
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Light Filtration
Let’s admit, we all love natural light. The warmth and glow that natural light brings into our house is unparalleled. They fill your homes with positive energy and light up your homes. However, too much light is not very desirable. You might have wide windows or sliding doors that allow unobstructed streaming of light, which can pose a problem. The glare of the sunlight hurts the eyes and interferes with your work and sleep. The sun’s rays emit harmful UV rays that can cause health issues and also damage furnishings if exposed for a prolonged period of time. Consider choosing light-filtering material for your blinds so that light does not cause discomfort inside your own house.
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Operation Mechanism
When you are weighing your options for blinds and shades spare a thought for the operating mechanism. While some are still corded and use cords or chains for raising and lowering the shades, most blinds today have cordless or motorized operations. Motorized blinds come with remote controls that allow you to operate the shades with a mere press of a button from any part of the house. You also have Smart Shades and Blinds that can be integrated with a smart hub and be controlled from any part of the world, or be automated. They can even be voice-controlled through home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. A mere voice command will cause your blinds and shades to raise and lower themselves.
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These are the top five considerations for you when you are planning your purchase of blinds and shades for your apartment. There are several more and till you make purchase confusion will haunt you. But with respect to the above factors, you must have absolute clarity when you step out to make a purchase.