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Windows are our connection to the world around us. They allow us to see what is happening outside our workplaces and homes and at the same time block the outside world from having a peep into what is happening in our homes. Thus, windows allow invasion of our privacy as much as they are a necessity. The harsh ultra – violet rays of the sun beating down directly on our floors, furniture and carpets can take its toll, reducing their longevity and color. Window dressings are the most practical and obvious solution.



Windows give a finished look to the interior styling of our homes, but sufficient thought should be given to choosing the right kind of window treatments whether we take up residence in a high-end apartment in New York or live in an old fashioned farm house in New Orleans. While I was scouting online for a suitable window dressing for my studio apartment, I became acquainted with scores of companies flaunting their products until I came upon Zebrablinds offers a wide range of window treatments with alluring offers and discounts. The Sheer Weave Solar Roller Shades  caught my attention and got me connected to the Phifer Advantage. On further research, I found out that the name Phifer is synonymous with continuous research and innovations in various fields committed to raising the quality of our lives and so is it with window treatments.



PHIFER is the most innovative and efficient supplier of window treatments fabrics in the USA. Their Sheer Weave style enables us to effectively manage the level of sunlight entering our homes and controlling the temperature of the home all the year round, whether in the heat of summer or the cold winter months. This gives us the Phifer Advantage. This Sheer Weave fabric is far from what its name implies. It is basically a sun control fabric deceptive to the eye in its function. It is a sturdy fabric with built-in properties to reflect the sun back into the atmosphere, yet very sleek and delicate in texture. Its rich and subtle texture adds to the aesthetics of the overall interior decoration of a room. It can be used in combination with other draperies or window dressings. It is available in wide widths and can be used for enormous windows too. It has multi-faceted uses in the home because of the wide range of patterns, styles, colors and weaves they are available in. It is an ideal fabric for blinds, shades, panel tracks, sheers and screens for porches and patios. A light colored Sheer Weave fabric reflects the sun rays while a dark colored one improves your view outside your apartment, especially in a high-rise apartment and reduces the glare of the sun. The openness factor of each type of Sheer weave allows for optimal light and privacy. Phifer offers a wide range of Sheer Weave fabrics ranging from a Sheer weave 2000 to a Sheer weave 5005 fabric. Some have an interweaving shiny and lustrous translucent yarn. The Sheer Weave Performance+ is a combination of a traditional Sheer weave plus the highly reflective properties of metallization. The Sheer Weave Style 5000 takes the function of sun control to a new level with its vibrant colors and diverse textures.

Phifer is an industry leader for exterior solar screens. When the summer temperatures soar to 120 degrees in Arizona the Suntex Sunscreen by Phifer is a stylish and affordable option. Made of vinyl coated polyester strands it can withstand years of exposure to the sun and reduces energy costs by 32%.

For the more environment-friendly, Phifer has PVC fabrics like Sheer Weave Infinity 2, Sheer Weave 7000 and Sheer Weave 7500. Better Vue, literally what the name implies, gives an excellent view of the Outside from the insides of your home and has a better curb appeal when seen from the streets.
Phifer is a company committed to protecting natural resources and conserving energy. It uses DOW’s unique ECOLIBRIUM bio-based plasticizer for the sustainability of the environment. This unique green technology is found only in Sheer Weave fabrics. Thus they are environmental friendly and safe to use in the office and homes, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by 40%.The Sheer weave styles are phthalate free and lead-free. The Green guard certificate guarantees the low emission of Vinyl organic compounds into the air indoors. The Microban Antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that stains, causes deterioration and odor. It is flame retardant. It contributes to energy savings in our homes and offices by blocking out solar heat, keeping us cool and comfortable, reducing the load 0n our A.C’s and adding to our savings. The Melanoma resistant factor protects our eyes and skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Its Trackless Technology allows it to be rolled up and lowered down smoothly unlike fabrics of fiberglass.

Our conscientious effort to save the earth and to leave the legacy of a richer life for our future generations will only be complete the more knowledgeable we grow. In my small way, I try to recycle and go green as much as possible, so as not to leave too large a Carbon footprint on poor Mother Earth. Buying those Sheer Weave Shades is my way, though in the long run, that hole in my pocket will be irrelevant.



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