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“Protect Your Homes from Sunlight with Right Choice of Window Shades “

Explore Window Shading Options:

Much like the eyes need protection from the harsh UV rays of the sun, so too do the windows of a house or any structure for that matter. As buildings evolved from the dark ages to those of the medieval era, so too did the aesthetic needs of the ordinary man. As humans got more educated and refinements in living set in, the windows of buildings got larger and larger, so much so that the facades of many commercial buildings today are made up entirely of glass!


Beautiful, yes, like being out of doors yet cocooned indoors, but wait! Windows are notorious heat reflectors, on the one hand, and heat absorbents on the other. High-performance windows lose ten times the amount of heat an adjacent wall of equal dimensions during winter and absorb ten times the heat as a wall of the same dimensions in summer. Think about it! Over and above this fact, imagine the amount of heat windows reflect to their surroundings, and the consequent repercussion of overheated exteriors, in addition to the heat belching exhausts and heated tarmacs – now, this is global warming for you. Entirely man-made – thoughtless, don’t you think? Cities of glass towers, exemplified by New York, Tokyo, and Dubai, heating up the earth to unsustainable proportions!

Considerations for the Different Seasons

Implementing passive solar design for buildings to utilize the sun’s energy to heat and cool interiors spaces, taking advantage of the natural energy characteristics of materials and air by their exposure to the sun makes for common sense. It’s a simple common sense system that makes use of few movable parts, uses little or no mechanical systems and maintenance. Operable windows (windows that can be opened), thermal mass that prevents rapid temperature fluctuations (masonry and water that can store heat for an extended time), and thermal chimneys (create or reinforce the effect hot air rising to induce air movement for cooling purposes) are inherent elements of the passive design that results in low energy costs.

Window Decor Options

In the northern hemisphere, in order to face the sun and obtain maximum solar gain, the passive solar design dictates that the windows would face south in winter; in summer, this system relies on overhangs to keep cool during summer – most of the literature on passive solar design addresses heating concerns, it would seem to pertain mostly to the requirements of the northern hemisphere. This system typically reduces heating and cooling requirements by 85%, according to the Green Passive Solar Magazine.

Passive Solar Building Orientation:

Because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the side of the building that is utilise for solar gain needs to be facing the south to take maximum advantage of the sun’s potential energy. If the building’s axis is located in the east-west direction with its longest dimension facing the south, more of the building is situated to absorb the sun’s heat energy – Orientation/South facing Windows, Green Passive Solar Magazine.

Best choices for Winter -protection

The low-hanging winter sun shines through windows and is absorbed by the thermal mass, in addition to brightening interiors, doing away with the necessity to use electric lighting. The same windows would result in heat being lost to the outside, so in addition to using double and triple glazed windows, thick, operable window coverings would aid in insulating windows and keeping the heat inside a room. Choosing the best window coverings can be the difficult part. May be you have many options but it can be difficult to find out the right one. But don’t let that stop you from diving right in. For winter season, you can choose Graber’s Cellular Shades and Roman Shades which are ideal for large doors and windows.


Cellular Solar Shade – Cellular shades are the most flexible window coverings to keep sun out. These window coverings are also known as honeycomb shades which let you to control the amount of light you want. This design creates a cell size structure that allows to prevent heat loss during the winter season. Cellular shades don’t have any dangling cord, so this shade is safe for children and pets. These window coverings are responsible for passing the air from either entering or escaping your home, and the layer of thick cellular fabrics keep your room at an ideal temperature. Cellular shades come in an interesting collection of fabric widths, making them the perfect solution for homes with wide and large windows.

Roman Shades – Roman shades are available in many fold options including balloon, cascading, tear drop, and relaxed styles. This shade has a modern window cover look that is perfect for your room decor. They save your energy bills by adjusting the temperature with the environment. Light-filtering or room-darkening fabric shades control the light and bring privacy in every room. You can choose cordless lift and shade motorization options which allow you to set an ideal view. These shades are safe for your home.

Best Options for Summer -Protection

With the sun reigning high in the sky during summer, raising temperatures. In addition to using its thermal mass to keep a building cool, the sun is also prevented from reaching the thermal mass by employing overhangs and sensible window coverings to shield the interiors, keeping it cooler than the outside temperature. For best window coverings you can choose Graber’s Roller – Solar Shades, Exterior Solar Shades or Skylight Shades to protect your home and furniture from the harmful UV rays or heat.


Roller – Solar Shades – They work as a protector against solar heat. This maintains your energy costs down during the summer months. Aside from being energy-efficient, solar window shades reduce glare produced by the sun. A solar shade diffuses the sunlight, blocks the harmful UV rays, and reduces room temperatures. You can add motorization to make your home safe and secure by creating the illusion of occupancy.You just need to connect your smartphone with the smart hub like Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Vera Plus and for voice assistant connects with the Google Home, Amazon Echo.


Exterior Solar Shade – Exterior Sun Shades are the perfect window solution for extreme sun exposures. These outdoor shades are made from high-quality sun control fabrics. Exterior solar screen sunshades reduce heat gain during the summer through windows and door, handle the temperature. It blocks up to 97% of the heat and UV rays before the sun enters through the window. The heat is absorbed by the screen and then dissipated or reflected. These exterior solar screen shades provide a clean look from the inside.So you can be sure you keep your family safe and protected.

Skylight Shades – Skylight solar shades provide an option for controlling glare, heat, unwanted sunlight, harmful UV rays. This makes your home more comfortable, decreasing both heat and glare while maintaining the view and the connection to nature and the outdoors.

A Jaw-Dropping Modern Cabin Nestled Into a Steep Hillside in British Columbia
Above is a 3,500-square-foot vacation house perched on a steep, remote site overlooking British Columbia’s Center Bay, so out of the way that all the materials had to be shipped in on the largest barge that could be rented, the house’s structural beams helicoptered in, said to be a harrowing experience. The house is cantilevered out over the landscape for unimpeded views. The exterior materials reflect the surrounding environment. Vertical, stained cedar siding, installed in a random pattern, echoes the dark bark of nearby Douglas firs, while horizontal, clear-stained red cedar siding recalls the lighter trees. The metal roof and aluminum curtain windows add a modern edge. Light streams in through the kitchen from massive, floor-to-ceiling windows that offer peaceful views of the outside foliage, while, in the master bedroom, an entirely glazed end wall frames the wildflower clearing. The bathroom was similarly designed to make the most of exterior views.

Net Zero PV Log Home

Squatting proudly on a hill with scintillating mountain views is an example of a contemporary active-passive solar house, situated in one of the coldest areas of Colorado, the icebox of the nation, the Fraser-Granby mountain valley, achieving net-zero energy use in summer. Built from locally sourced material including the ‘beetle-killed’ pine, travertine floor tile, and dumpster slate bathroom tiles, all luxuriously appointed.


Besides an open door, windows are a huge liability in cold climates, as they are the biggest source of heat loss in a building. The lack of windows on the north of the house help minimizes heat loss from the coldest part of the house, with most of the windows of the house being fixed, high-performance triple paned. The southern face of the house accommodates most of the windows with a well-planned overhang that blocks the summer sun but lets the low-hanging winter sun in deep into the house.
In addition to passive solar winter heat from the sun, there is radiant in floor heat within the two floors that comprise the main living areas. The kitchen flooring is travertine, a rock-based material that has density and thus, thermal to absorb the sun’s heat, also helping to keep the house warm in the winter.

Making Intelligent Choices:

The first, though extremely gratifying aesthetically, has not been given due consideration to modern requirements of energy conservation. Apart from the state of the art equipment used in the home, no mention had been made of anything sustainable, and no consideration has been made for window coverings to retain warmth indoors.

The second structure is a study in the combination of design and material that complements a home’s energy efficiency. Thick drapes and insulated shades are used on all the windows of the house.e.
To be able to conserve energy, let’s be clear that windows of a home need to be covered, and in more densely populated areas, for privacy as well.

Double Cellular Shades from Graber, Crown and Norman are excellent examples of energy efficient window coverings – in fact, the most energy efficient window treatments available. Their cells form pockets of air that provides thermal and acoustic insulation. Any other window covering must be layered for insulation, whether you decide on Roman shades, Artisan Drapes, Blinds, or even Solar Shades – a variety of backings are available to combat heat loss and gain, condensation, and for sound proofing. Use intelligent choices to insulate your homes – log on to to explore options. Break a leg!

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