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Pros of Using Cornices and Valances On Your Windows

Pros of Cornices and Valances

Cornices and Valances

If your rooms are in need of some spiffing up, then you need to go for these window styled treatments. They don’t just offer privacy options. They add some glamor and style to your interiors. When you enter your favorite living spaces, they should exude some liveliness. If they appear bland and boring then something’s wrong. So, a method to ward off those blah looking spaces is to spice it up with some gorgeous valances and stylish cornices. You can go one step further by pairing them up with conventional drapes or blinds. Before you decide to make the purchase, let’s take a closer look at what each window treatment is all about.

What are Cornices?

In the olden days, cornices could be found at the outside building ledges and homes or in the corner decorative moldings of structures. Now in modern times, they have become an important element that can be mounted on top of your window. In the world of cornices alone, two types exist – hard and soft. The softer ones have a box structure and are covered in fabric that hangs down. The selection of colors, designs, patterns, textures, and styles are extensive. The other type of cornice is hard. Hard cornices are just the opposite. There is no fabric to them. Instead, they are composed of faux wood or wood-based materials. These cornices can be personalized to suit the taste of your room.

Why Should You Go For Cornices?

Makes rooms appear larger: One effect that this type of window cover has – it draws the eyes upwards, thereby making the room appear larger than it is. So, for small spaces, this is an ideal attachment to have over your window.
Blending Design: Before adding a cornice, you have to think about its purpose. Do you want it to blend with the rest of the furnishings? Or do you want it to stand out? If you need it to blend then you’re in luck as these interior shadings do just that – they blend. No matter the color scheme of your interiors, you can easily find a cornice of the same color family.
Hides Hardware: Ugly looking window mechanisms, while an integral part of the functioning of your window treatment, disturb your room’s overall style. What is the solution? How do you hide those ugly but essential things? Simple. Use cornices. These beautiful inventions provide a balance between the various components of your interior design.
Adds Character: Cornices add a touch of character to any space wherever it is installed. With each unique texture, it creates a distinct ambiance. For instance, wallpaper, upholstered, painted finish or polished wood – all these treatments can transform the way a room looks. They can match your lifestyle and home well.
Wooden Cornices

What is a Fabric Window Valance?

That type of window attachment that takes over the topmost section of a window is known as a fabric window valance. Once upon a time during the Victorian ages, valances were used in many homes. Today’s times, they can be viewed as swags when they are in bunting or draping form. People often choose this kind of treatment to hide their window hardware. You can hang them by themselves or combine them with curtains or blinds.
Fabric Window Valances

A Vast Variety of Fabric Valances

If cornices are not your style then feast your eyes on valances as they are not a bad option either. A valance is a fabric-based window covering that makes the window hardware invisible and adds a hint of softness to the window frame. They come in fabric slips that can be attached to the curtain rail with the help of rod pockets or ring clips. Check out these benefits for using valances in your home.
Energy-Saving Benefit: Valances have that knack of providing you with comfort and convenience when it comes to incoming sunlight. In hotter months they keep the sun away and help keep your room cool. And if the temperature is cold, you can let the sun in the room for warmth. This window covering helps in cutting down on your electricity bills.
Beauty and Design: They can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary one. Change a regular room into an extravagant one. You can customize your interiors according to your tastes. With the help of a valance, you can create a beautifully designed place to call your own.
Styles: For an elegant and classy look, you can tie these valances back. There are multiple color tones, schemes, and designs available for you to choose. In terms of length, they can come in a short format right over the window top. You can also get them customized. For example, if you want to spruce up your child’s bedroom, match the valance fabrics with the overall theme of the room.
Affordable: In comparison to other window treatments, window valances are inexpensive. They are also cheaper than draperies.
Easy to Clean: These window treatments are straightforward to clean and maintain. They can be cleaned in the washing machine. You can also dust them or wipe these valances with a wet cloth.
Valances for Windows

Coming to the Cornice/Valance Conclusion

If the thought of revamping your windows has crossed your mind, then a cornice or a valance will do the trick. After the installation, you will notice your room has a bit of flair and character to it. That is the beauty of these window treatments. Blend your drapes with cornices or utilize the style of a well-designed valance, your décor will have the finishing touches it truly deserves. You can also opt for customized fabric-based window cornices and valances for your home. They bring together all the elements of your décor in a neat tiny bow. You need not worry about your guests viewing your ugly window hardware. You can still enjoy the view from the window as these window dressings don’t obstruct your view. Ideal for layering, they add oomph to your spaces. There are so many fabric styles, designs, and patterns to choose from. Each one of them can match the existing style of your interior décor.