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Pros and Cons of Retractable Skylight Blinds

Retractable Skylight Blinds

Pros and Cons of Retractable Skylight Blinds

Skylight blinds have always been a favorite while dressing up the windows at home. With the wide world of popular window treatments zeroing in on a comfortable choice is not really a challenge. Dizzying patterns, sizzling designs and a hoard of materials and textures options make skylight blinds this an interesting project. While skylight blinds are a popular and convenient way to keep heat out, they work equally hard at retaining heat during the winters.

Skylight blinds are traditionally a challenge to operate post are always a challenge post-installation. So we bring you some easy to use retractable skylight blinds that are easy to use and maintain. Take a look at the brand Graber, who bring you Graber, a well known leading brand in window treatments. Graber has stood the test of time for hallmark and innovative products with a limited lifetime warranty on all their products. Some of their products are well suited for skylight windows, where you want to make sure you do it right where you don’t want to keep investing regularly. There are two types of retractable skylight blinds; Manual and Motorized.

Retractable Skylight Blinds – Features

Manual pullback skylight blinds – Manual operated blinds have a simple operation that is handled manually to open or close

Motorized pullback skylight blinds – These use a motor to open or close and can be operated with the help of a small remote from the comfort of your chair.

Some of the products from the Graber stable that are best suited for your skylight windows are;

Aluminum Skylight Blinds

Aluminum Skylight blinds – High-grade aluminum blinds in latest styles and attractive colors are best suited for any kind of decor. They easily adapt to your existing furnishing and add a dash of rich color. Durable and practical these blinds are a great asset to any home. With multiple benefits like low maintenance, ease of operation and budget-friendly these blinds can be customized to any slanting or high window.

Cellular Skylight Shades

Cellular Skylight blinds – The unique honeycomb structure of cellular shades makes them an ideal choice for skylight windows. Ideal for any season, these blinds are a great benefit to your home as they protect you from the outside temperatures. These blinds protect your indoors from sun, heat, noise, cold, dust and UV rays. They are the best heat insulators today as they have a high R-value, making them ideal for skylight windows. They are also available as motorized skylight shades.

Pros and Cons of Skylight Blinds

Retractable skylight blinds are gaining popularity worldwide because of their flexibility and versatility. They are normally used as a shield against UV rays and protect your furnishings, carpets, paints and more. These blinds impart beauty and are very practical but also come with their share of benefits and concern areas. Here are some of them;


  • More flexible than the fixed ones
  • Cheaper and easy to install than the fixed ones
  • Can be opened or closed depending on the weather
  • Come in two lift types; Manual or motorized
  • Are a great source in reducing AC charges as the blinds ensure natural cooling
  • The lack of cords ensure safety for kids, pets, and elders at home
  • Are weather coated


  • Cheaper than their fixed counterparts
  • Choose options like Graber shutters or composite blinds for a cheaper solution
  • The manual option will become a challenge during power shortages
  • Choose branded motorized lift type for a long-term ease of use that can tend to get a little expensive
  • Depending on your choice of material the insulation feature will be useful
  • If not cleaned properly these skylight blinds are prone to mildew and moss growth that can lead to health issues
  • Slightly expensive on the pockets

So choose wisely when doing up your skylight blinds. Investing in leading brands will ensure a lifetime of beneficial products. Retractable skylight blinds mean that you can open or close it depending on your needs. Enjoy the beautiful sun in winters by keeping it open and relax in your special room by closing the blinds in summer.

Talk to our experts today for a detailed conversation or to just match your ideas with ours. We will be happy to provide you with a No-obligation estimate. Our constant discounts and offers will ensure you get the product of your choice in the allocated budget. So what are you waiting, call us. We will be happy to hear from you.

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