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The Pros and Cons of Wooden Window Coverings

Wooden Window Coverings

Finding the correct window coverings for your room has become a very difficult job to do. With so many options available and with so many materials and styles to choose from, it gets difficult to find the window shadings that will perfectly suit your requirements. They are not only an important addition for their aesthetics but also because of the comfort it brings to the room. In the world of interior decorations, blinds and shades can safely be considered as one of the most significant additions to your home because of the value it brings to your personal space. Therefore, it becomes important to make an informed choice and to know about the benefits and demerits of a product that you might be considering buying.

The trend of wooden blinds has caught on quickly in the present day and you may be thinking of making a purchase. There are many reasons for this sudden surge in demand for wooden window treatments. Wooden interior decorations, in general, add more structure and appeal to a room. They are more aesthetic and give a more luxurious finish to your room. However, like any other product, they also have some shortcomings. To have a fully satisfactory shopping experience, it is good to know your product and then match it with your requirements and see if it suits them. So, before you actually make a purchase, here is a brief look at the pros and cons of these window treatments.

The Benefits of Installing Wooden Blinds and Shades:

1. The appearance is richer than any other window covering
This goes without saying that wooden shades have a more regal finish than any other. They add the needed oomph and glamour to your room and make them look luxurious. They are also available in a wide range of styles and patterns which make versatile. They can be perfect for your living rooms. Wooden window shadings have a naturally grainy texture that complements your other furniture very well and goes with almost all the wallpapers and wall paints. They are the perfect choice for any home because of such wide acceptability. They have a natural appeal which makes them blend very well with everything that you pair them up with and they add something more to the room. This is what makes them a very popular choice for living rooms and personal offices because window coverings largely define the persona of the room and the wooden ones set the correct tone for it.
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2. They are durable
Wooden, being a very good insulator and a very durable natural product is bound to act as a very durable window covering too. They last long, and can maintain their luster for a long period of time. These wooden coverings are not only durable themselves but add to the durability of other products in your house. They block light very efficiently and hence protect your other interior decorations from fading and they are not subjected to the harsh sunlight and the harmful UV rays.
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3. They have a higher R-value
The R-value of window coverings is a scale that ranks the insulation that a given window covering provides. Wood is a natural insulator, hence the wooden coverings are more efficient and help us in conserving more energy. This reduces the pressure on the temperature regulating devices we use at our homes and cuts down on the electricity or other energy consumption. In this way, these window shades are beneficial to the environment too.

4. They are very safe for use too
Because of the nature of the wood, there are very low chances of cuts and other hazards that come with handling hard wooden coverings. Their natural materials do not off gas like PVC or plastic materials when subjected to heat.
These benefits may prompt you to buy these wooden coverings for sure, but every product has its fair share of demerits and no product is for everyone.
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It is good to keep in mind the demerits of a product to make the correct choice and compare its features to your own requirements. Here is a laydown of the cons of using wooden window blinds:

1. They are expensive
Wooden shadings are not as economical as other blinds and shades and require some extra expenditure if you want to find a good quality product that will deliver on all the advantages of using these coverings. There are many alternatives to these wooden blinds also available such as faux wood blinds and those made from inferior quality of wood, but they don’t serve the same purposes as a good wooden blind would. So, before you make a heavy expenditure make sure that you buy it from a trusted seller and that the product you are buying is worth the purchase and your requirements. Also, with a large number of other products that are now available in the market and some really cheap ones too such as plastic and nylon blinds, many people see the money that is being spent of on these expensive blinds as worthless.

2. They don’t function well in high humidity areas
Wooden shades are a bad choice for high humidity areas and also for places like your bathroom. Wood tends to expand when it comes in continuous contact with water and can swell and even rot due to prolonged exposure. So, if you live in areas that receive a lot of rainfall and have high humidity, these wooden blinds may not be the best choice for you. They are also not a good choice for your washroom and kitchen due the humidity levels in these rooms tends to be higher than in the rest of the house. If installed in the kitchen, the chances of it catching fire also increase and so does the chances of a layer of dirty film forming on it. Wood expands and contracts when it comes in contact with water which may lead to it losing its form and shape and finally becoming dysfunctional.

3. They are difficult to clean
These wooden coverings are not as easy to clean as other materials, as wood forms a film of dirt on it which often turns sticky when it comes in contact with water. The only good way to clean these blinds is by cleaning it with a dry soft cloth. Because of this reason, they are not a popular choice in houses with kids. Some wood even losses its luster when washed often. As it is a natural material and is porous, some wood products need special cleaners to retain the quality of the original wood.

Given all the pros and cons it is entirely up to you to buy the product or not. A very simple way to assess whether the product is good for you or not is to see what your requirements are and then equate it with the pros and cons of the products. If the cons don’t affect you much, there is no problem in going forward with the product. Also, always keep in mind that all products have some shortcoming or the other and it is actually very difficult to find something that will suit your needs perfectly. You will have to optimize your chances and go with the one where the benefits are maximized.