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Pros and Cons of Vertical Blinds Vs Horizontal Blinds

Pros and Cons of Vertical Blinds vs Horizontal Blinds

Selecting a window treatment for your room is no child’s play. It can be a complicated endeavor if you are trying to fit a lot of functionalities that you need with that perfect look that you had wanted to create for your room.

There are several things you might want to keep in mind before you make a selection.

The look of the room is probably what will come to your mind first when you decide which window coverings to select. Aesthetics has to be taken into consideration while deciding if your blind goes into the recess or out of it. It will also decide the texture, color, print, or material that you want for it. You might want to stop and think how much effect your selection will have on the curb appeal of your house.
Luckily for you, the world of window treatments is buzzing with innovative and highly attractive window treatments. It will not be difficult to find something that exactly matches what you had in your mind for your room.

Light is a crucial aspect that should be taken into consideration when shopping for blinds and shades. If you go for blinds, they come with an astonishing array of light-control functionalities. A room-darkening blind would be a priority for bedroom and living rooms, whereas a transparent blind is a must-have for conservatories and sunrooms.

Noise Control
Increasing noise level is a concern for most home-dwellers. Noise generated from traffic, noisy house-parties, construction work, and much more is a common companion of modern life. Some window treatments can provide heightened protection against outside noise, making your interiors calm and peaceful.

Safety is paramount when you have children or pets, or both. Blind cords are the favorite chewing toy for cats and dogs. For little children under three, loose cords can pose a serious choking hazard. This is the reason why many households are going for cord-less or remote-control blinds and shades to keep their tiny occupants safe.

Insulation is another key factor that needs consideration. Do you want your window treatments to double as an extra insulating layer? Window coverings that provide adequate insulation, will have a visible effect on your energy bills.
Temperature Control
Although temperature control goes hand in hand with insulation, some window shades and blinds come with added features that aid in temperature control by preventing heat-transfer. This way you can keep your room hot in the winter and cool in the summer.
Horizontal Wood Blinds

Horizontal Blinds Vs Vertical Blinds

If you have narrowed down your choice between horizontal and vertical blinds then half of the task is done. Now let us consider some pros and cons of selecting either one of them.

Vertical blinds stand perpendicular to the floor, with each slat running parallel and weighed down by weights. When they open, the slats stand stacked along each other, either on one side, or on both sides.
A horizontal blind fall downward to open and moves up to close. A huge variation of horizontal blinds is available in the market. They are mostly operated by cords and wands.

The Right Fit
The shape and size of your door or window will be an important factor guiding your choice. If you are looking to dress a large window or double-sliding door that opens on one side, Vertical Blinds are a good choice. However, if your window or door is narrow and small, horizontal blinds will provide a neater fit.

Do you have enough space? Vertical blinds have bigger slats which inevitably take up more space than horizontal blinds. Also, as they glide along the floor, any obstruction around the operation path is not allowed. So, if you wish to use your window sill to place items for display, a vertical blind might not be the choice for you. However, they do make the room look taller, adding an illusion of height to any space they cover.
Horizontal blinds are highly adaptable. They can be custom made to fit into different sizes and shapes.

Flow of Light
Vertical blinds allow in plenty of sunlight. When open, they provide unobstructed view of the outside, letting in copious amount of light. When closed, the slats can be positioned according to your preference, to let in just the right amount of light.

Horizontal blinds too, provide a lot of light control features. They can be modified to create total darkness, or partially lighted room, or can be opened to flood the room with sunlight. You can also combine one or more of these features in the same blind. In this aspect, horizontal blinds probably offer more option.
Large Vertical Blinds
For some, privacy is the most important factor when it comes to selecting a window treatment. Vertical blinds, offer excellent privacy, without getting in the way of the view. Horizontal blinds, especially those made or transparent material, also offer good privacy, without hampering the view. If you wish to get a good view, without compromising on your privacy, go for vertical blinds.

Other Functionalities
If you need to add noise-cancellation, heat-resistance, heightened insulation, room-darkening features, horizontal blinds would definitely allow you more leeway to do that. Vertical blinds do come with heat-reflective and room-darkening features, but the range offered is much less that that available in horizontal blinds.

Is ease of maintenance at the top of your priority list? Maintenance does not come to mind when you are out shopping for window treatments, but in the long run, it has an impact on your daily routine.

Vertical blinds are famously easy to maintain. Owing to their design, the vertical slats gather very little dust. Even when they do, a quick sweep with the upholstery attachment of the vacuum cleaner is all you need.

Horizontal blinds and shades require more thorough intervention. Horizontal blinds gather more dust and need to be cleaned carefully to prevent damage. Some shades also require a hand wash. So, if you consider easy maintenance, the vertical blind should be your choice.

Weigh in your options carefully and let your heart make the choice.