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Pros and Cons of Solar Shades

Pros and Cons of Solar Shades

What Are Solar Shades?

When you are talking about motorized outdoor shades, woven polyester materials come to mind. Because they act as a barrier against UV radiation present in sunlight, these shades protect your home and indoor furnishings from glare. More than that, they also provide your family with lots of privacy and at the same time, offer a beautiful view of the outdoors. There are options for you to consider, but that will depend on your daily needs. What is your highest priority? Filtering of incoming natural light? UV protection? Privacy or glare reduction? You decide. Most importantly, their functionality is dependent on one major factor – their openness factor.
Solar Shades

What Exactly Do You Mean By Openness Factor?

The openness factor is all about the woven fabric on the shade itself and how tightly woven it is. The range is between zero to twenty-five percent. That means if a window shade has an openness factor of zero percent, then there are no spaces inside the fabric weaves of the fabric. So no light can pass through it. If a window shade has an openness factor of say five percent, then that means five percent of the shade is open. It might not sound like much, but even a small percentage can allow you to see through and let in some light. Such a window shade can reduce incoming UV rays as well as allow you to watch the beautiful outdoor scenery. This openness factor comes in based on your needs and how much incoming natural light you want in your interior spaces.

The Pros
After learning about the openness factor of solar window fabrics, let us get down to the pros and cons of its usage in the home. We will start with the advantages. This type of window treatment has significant benefits. They are as follows:

Keeps Heat Out in the Summer: With these shadings installed in your home, say goodbye to extreme incoming heat and glare from the sun. These shades help reduce heat in your home and prevent bright light from entering your interiors. As a result, the indoor environment remains cool and comfortable.

Available in a Wide Variety of Designs: There are many styles, colors, designs, and patterns for you to choose from. They can spruce up the décor of any living space.

Prevents Ill Effects of Ultraviolet Rays: Solar window coverings can block harsh sunlight and UV rays from coming into your living areas. Diseases like melanoma, skin cancer, and others can result from high exposure to sun radiation and can be prevented.

Protects Furniture and Other Equipment: Your furniture, flooring, and carpeting when exposed to harsh sunlight and extreme heat can lose its quality and luster. Your expensive indoor furnishings can fade away and lose its charm. Reduce the effects of the sun’s rays by installing solar shades. They are beneficial in glare reduction, protection against UV radiation, and fade prevention. Install these shades to increase the lifespan of your interior décor pieces.

Provides Clear View of the Outside: Solar fabric-based shadings allow you the view of the great outdoors. The view provided ranges from the percentage of openness that you choose. A higher percentage means that the shade will be easier to see through and let more light in.

Anti-glare properties: It doesn’t matter where your house is located. These shades can do wonders in terms of bringing you comfort and convenience. They help reduce incoming glare from the sun. They give respite to your eyes, which would have been irritated from the glare. Not to mention brought a lot of discomfort to your vision. With an incoming glare, it is challenging to use technological devices like computers, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Even pleasurable things like watching TV can be uncomfortable and painful. Install solar shadings to have a pleasurable watching experience.

Conserve Energy: There is a reduced requirement for your air cooling equipment and units — the reason being that these shadings can reduce incoming heat and sun glare. As a result, there is less of a need for air conditioning. Therefore, your cooling systems can be relieved of the electrical load. The overall indoor temperature is maintained. It is eco-friendly as the emissions released from such cooling systems are reduced.
Smart Z-Wave Solar Shades
The Cons
Not everything is perfect. Even solar shadings have weaknesses. They are effective in filtering out harmful UV rays. However, these window treatments don’t have the qualities of blackout shades. Hence these shades should not be considered as such. You can expect privacy during the daytime, but when the lights are on at night time, people can see the interiors of the house. Due to the fabric used for these window dressings, it appears darker from the outside viewpoint. Another weakness is the level of flexibility. You cannot expect light control of the incoming natural sunlight. The only thing you can do is adjust the bottom or the top part can be pulled down.

The Sun is Always Shining

We hope that by reading about the pros mentioned above and the cons of solar shadings, you can make an informed decision about installing such shades in your home. Whatever you decide, these window treatments can be an excellent addition to your home. Depending on your needs, these solar window coverings can spruce up your home décor and at the same time, ensure that you stay healthy. You can look forward to sunny days once again!

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