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Smart Privacy Blinds Secure Your Homes With Confidence

Privacy Blinds - Smart Blinds


Privacy Blinds Secure Your Homes with Confidence

We love to entertain people, showing them around our carefully planned homes, our gorgeous kitchen, a comfy living room, and let’s not forget the bathroom: an underrated yet vital part of any home. But let’s say that’s done, and the guests have gone home. Now, all we want is just to relax, so we shut those windows and pull those drapes. In an ideal world, this would be a great deterrent against anyone looking to sneak a peek. But this isn’t an ideal world, is it? The drapes aren’t stable, the closed windows keep the air out, and our favorite room starts turning into a dark, hot, and musty monstrosity.

So of course, there are specific window coverings designed to make sure we get our privacy without having to give up natural light and temperature control. Specialized privacy shades usually allow some light to pass through, so our home stays lighter while still making sure we control who peeks into our homes. However, if we want to keep our homes cool while also keeping them private, there are other options.

Privacy Blinds – Keeping Cool and Private

  • Privacy blinds are specially designed for optimal light and temperature control. With the slats positioned closely, privacy blinds will block the light and prevent any views into your home.
  • Shades are also a decent option for privacy, especially blackout blinds which block out all light for those of us who would very much enjoy a relaxing nap in the dark during a hot day. But as mentioned before, shades can be designed to allow some light through. With light filtering fabrics, you can still have natural light while providing privacy, making them a versatile option.
  • Another shade to consider would be bamboo shades, given that the material itself offers many smaller gaps. The gaps we see in bamboo shades work towards their advantage, allowing for a much more natural method of light filtration. And while light can pass through the gaps, there’s little chance anyone can peek through them.


Vertical Blinds


Vertical Blinds


  • Vertical blinds also offer a significant amount of privacy, and they also look snazzy while doing it too. Vertical blinds are much more useful when used with glass doors or sliders. While they don’t offer complete light control (unless they’re blackout blinds), they definitely make great privacy blinds when closed. With translucent vertical blinds, we get our privacy without losing too much light.


Z- Wave Motor for Blinds


Z wave Motor for Blinds


  • Another tip to privacy blinds would be to install privacy blinds in our homes. These blinds can be timed to open and close based on our daily routine, and with the new Z wave motor for blinds: privacy blinds can be customized to our whim with little effort.


Skylight Shades


Automatic Skylight Shades


  • Skylight shades aren’t something one thinks of when they consider privacy, but electric skylight shades help compensate for the little to no lighting that blackout window shades provide, acting as the ideal offset to blackout blinds for privacy. Electric skylight shades can also be customized to be like the privacy blinds, letting in the ideal lighting for a great day. We may also consider using automatic skylight blinds for that extra convenience factor which makes sure we don’t have to worry about constantly regulating the light in our homes. Automatic skylight blinds are ideal for any home, smart or otherwise.


Custom Shutters


Custom Shutters


  • If we’re talking about privacy, we cannot leave out one of the more “solid” solutions. Shutters work wonders when they open into a garden, but if that garden has a neighbor or a street on the other side, then we can be assured the shutters are doing their job. Given their general orientation, shutters are ideal for both light control and temperature control (not so much in the winter) The slats are angled in such a way that air and heat can pass through with little problem, however actually looking through shutters is a process that is far harder than it would originally seem. Many clothing store’s changing rooms use shutters for doors mainly because of how well they can protect one’s privacy.


Cellular Shades


Z wave Cellular Shades


  • Cellular shades are more multipurpose than other privacy-oriented window coverings. Cellular shades are just that, shades. However, they come with dual layers leaving “cell-shaped” gaps in between the two materials, creating a form of insulation that can keep the heat in. And while they keep our homes nice and warm, they also keep the outside world from looking in


Roman Shades


Z wave Roman Shades


  • Roman Shades are an older style of shades, with different materials that all have one thing in common: Roman shades are a lot like blinds, except that instead of a row of slats, roman shades come with fabric that folds in on itself. The amount of light and temperature control is greatly dependent upon the material used in the fabric.


Outdoor Shades


Outdoor Window Treatments


  • Outdoor shades are one of the best ways to add some privacy to your patio while retaining the view. Their solar fabric allows you to customize the amount of light and view that comes through. Their unique material provides privacy from the lighter side to a darker side, meaning that during the day when it is bright outside, you won’t be able to see in. However at night if you have lights on, they won’t provide complete privacy, but will still reduce the view.


In Conclusion:

Blinds and other window coverings are all capable of providing privacy, the key factor is to look at what else they provide in addition to keeping our secrets. Privacy blinds are something that any smart and private home must have if we like to keep to ourselves. But if we want something fancy that also provides privacy and aesthetics, Graber woven wood blinds are a great option that looks intricate yet also allows for decent light transmission and temperature control.

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