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Privacy at Home Window Shading that Assures Peace of Mind

Window Shading that Assures Peace of Mind

We live in a world where privacy is no longer sacrosanct. Go to the mall and you see almost everyone taking selfies with the convenient selfie stick, the young and the old alike. And the pics immediately go up on Instagram or Facebook! It’s like everything that’s done today is for public edification – ‘likes’! The other day, someone announced the death of a dear friend along with the funeral pics on her Facebook page – she got a hundred and fifty likes for it! How crazy is that? Personally, I don’t have a Facebook account; call me a dinosaur or a fossil, I don’t care a hoot, but I’m glad my life and times aren’t on public display.
But there’s not a lot one can do if a neighbor decides to act foolish and stare into your yard and window. And there are always those picky ones who want to start a fight for ‘perceived’ threats to their sense of privacy. Like the neighbor who comes knocking at 9 pm when we entertain to complain that we’re making too much of noise when in effect we have only gentle music playing in the background, and of course we don’t yell at the top of our voices when we have a conversation! And all the while, the gent is trying to peer past me, wanting an eyeful of whatever or whoever is inside!




Measures to Maintain Privacy

As far as I’m concerned, the folks who behave like the aging gent are just lonely, seeking attention, but I’m not foolish enough to invite trouble – who can account for the pervs out there?! So it’s best to discourage unwanted attention by adopting a few common sense measures.
Install CCTV units at strategic points that will give you pointers if someone tries to breach your personal space
Get a dog, even if it’s not large and ferocious, and hang a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign on property gates – people think twice before walking in through a gate with a warning on it, because what if a big, ferocious fella comes bounding out of the yard to take a nip at your heels?
I have a neighbor who has frosted glass on all the bedroom windows – the deal is ‘better be safe than sorry’.
Don’t get too familiar with neighbors – if you don’t go popping in for regular visits, they won’t too, and will keep an acceptable distance. In our old neighborhood, there was no one I really cared about, so it was just a smile or nod as we passed each other by. It’s so much nicer to have friendly neighbors who know the boundaries!




Shade your pool areas, patios, windows and glass doors from prying eyes –

Exterior Solar Shades from Graber and Crown

Using exterior shades is an excellent way to ensure daytime privacy, especially light colored fabrics, in addition to cutting down on the adverse effects of the ferocious sun. They can also be used to harness sunlight on a cold day. The amount of light and the view one gets through these shades depends on the percentage of the openness factor of the fabric – the higher the percentage, the more the light and the view. The color too does play an equal role in the shades’ effectiveness – the darker the color, the better the view and the less the brightness within its confines, and the opposite with light colored shades. The unfortunate thing about these shades is that they provide little or no privacy at night with bright lights shining through windows, so interior windows must be covered with additional shading.



Privacy Blinds from Graber

Traditionally, blinds were made with route holes that allowed cords to pass through, but this invariably resulted in light shining through them, causing irritation and pinpricks of glare when the vanes were turned closed. Another problem the route holes caused was that it allowed a fairly clear view of the interiors to those who chose to look in, many times a precursor to thefts and unwanted attention, especially at night. This was somewhat taken care of with cloth tapes that also provided additional styling to the blinds, but this wasn’t a sure-fire solution. Manufacturers then came up with routeless blinds with cord grooves at the back of the vanes to hold them together.



Blackout-Cellular-Shades -



Norman’s SmartPrivacy Blinds also boasts a superior slat tightness when closed, for sleek elegance and enhanced privacy.



Privacy with Blackout Cellular Shades

Blackout Cellular Shades from Graber and Comfortex offer the best solution for privacy when fully deployed over a window. With Mylar coating the interior of the cells, there’s no way any light can pass through the shades, either during the day or night. To deal with the halo effect of inside mounted shades, side rails are provided to nullify any light seepage around the edges of the shades. This feature also ensures the most peaceful sleep at any time of the day or night. These shades can be used on expansive windows with specialty requirements as well.




Shutters from Graber and Norman

Shutters too are a fabulous option for privacy, the vanes o which can be tilted upwards to block a view inside, with a tight closure when snapped shut that offers absolutely no sight of the indoors, their hinged or snap on frames ensuring that no one can look past any are of a window or glass doors.




Privacy Liners

Those who opt for light filtering shading or drapes can decide on optional privacy liners if required, for additional privacy.
With the numerous offerings from shade manufacturers, privacy need not be a concern any longer. Research your options and choose wisely to protect against unwarranted attention.




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