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Premade Solar Screens Protect You from The Harsh Sun

Premade Solar Screens Protect You From Harsh Sun

Window and door treatment products are a common sighting in our households. All kinds of window coverings ranging from blinds to shades, shutters to curtains, have been an indispensable part of the interiors inside our homes. These window treatments keep the temperature comfortable inside the house while filtering the light entering the house to make sure there is no glare that affects visibility inside the room. These also block the UV rays which can ruin the furniture inside the house. Lower energy bills are another added perk of solar screens and other drapery which may get you excited.

We put in a lot of thought when deciding the look and feel of the interiors in our homes. The choice of furniture to the placement of objects, picking your favorite showpieces to the location of paintings and every other minuscule detail, takes a lot of thinking and effort. Selection of the right kind of solar screens and other window treatments should be undertaken just as diligently. These solar screens can make or break the décor of your home so you need to get the ones that go well with your interiors. Besides, solar screens come in a variety of styles, each with features suited to specific needs. Blackout solar shades block out more light which is great for privacy. Light-filtering screens are great if you don’t want the view of the outside getting blocked while these reduce the glare inside the house.
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Benefits of Premade Solar Screens

Solar screens are available in both prefabricated variants and also highly customizable options which can be great if executed well. Both of these variants have benefits of their own but premade solar screens are better options if you are not that knowledgeable of or committed to specific solar screen customizations. Solar shades have many distinct advantages which make them a preferred choice. Let’s look at them in greater detail:

• Protection from the outside heat: While both the premade and customized solar screens provide good insulation, custom sunscreens protect you from the harsh sun a bit better thanks to engineered fabric linings which are particularly suited to this purpose. Window treatment manufacturers invest a lot in futuristic and efficient technologies which can help improve the functionality of the solar screens. Better insulating linings are one such innovation. You may not always be able to buy similar lining material separately which is just as effective too.

• Manufacturer’s warranty: If you are into DIY projects, solar screens, etc. installed inside your house, you won’t have the backup of a warranty when compared to buying ready-made or custom manufactured blind. Delicate components like the fabric lining etc. are also covered for some duration by these brand warranties.

• Better finish: While some custom solar screen experts can provide a finish that is well-rounded and polished but in general, brand manufacturers employ expert technicians and workers who have cutting edge technology and modern machinery at their disposal. The finish that this combination can provide in terms of the final product is of very high quality. Manufacturing defects, if any are covered under brand warranties anyways. Thus, the premade solar shades ensure greater value upon investment.

• More price options: Since the brand manufacturers produce such shades in bulk quantities, they can not only offer them at a competitive price but can also provide you with more variety and custom options.

• Ease of access: Not all people are experts in custom solutions, some people don’t even want to go through the hassle of getting the customizations done. Customization needs clarity of preference, more know-how of the options available and some skill to execute it well. Readymade solar screens make the work a lot easier. All you need to do is to look for the premade option that meets all your requirements and the rest is easy.
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Demerits of Premade Options

It is not as if everything is rosy as far as premade solar shades are concerned. These have a fair share of their own disadvantages too. We can start with the lack of flexibility to some extent. If you are lucky, you get solar screens, blinds or other window coverings which are exactly as you want them to be. Otherwise, you are stuck with the options that the brand manufacturers are providing you. Custom solutions provide more flexibility to pick the components as per your liking. From the choice of color to the sturdiness of the mounting mechanism, from the choice of lining material to the operational mechanism, etc. you can have the final say.

Custom solutions are designed according to the windows or the doors these are going to be installed upon. Hence, you can expect them to fit in more perfectly. This is particularly helpful if you have oddly-shaped windows or windows with limited space around them. Premade options do not provide as much personalization as the custom solar screens can deliver.

However, there is a catch. Customization is great if you can execute it well. You need to know exactly what you want as only then can you make decisions regarding various aspects of the customizations that need to be done. If you don’t feel confident enough, going with the premade alternatives is always better. You can look at the final product and take a call. Some brands also provide you with samples that you can test at home to find out if they will work for the interiors of your house. Premade options are thus, a safer option. Also, these premade solar screens don’t lack in features in any which way, thanks to the high level of competitiveness and investment in futuristic innovations. You can go ahead with the option you like better without a worry.

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