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8 Ways Motorized Shades Can Make Your Life Easier

Motorized Window Shades

8 Ways Powered Window Treatments Can Make Your Life Easier

The world is changing around us steadily, and scientists and innovators all around the globe are coming up with new ways to leverage technology for giving us simpler ways to do our everyday tasks, be them minute or comprehensive. One of the technological revolutions that hit us in the latter part of the 20th century was wireless communication.

This technology has both its advantages and disadvantages, but there’s no denying that it has broken geographical boundaries in giving us a better standard of living, or even just made things more convenient around the house. Wireless technology enjoys a well-protected and secure network with the latest encryption technology. All you need are stronger passwords and proper installation of up-to-date hardware and software security.

Wireless technology also offers the key benefit of mobility. The fact that you operate any device or access the internet from anywhere in the world is proof enough that it is working wonders for anyone using it. The experience is inclusive, interactive and user-friendly.

Motorized Shades: Features & Benefits

Powered Window Treatments

A classic example of motorized technology has found its way into the way you dress up your windows and operate those shades and blinds. Earlier we had cords for control, where the level of traditional drapery that we installed beside windows and doors had to be either operated by hand or through cords. The dangling loops often made things inconvenient, even if they had been the go-to solution for their time. Over the years, we realized they could break or dysfunction if not cared for properly, and with time, the world of window treatments underwent a technological shift, allowing us to operate these shades with remotes.

These are the current times we are living in. But with technology upgrading by the day, now even remotes are being replaced with the Z-Wave hub, in which you could use your voice to give commands and instructions to a Google Home or Amazon Alexa device to open, close or adjust your window shadings.

Irrespective of the size, dimensions or the texture, all cheap motorized shades come with the following features. Let us look at the eight ways in which they can make your lives easier.

1) Simple in Use

Motorized Window Treatments

The rule of technology is clear: to simplify any task. If you make things easier through any product, service or feature, people will pay money to get it. This is why motorized shades and blinds have suddenly surged in popularity across the globe. A lot of shades being sold online or in physical stores come with remote controls, sensors, keypads, and timers and offer their own apps for use through tablets and smartphones.

2) Compatibility with Security Systems

It is highly essential that modern shades that are being operated are replete with advanced technologies that are compatible with systems used in the home for security, lighting, and climate. This is where motorized shades come into the picture, which will allow for easier adjustments with the other stuff.

3) Easy Installation

Most motorized shades and blinds can be set up easily without the assistance of a professional. Feel free to call your manufacturer from time to time if you aren’t sure about operating the product.

4) Stylish

When you have the remote or a smartphone to do the job for you, why put a break in your conversation with a guest when you can adjust the blinds in your entire house with the press of a button? Besides, motorized shades are extremely elegant to look at with their uncluttered appearance without having an ugly cord dangling by their side. This also makes enough space in front of them that can be used to keep furniture or any other items.

5) Energy Conserving

They’re effective after all, and whether you’re going for light filtering motorized shades or room darkening ones, sheer ones or sound absorbing ones, they serve well to save energy and your electricity costs. When shades are drawn on a hot day, they reduce the need to switch on an air conditioner. And when you have light diffusing through them on a pleasant day, who needs to switch on lights before the evening arrives?

6)  Added Security

You can schedule your timers without having to be awake or home all day. When they continue to adjust themselves throughout the night, or even when the home is not occupied, any potential intruders will get an impression that the home is occupied at all times.

7) Variety of Fabrics and Styles

Yes, there’s no dearth of fabrics or varieties in motorized window treatments. The competition among major players in the market has ensured there are even newer categories introduced. Now we have double sheer window shades, double roller shades, motorized cellular shades, faux wood blinds, motorized wood blinds, aluminum blinds, and Roman shades, in addition to others that are operated automatically through the Z-Wave technology.

8) Flexible Power

The earlier models were operated by way of electrical hard-wired motors, but battery-driven units have entered the market to give you a fascinating and user-friendly option to avoid any kind of inconvenience in powering them. The ease of use through them have ensured they can be applied anywhere from buildings, condos, apartments, and offices, where installing electrical wiring can be a difficult task. If you still prefer electrical wiring or plug-in options, those are available as well.

You may also consider combining the sheers with drapes, or amalgamating blackout curtains with PVC faux wood or Roman blinds. When it comes to experimenting with different motorized window treatments in the same room or the same window, the sky is the limit. They can accommodate any kind of window dressing ideas and make them look more aesthetically appealing than any other home decor idea. Besides, who’s complaining when you have the ease of a smartphone, remote control or your voice to run things smoothly?

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