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Powered Cellular Blinds – Ultimate In Functionality and Convenience

Powered Cellular Blinds

Windows are an essential part of any home. They essentially make the space between the four walls of our homes livable. While windows help let in light and allow us to see outside, it is also important that homeowners have their privacy. It is also necessary to have control over the amount of light that enters the house. There are various kinds of window dressings available in the market that let homeowners do just that. Among the many different kinds of window treatments available, blinds are by far the most popular. This is probably because they are easy to use and maintain. The huge variety of choices available in blinds may also be the reason behind the popularity of blinds and the statistics show that it is not going to fade away any time soon.

Among the wide range of choices available in blinds, motorized cellular shades are in high demand. They work on the push of a button and can be controlled using a remote controller too. They provide the homes with the same functionality of traditional blinds but also give the bonus feature of convenience. Using the motorized cellular blinds can not only make your lives much easier but they are also an invaluable addition to the décor of the house.
Motorized Cellular Blinds

Pros of Using Powered Cellular Blinds for Your Windows:

• Safety
When looking for new blinds for your home, safety features come first before looks and style. Most motorized cellular blinds come in a cordless design that makes sure that it is safe. The designs that have cords are unsafe especially if you have young children or pets in the house as they pose strangulation hazards. Using cordless cellular blinds gives you the peace of mind and assurance that your pets and children are safe even when they are unmonitored.

• Insulation
The cellular blinds when motorized, give an incredible control over insulation. A lot of energy is spent on insulating the house against heat and cold. Window treatments play an important part to keep the house insulated. If you use manual cellular blinds, you will have to go around and raise and drop the blinds yourself every time you feel too cold or too hot. But with powered blinds, you can just set the temperatures at which you wish the windows blinds to be open or closed. All you then have to do is sit back and enjoy their incredible convenience.

• Light control
They provide a high degree of control over the amount of light that enters the home. You can use the settings of the cellular blinds to certain times to control the opening and closing of the blinds. This way you will be able to regulate the amount of sunlight in your house at all times.

• Energy efficient
The automated control over insulation and light makes the motorized cellular blinds very energy efficient. It also lets you save a lot on energy by not having to manually control the blinds.
Cordless Cellular Shades

• Protects the décor of the house from the harsh sunlight
You can automate the opening and closing of the powered cellular blinds. This means that you can choose to keep the blinds in a semi-open position or closed position during the time of the day when the sunlight is harshest. This secured your furniture and other décor items safe from fading and aging by the sunlight.

• Security
While the motorized cellular blinds provide security in the traditional sense of the word by preventing people from peering in, it also has another way of providing security. When you are away, you can set your blinds to open and close at set times. This gives the illusion that people are at home to persons who may be watching the house with bad intentions. Along with smart lighting, the motorized blinds provide a layer of security that cannot be taken lightly.

• Helps you wake up naturally
Normally, people set alarms to help them wake up on time. But this means that you are jolted up from your sleep and this is not healthy. With motorized cellular blinds, you can just set the time and it will open up to let in sunlight. This way, you will be gently nudged by the sunlight to wake you up in the morning. It will help you be fresh and productive throughout the day.
Motorized Light Filtering Honeycomb Shades

• Increases the value of the home
If you have customized motorized cellular blinds in your home, you can be sure to instantly add value to your property. In case you are looking to sell your house in the future, potential buyers will see it as a great advantage and will also increase the chances of a sale.

• No-touch approach
There are many times in life when you just cannot leave the job at hand to go raise or lower the blinds. Imagine you are a young mother who is breastfeeding her child. You realize that the room is heating up too much and you need to lower the blinds. With traditional blinds, you would either have to bear the heat until the baby is finished or you would have to stop what you are doing to get up and lower the blinds. But with powered cellular blinds, you can have the remote controller with you and raise and lower the blinds from where ever you are.

• Many different control options
The motorized cellular blinds can be controlled in more ways than one. You can have a wall-mounted switch to control your blinds. With the wall-mounted option, you don’t have to be dependent on a remote controller that may get lost if you misplace it. Anybody in your house can control it with this option. Other options include remote control, apps on your phone and integration with your digital personal assistants like Alexa or Google assistant. When you integrate the powered cellular blinds with a digital personal assistant, you can control the blinds just by using your voice.

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