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Modern Porch Ideas to Enhance The Curb Appeal of Your Home

Porch Window Ideas

Porch Shades – Enhance The Curb Appeal of Your Home

We often take great care to set up our home’s interior decor. Our focus is often solely on the indoor of our home, be it our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, drawing rooms, and even bathrooms. After all, it is imperative to create a lasting impression on our visitors. In this quest of making our apartments swanky, we often forget the one area that makes the first BIG impression for our abode: the exteriors.

Consider the present you received. No matter how expensive a gift is, half of the impression is lost when you wrap it up in an ugly, dull packing paper. While the element of surprise is definitely there, the overall impression is still lost. Which is why creating a solid outdoor look is important in enhancing the curb appeal of your home.

In this section, we discuss some fascinating porch shades that you can employ whether you have a country house or a city apartment. These ideas allow for a better first impression to your guests and also allow you to better appreciate the outdoors.

Outdoor Porch Shades


Outdoor Porch Shades


Your porch is not just limited to being an exit or entry gateway to the house. Space can be utilized for experimenting with different ideas that can be practical as well as something that can serve as tips for budding decorators. A porch is a place to eat, to gather with friends for a drink. Let us find out a few inventive ideas that can brighten up your mood.

  • A Side Table

Imagine the things you can do with a side table on the porch. Maybe turn it into a snack or a lemonade bar. Maybe also line it up with flower pots or certain outdoor plants to give a natural look to the surroundings, something different from your normal ceramic items or wooden floorings.

  • Different Flooring

Go for something which is different from the tiles in your living room but also something which is different from the pathway leading to the gate. Maybe you can go for options in stone, porcelain or ceramic tiles. The advantage of these surfaces is they do not heat up or get dusty easily; hence you can walk barefoot in all seasons.

Exterior Plantation Shutters


Exterior Plantation Shutters


Plantation shutters are by themselves one of the best treatments you can get to give meaning and purpose to your windows, and their functionality only serves to better itself when they are displayed out in the open.

For one, shutters mounted outside the opening can conform to any size you need. Second, you get all the features associated with indoor shutters, whether they are made of wood, PVC or vinyl. Outdoor shutters play their part in lending privacy, heat and cold protection, sound absorption and light control as their indoor counterparts.

You have the liberty of choosing them in different louver sizes and color options, so do not shy away from customizing them as per your needs.

  • Eye-Catching Rollers

The shutters get their competition in the form of roller shades, and there’s practically no difference between those you plant indoors and outdoors. The difference lies in the mounts and brackets you install.

In many ways, they may be better than the indoor shades, blocking the sun before they fall on the windows, protecting your precious paintings and items placed directly facing the window. They can also be an effective shield against the irritating glare that may affect your TV viewing experience. So if you have a home theater and you are unable to fully appreciate its benefits because of the summer glare, you know what you need to purchase!

  • Installing Shutters

The idea must be self-explanatory by now. What you may do is create an additional “wall”, not to just add an extra layer of security, but to also turn your porch into an outside room. This requires creating a wall made from slats thick enough to withstand outdoor elements like temperature, rain, storms, and people. To give it a different and alluring touch, have them painted in colors other than beige and white: bright reds, shades of blues or even oranges.

  • Cooling Temperatures

The idea of sitting in your porch with your spouse or friends and sharing a drink while overlooking the garden brings an aura of calmness and tranquility. During summers, however, things can become a little dry. You can offset the scorching effect of the sun by having fans installed, circulating air as you go about chatting your buddies up!

  • Creating a Gallery

Wall-hanging art is a rarity on outdoor porches. By hanging some paintings of your choice on your exteriors may give a unique touch to your home, also offering an extension of your personality and taste in art and literature. Show off your love for posters, pop art, works of bygone great artists and the like. You are bound to create an inimitable impression on your visitors before they even set foot in your house. This is also one of the most inexpensive ways to add vitality and character to your living space.

  • Flowers and Plants

While there may be constraints on setting up your lovely indoors with snippets of nature, they may be quite a riot where you can experiment with them. Let your plants take over the look of your home, blending your outdoor spaces with nature.

  • Adding a Lounge

Maybe you can extend your indoor space into the outdoors, and have a large enough area to have a small court or light up a bonfire while ensuring there are more than a couple of sofas to make everyone feel at home. This would make your residence a party place, where people can enjoy the outdoors as much as they revel in the indoors on a particularly pleasant evening.

When you have a creative mind or hire a designer to give you suggestions, the porch can be made into so much more than merely being a landing pad to enter into or move out from your house. This is a place where you can sit, relax, party, read, or even enjoy a pleasant afternoon nap. From turning it into a haven of nature and installing a couple of window treatments to hanging wall paintings and adding furniture, the area is one of the best places to experiment with decorating ideas.

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