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Popular Window Solutions for Bedrooms, Living rooms, Kitchen and Bathrooms

Popular Window Solutions for Bedrooms Living rooms Kitchen and Bathrooms

Rooms that Make a House

Home is the sanctuary we retire to at the end of each day. It is the place where we draw our strength from, share your insecurities, celebrate our success and create a lifetime of memories. It is a haven that we create for ourselves. We cannot stress enough on the importance of home in our lives. Every house has multiple rooms, each serving specific purposes and meeting our varied needs. Just like every room has different functions to perform, the windows too need different treatments. What works well for a bedroom will not serve the purpose in a kitchen or a bathroom. To ensure that window coverings serve their purpose well, it is important to identify and recognize their needs in every room. Here is a comprehensive guide to popular window solutions for the different rooms in your house, keeping in mind the specific requirements.

Rooms & Window Treatments


Like room décor, correct window shades for bedrooms is critical for your rest and sleep. There are several things to consider. Do you want shades that will completely block out light when you sleep? Do you prefer noise reduction shades? Is temperature control an important influencing factor? Do you want outside view of the surroundings? Based on these considerations we have shortlisted a number of popular window solutions that would work well for your bedroom.

Cellular Shades: Their unique honeycomb style offers layers of insulation, preventing heat loss and also helps to cut down outside noise. The shades come in light filtering and blackout styles. This helps to control the glare and the amount of light streaming in while sleeping. They also protect nighttime privacy.

Cellular Shades for Bedroom

Roller Shades: Available in different patterns, opacities, and textures, roller shades offer room-darkening options crucial for sound sleep. UV protection and light filtering option helps to protect the room for harmful UV glare and the amount of light pouring in. While protecting privacy, these shades when ordered with solar fabrics offer a great outside view.

Roman Shades: If you are looking for a luxurious and elegant feel for your bedroom, Roman shades are perfect for you. The soft yet rich texture offers a crisp and soothing look to your room. Pull them down and you have the perfect setting for a good night’s sleep.

Roman Shades For Bedroom

Dual shades: These shades come in a range of beautiful fabric and colors in sheer, light-filtering and room-darkening opacities. The dual version of it allows you to combine light filtering sheer front façade with a room-darkening back panel. Both fabrics are housed in a single headrail or valance.

Combination of Shades & Drapery: This helps to maintain equilibrium between privacy, outside view, light control and room darkening properties. If you have a softer shade for more light and better view, draperies will help to provide some privacy and sound sleep by cutting down noise and providing added insulation.

Living Room

Living rooms are the heart and soul of every house. It is where you meet and spend time together as a family, watch television, read a book and relax. It is also the room where you socialize with guests. You spend a greater part of your day in this room than any other. You need unique window solutions that will increase aesthetic appeal and appearance of the room in addition to functionality.

Wooden Blinds: These are a fantastic choice for a living room. Wood has a traditional look, aesthetic feel and also provides light control. They are perfect irrespective of the décor and allow warm light to filter in giving a cozy feel.

Wooden Blinds For Living Room

Solar Shades: Solar shades provide a degree of openness which is very lucrative. They help reduce glare and blocks UV rays without compromising on the outside view.

Roman Shades: These shades offer a clean and chic look to your living room. Available in rich colors and textures, these shades add elegance and style to the room. You can use a light-filtering shade with a room darkening liner to control the amount of light and privacy in the room.

Honeycomb Shades: Honeycomb cellular shades are energy efficient, allows light-filtration and elegant to look at all at once. They make a natural choice for living room windows.


Bathrooms must never be ignored. It is an important space in the house which should never be overlooked. They deserve their own signature style that can combine functionality with elegance and warmth. It is one room in the house that experiences maximum heat, humidity, and moisture. Bathroom window treatments need to provide a mix of durability privacy, light control and most importantly moisture control.

Faux Wood: One of the most compatible and popular window solutions for bathrooms are faux wood shades. They are versatile and add elegance without disintegrating upon being exposed to water. They also ensure privacy and light control.
Vinyl shutters: Vinyl shutters accord a traditional look to the rooms. They are neat, allow natural light to seep through without compromising on privacy.

Faux Wood Blinds For Bathroom

Roller Solar Shades: They are a great choice if you are looking for water resistant options. They come are available with vinyl fabric which is highly moisture resistant. Vinyl solar shades are also a great choice.
Aluminum horizontal or vertical blinds: Aluminum vertical blinds are extremely practical and functional though they may not be as visually appealing or pleasing as faux wood. They are sturdy and durable and serve the purpose well.


Like bathrooms, the kitchen is another very important space in the house that deserves special attention. It is a room that is packed with utensils, appliances, and cabinets. Hence, they need window dressings that will add an element of softness and elegance. But like bathrooms, kitchens too are high on moisture. They need shades and blinds that will allow a flowy feel, light control, privacy from prying eyes and moisture resistant.

Roman Shades: Roman shades’ charm, elegance, and traditional look work wonders for the kitchen. They add a whole new dimension to the kitchen which is extremely attractive. But a word of caution: take care to choose a moisture resistance fabric for the shades otherwise the food stains and grease spots will damage them beyond redemption.

Faux Wood Blinds: These are tailor-made of your kitchen which is highly susceptible to humidity, grease and food stains. They carry the elegance of woven wood but does not peel or warp due to excess moisture. They are extremely durable. Faux wood shutters with their wide slats are also a good choice. These can be easily cleaned.

Roller Shades: these give a neat and chic look to your kitchen. They offer the right amount of light and privacy. Since it is the kitchen you are opting for, select vinyl or polyester material as they are moisture resistant and will not be damaged easily.

Roller Shades For Kitchen

Your home is part of your dream. It is what you strive to build every day. Each room fulfills and caters to the various needs of its inmates. Some need more privacy, some need less light, some require humidity control while another may need a solution to increase aesthetic appeal. While choosing a window covering you must take care to consider each of these needs. It is another step towards the creation of a perfect sanctuary for you and your