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10 Things to Ensure Before Buying Blinds for Doors

Plantation Shutters on Doors

Plantation Shutters on Doors – Things to Ensure Before Buying


People who have shopped enough for home treatments know the do’s and dont’s before making a purchase. The idea is to create an atmosphere of utmost comfort and an aesthetic value to the home. Many achieve this through worthwhile home décor products, but some faulty products may prove to be a waste of time and money.

We at ZebraBlinds respect your time and investment, hence we want you to ensure you follow certain rules before deciding which products are best for you and your home. Our focus is on ensuring you buy the right blinds to fit your needs and your aesthetics. Hence we have prepared a list with caution and keeping factors such as looks, texture, comfort, coziness, and affordability in mind.


Plantation Shutters on Doors


Plantation Shutters on Doors


Modern blinds and shades on doors have given way to attractive and pleasing blinds that you can you can use for sliding doors. On such doors, your standard curtains and drapes are of no use. So why not have a window (in this case, door) treatment that moves in the direction of the door, providing substantial convenience? The thought is interesting, and practical at the same time with custom plantation shutters. Deciding the size of the slats is totally up to you, but our suggestion goes for those with larger sizes to ensure they let in a good amount of light when you desire basking in its soothing effect. Or better, close them all the way when you desire privacy. It’s your call completely. But plantation shutters on doors is a fresh and unique idea that will probably stay in style for years (probably decades) to come.


Things to Ensure Before Buying Blinds for Doors

As discussed in the starting of the article, let us list down the alternatives you can choose if you have sliding or French doors that require the use of modern window treatments.

1) Consider the Weather

This is such a prerequisite we don’t even want to elaborate on it. As French doors let in lots of sunlight, you need to be double sure especially if the place you stay in is coastal or tropical. For neutral climates, sheer shutters or curtains would be the perfect fit, letting you enjoy the outside view while having some pretty blinds in place. But do choose thick, heavy blinds if your temperatures soar high at most times of the year.

2) Decide If You Want to Mount Them Inside

A few shades such as solar shades can be effectively mounted both on your interiors and exteriors of your home. In most window treatments, however, you need to make a conscious choice. Honeycomb shades, Roman shades, and room darkening curtains must be installed inside to avoid damage by the sun. plantation shutters are another example of window shades that can be effectively used on both sides of the house. They may also enhance the curb appeal of your home.

3) Decide Your Budget

While most websites do offer filters to help you narrow down your search to the preferred price, it is always a wise decision to decide your budget beforehand to avoid confusion later. You may end up liking motorized shades but now you face a quandary because the price is several notches higher over your spending capacity. What do you do? You keep shuffling between open tabs for various online websites and give up after a while. These days, however, you get most of the features within a reasonable amount. Log on to ZebraBlinds to find out more about affordable blinds which contain all the features you come to expect from window blinds.

4) Consider the Hues of the Room

The beauty that a room exudes depends not only on its structure and the amount you spend on its walls and flooring. It is the little things that make all the difference (that is, proper color coordination). When the colors of the walls, the design of the floorings, the placement of the bed and the design of the bedsheets and other random items placed (dressing table, side table, chair, or even the ceiling fan) are in sync, that’s when you realize you have achieved a perfect aesthetic.

5) Safety for Kids and Pets


Z Wave Window Blinds and Shades


A lot of window and door coverings that we purchase are within the reach of the little troublemakers at home who don’t know better. It is necessary to protect your door coverings from their reach and vice versa! So why have corded blinds and shades that can be pulled, twisted and broken when they fall in the tiny hands of your children and the canines of your dog? They may be twisted out of shape, chewed on and can be rendered useless when your kids are left unsupervised. That is not the end of the story. In the worst possible scenario, blinds can come crashing down or the cords can even cause strangulation when used improperly and irresponsibly. However, now we have so many options available for operating these blinds seamlessly, especially with the help of motorized blinds by way of a remote control or through your smartphone or tablet. Cordless options provide more safety for your kids and pets. Consider Z-Wave blinds and shades to find out more about them.

6) Your need for privacy

Unless you’re the sort who revels in cacophonic sounds, ceaseless traffic noises when your apartment is in the middle of a busy, bustling street can make you lose your marbles. In such a scenario, ensure that you buy blinds that have sound-absorbing features. Blinds made of thin material may come in handy when you are staying far from civilization in a road less traveled but may prove to be useless when you’re looking for shades that can help dampen sound coming through your windows.

7) Door Handles

Wouldn’t you prefer blinds that, instead of getting in the way when you are opening or closing doors, blend in seamlessly and fit comfortably? You might consider shades such as honeycomb blinds, roller shades and 1” aluminum blinds that serve the purpose of fitting behind the door handle.

8) Maintenance

It is no surprise that maintaining blinds requires time and effort. Some may not need constant care and attention, owing to their design and functionality, but they require care nonetheless. It is a different matter that the care instructions of every blind differ from the other, so it is necessary to not only decide what cleaning method suits you best but to also read the instructional manual thoroughly before going ahead with the purchase.

9) Ability to Withstand Moisture & Dirt

You might be living in an area prone to heavy rainfall or storms, which may let moisture and dirt inside, much to your displeasure. Composite wood materials such as PVC are known for their moisture resistant properties, making them ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens and humid areas. So you can go for faux wood shutters in such areas to ensure they last you years to come.

10) Heaviness and Ease in Installation

Heavy door blinds may require problems while setting them up, especially if you are following the Do It Yourself method of installation. Lighter blinds include honeycomb blinds and solar shades, which can be set up easily without proving to be a hindrance. Look for such blinds if you do not need any professional help in installation, which might incur heavy charges unless the service is provided free of cost by the manufacturer.

To sum up, have your list of needs ready with you before making your purchase for effective door blinds. There are enough online shopping websites and retailers that you can find the right fit for you. It is necessary, therefore, to have your expectations ready when you are ready to take the plunge.

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