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Why Plantation Shutters Should be Installed in Every Home?

Plantation Shutters For French Doors

Plantation Shutters for French Doors in Every Home – Reasons


Our homes are a personal haven of comfort, luxury, and longing. A home is where we relax after a tiring day at work, where we feel most safe and secure. It’s a place which we cannot do without. Needless to say, it is our everyday responsibility to take care of it as our own baby, and maintain it well so that it looks as fresh and new as the time you first moved in.

There are different ways in which we can look after our home. We can clean and dust our shelves regularly, paint our walls every few years or buy some nice decorative items that add as an icing on the cake. But is that really enough? What else should we do to ensure we are doing our best in taking care of our home?

Our window spaces are an area that many people often ignore. Maybe they deem them to be of not enough importance, which is why homes are badly affected by the weather outside. The fact is, we do not know what window blinds are best suitable for varied weather conditions.

Plantation shutters are those shutters which, given their construction and design, are meant for every kind of home, every type of weather and can be customized according to the type of window.


Plantation Shutters for French Doors


Plantation Shutters for French Doors


French doors are proving to be great contemporary options for modern homes, where they are divided into different window panels and can extend right till the bottom, almost touching the floor — much like a door. As they cover a wide area, the room is majorly exposed to the sun and can light up the room in no time. This can be beneficial for places where the temperatures are normal and the days are pleasant, for they can get the balmy effects of sunlight that can easily lower energy costs inside a home. However, what would you do if your house experiences harsh weather when the home becomes too hot or too cold? We say you shop for the right plantation shutters. They are versatile window coverings whose functionality and design make them must-haves for every home

Plantation shutters for doors lend a unique aura to your living space. It is better to have these French doors in your living room for they make the whole place more beautiful and alluring with a Victorian-era class. When complemented by the sleek and sumptuous plantation shutters, the entire place comes alive with vitality and sophistication.
A rather elegant alternative to traditional draperies and curtains, plantation shutters can be both interior and exterior. They are made of faux wood or natural wood louvers mounted on a solid frame, where their opening and closing can be directed through a tilt rod in the middle of them or on the back.


Motorized Plantation Shutters

The window treatments for most homes are accompanied by dangling cords on the side that are pulled to close or open them. However, times have changed, and just like we have remote controls for our TV, there are motorized plantation shutters that let you operate them from a distance. Suppose you wish your shutters to be tilted open after dark, but you aren’t feeling too well to get up from your bed and walk over to the windows. With motorized access, you can simply set the time when their slats change their position, and they have this convenience guaranteed.


Advantages of Plantation Shutters

Whether they are interior or exterior shutters, plantation shutters are a home owner’s delight. There are several reasons they are so popular, which are mentioned below.

1) Longevity

A major problem that people face with having window blinds, in general, is that they warp, crack and peel over time as they are exposed to the sun’s rays all day. The ultraviolet and infrared radiations deeply affect their durability and they might need to be replaced every few years. However, since plantation shutters are made of durable materials, they neither lose their color nor become damaged over time.

Plantation shutters are always in style because of their unique looks and their benefits, which is why you will find them in almost every other home.

2) Cleaning and Maintenance

Like heavy duty curtains, drapes or other heavy window coverings, plantation shutters are very easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth and a vacuum cleaner to clear the dust off them that accumulates over time. Even if you haven’t cleaned them for a long period of time, a cloth, lukewarm water, and mild detergent are enough to ensure they are given a thorough makeover.

3) Comfort and Convenience

Plantation shutters lend a crisp, clean and uncluttered space to your windows which come with no additional hardware such as valances, curtain rods or cords to open or close them. Talk to your manufacturer and get them customized accordingly if you want to exploit the maximum benefits they offer.

4) Versatility in Style

You have the option of setting your plantation shutters either on the interiors or exteriors. When they are mounted to your interiors, they lend the room a fabulous finish that your guests will find irresistibly appealing. When they are mounted to your exteriors, on the other hand, they instantly add to the curb appeal, making your apartment look ravishing and lovely to the passersby.  

At the same time, plantation shutters can provide coverage for the entire window, half a window, in solid panels or bi-fold panels that give you the option of how wide you want them to be opened.

5) Material Choice

The materials used in plantation shutters are varied, ranging from aluminum and wood to PVC. PVC is a material that looks like wood but is much affordable than the latter, offering a rather cost-effective solution. It is painted and coated to resemble real wood, and with added technology that prevents its damage, making it more durable and sturdy than the natural material.

6) Enhanced Security

Plantation shutters also come with a lock that may prevent entry by intruders in a worst-case scenario. Being sturdy and strong, they are also difficult to break through. In any case, most brands today offer a limited lifetime warranty to ensure that even if they are damaged through normal use, you can have them fixed or replaced under warranty.

7) Save Cost on Electricity

A redeeming feature of plantation shutters is their ability to fit perfectly well in your window spaces, leaving no room for light leakage through crevices. This, coupled with the fact that they are made from thick materials, ensures they keep you and your items protected when you’re facing hot summers or cold winters. During summers, they prevent heat from coming in, ensuring you save on your air conditioning costs. Similarly, in winters, they prevent the escape of heat, which means cutting down of your central heating costs.

Besides, plantation shutters are amazing in their appearance and provide a perfect blend of sophistication and charm. Once you buy them and set them up in your home, you won’t feel the need to replace them with any other inferior window treatments. They add value to your home and are guaranteed to be loved by one and all.

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