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Enhance The Look of Your Doors With Window Treatments

Plantation Shutters For French Doors

Plantation Shutter For French Doors And Other Window Treatment Ideas For Doors


Doors such as french doors easily turn into a focal point in a room when they are decorated using the right window treatment. The right window treatment helps to instill needed colors, blocks light when required, and assists in blending together the decor of a room.

There are several options (such as horizontal blinds for sliding doors and sliding panels for patio doors) that you can choose from when it comes to enhancing the look and feel of doors by using window treatments, and in the following sections, we will explore few of these options you can select from.


Dealing with Bulky Drapes – A Look At Plantation Shutter For French Doors


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Fabric Roman Shades


Fabric Roman Shades


Oftentimes, we look for a window treatment that can be easily pulled down when it gets too bright and be able to quickly pull up whenever required during the day.

If you have such a requirement, then tiered roman shades are the right option for you. By installing shades for sliding glass doors you will not have to deal with bulky drapes.

These are also the right choice when you are not looking for a permanent covering. A few things to contemplate when using roman shades are:

  • Install Roman Shades Above The Door Frame: If there is a good amount of space between ceiling and door frame’s top part then you can install the shade high enough over the frame.

However, you will have to make sure that the design remains coherent by mounting every shade in a room at the same height.

In addition, what you can do is install the fabric about two inches beyond window frame. This way you will be able to develop attractive visual symmetry and also reduce leakage of light from the sides.

  • Install Roman Shades Within The Door Frame: When installing within the frame you will have to make sure that a single shade is mounted on each of the door windows.

The benefit of such design strategy is that each of the roman shades will be having their own control and you will be able to lower or raise the shades individually.

If you want to prevent slapping of shades against the French door glass when the door is closed or opened, then what you will have to do is utilize hold down brackets to make sure the shades remain in place.


Sheer Shades


Sheer Shades


Sheer shades are able to stack very tightly into the window frame and you will hardly notice them. These shades are the right option when you want to preserve your beautiful view of the outside but at the same time also need to control glare.

Sheer shades are not the ideal choice when you are looking for privacy but, when you want to preserve your view and block light, these prove to the right option.


Vertical Cellular Shades


Vertical Cellular Shades


For your sliding doors, vertical cellular shades would prove to be the right option since they are quite good at enhancing the energy efficiency of your house and look quite classy as well.

These shades are capable of blocking as much as 75% of UV rays and have several layers of cells to insulate your home.

In addition, UV protection means your valuable artwork and furniture will be saved from fading prematurely.


Drapery Window Treatments


Drapery Window Treatments


You will be able to highlight their presence in a room by mounting drapes for sliding glass doors well above the door frame.

Utilize separate panels to achieve a thick fabric border effect, which you can draw closed at center, or draw to one side for covering both the adjacent window as well as the door.

Moreover, by fully stacking the draperies on the wall you will be able to avoid blocking the movement of the door.


Custom Plantation Shutters


Custom Plantation Shutters


You will be able to achieve a tailored and clean look by using custom plantation shutters. Moreover, custom louvers that are mounted on door frame will easily blend in with the décor of any room.

Another thing you can do is paint the shutters with the color of your walls to make them completely blend into the décor and design of a room.


Sliding Solar Screens

Sliding solar screens are the perfect option for sliding doors. These solar screens prove to be effective in blocking harmful UV rays as well as sun glare. Additionally, you can pair them with window films for boosting their protective power.

These sliding solar screens are quite elegant and perfectly match the functionality and style of sliding doors.

As we can see there is no dearth of choices when you are looking for window treatments for your doors. All you will have to do is examine existing décor of a room and match the window treatment with it.


In Conclusion

You will also have to check the functionality it should serve to make the right selection.

However, if you need guidance with a selection of right window treatment for your doors then give us a call and our technical experts will at first try to understand your requirement and then suggest the best available option that will be right for your home.

All you will have to do is give us a call on our toll-free number – 1-866-881-8682 and from there, our experts will take charge of everything and make sure best possible option is selected for your doors.

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