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Phone Controlled Blinds Can Completely Change Your Life And Daily Routine

Phone Controlled Blinds Can Completely Change Your Life And Daily Routine

In today’s age, the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming our lives in unprecedented ways. With each passing day, a large number of gadgets are being made internet-ready. We rely more and more on the Internet of Things (IoT) to have our daily needs fulfilled. From making coffee in intelligent coffee makers, to living in intelligent houses, to analysing air through smart air sensors to self-driven cars, IoT has made the life of modern man comfortable and convenient.  Phone-controlled window blinds have become an essential component of smart houses, and they go a long way in making the lives of modern-day people practical and easy. Smart blinds, too, depend upon the Internet of Things (IoT) which has brought about a décor revolution in home aesthetics.

Internet Of Things And Smart Homes

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an environment in which many different devices connect and work together to program and facilitate human life. A smart home refers to a residential space that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to make different gadgets function to improve the residents’ quality of life.

How Can Phone-Controlled Blinds Change The Life Of An Individual?

Phone-controlled smart blinds can bring about a positive change in the life of an individual. Primarily, these motorized blinds can ensure an optimum solar gain and heat loss by opening and closing on a set schedule. With IoT, the blinds can be programmed to operate as per optimum temperature requirements and improve the house’s energy utilization.  Following are some of the significant ways in which the phone-controlled blinds can change the life and the daily routine of an individual:

  • Phone Controlled Blinds are Convenient to Use:

Phone-controlled window blinds can be operated with a touch of a button in a smartphone app. Installing window blinds is a proven method to control solar gain and reducing heat loss. The phone-controlled blinds will make it easier for the owner to use the blinds, and they can have the blinds lowered at the appropriate times to reduce incoming heat. Also, it will be less likely that the owner will forget to close the blinds if they are simply programmed to raise and lower at given hours during the day. Furthermore, the majority of the smart blinds can be synched with smartphone apps, voice assistance devices, and remote controls. The owner can use any of these options to control the blind. Manual adjustment of the blind is very tiring and cumbersome because the owner has to go to each individual window of the house and operate them. But with the phone-controlled blinds, all he or she has to do is tap an option on the phone to operate them.

  • Phone Controlled Blinds Help to Save Energy:

When the phone-controlled window blinds are connected to a smart home hub, they reduce the energy required by the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. It so happens because the phone-controlled smart blinds can be lowered to control the amount of sunlight entering which results in sustaining a constant room temperature. The owner can lower the blinds during the hottest part of the day through the app and reduce the usage of HVAC systems.

  • Phone Controlled Blinds can be Integrated with Smart Lighting:

The phone-controlled blinds can also be integrated with smart lighting, enabling the owner to maximize sunlight during the daytime. When the owner opens the blind through his or her phone, the smart lights will be turned off, thus flooding the room with natural light, and when he or she closes the blind, the artificial smart lights will turn on again. This also helps in the reduction of electricity consumption.

  • Phone Controlled Blinds Provide a Safer Environment:

The phone-controlled blinds provide a safer environment because there is no chord dangling down from it, which can be dangerous for children. Also, these blinds can offer more security to the house as well. These can be remotely accessed, and even at work, the owner can raise or lower the blinds giving the house the impression of occupancy.

  • Phone Controlled blinds Help Create Privacy:

The phone-controlled blinds provide an enhanced level of privacy and convenience. No longer is the owner required to close each blind installed in the room to have some privacy. While sitting with family and friends, the owner can be saved from the prying gaze of onlookers by just tapping on the smartphone app and all the blinds will automatically be closed. Besides situations like this, these blinds are beneficial windows covering solutions for the kitchen, dining area, bathrooms and the workspace in a home where a person needs complete privacy.

  • Phone Controlled Blinds Increase the Curb Appeal of the house:

Phone-controlled window blinds give the homeowners the option to conveniently install the blinds that match the décor of the room. These blinds provide functional value to the owner, but at the same time add the curb appeal to the room as well.

  • Phone Controlled Window Blinds are Flexible:

Phone-controlled window blinds offer flexibility and ease of use to the owner. The manual window blinds have to be adjusted manually, which can become tedious for the owner to do so. On the other hand, phone-controlled window blinds offer flexibility to the owner. He can realign them multiple times as per his or her requirement. In addition to, he or she can also operate just one blind while others are closed. With the increased flexibility, the owner can better manage the house’s sunlight and temperature control without having to move!

  • Phone Controlled Window Blinds Increase the Value of the House:

A feature of the home that contributes to elevating the overall efficiency while enhancing the aesthetic appeal is highly sought after in the housing market. Phone Controlled Window blinds enhance the house’s overall price as the prospective customers factor in the increased efficiency that these blinds add to the house.

  • Phone Controlled Blinds Ensure Smarter Sleep Patterns:

It sounds natural to match our sleeping patterns to the timing of sunrise and sunset. But it has been proven scientifically that most people have natural circadian rhythms longer than twenty-four hours. Training ourselves to move as per the solar cycle at times proves tough. One of the easiest options then is to use a phone-controlled window blind which can be automated to open in the morning at the precise time when the sun rises. The eye receptors are also connected to the part of the brain which controls the circadian rhythms. Through this automatic sunlight exposure, it becomes manageable for a person to train his or her body into a stable circadian rhythm.

  • Phone Controlled Blinds are Blessing to the Elderly:

The phone-controlled blinds are a blessing to the elderly. It is so because they are not in a position to manoeuvre the window coverings independently. With a smart blind, they can also adjust the blinds at a click of an button on the phone.

Smart home technology is undoubtedly a game-changer as it brings about positive changes in people’s lives. What needs to be done is increasing the investment in R& D, so that smart home technology becomes more affordable and available. It is an aim that is easily achievable because of the pace at which the technology is evolving. Phone-controlled window blinds can bring about a positive change in one’s life and make the daily routine convenient and hassle-free.

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